Week 14 #HOMwork this week @homsweethom and @nim_br asked us to turn a positive phrase into a negative one. This one is one of my least favorite “positive” things people say to each other— especially after they just met or they have no intention of ever following up with you. It turns my tummy upside down. But maybe this is because there are no other words in English to express endearment like that. In Spanish, we have two words: te amo o te quiero. Quiero is not quite as intense as te amo. Thus, it is used more often. In English, we throw the words I love you like confetti and it hurts. Okay, I’ll stop my rant. #almahoffmann #almahoffmannletters #almahoffmannlettering

Late to the party and I am not sure I’ll be consistent but her we go. My first #100dayproject ever. I decided to make it about #ampersands. I painted the cover of my #watercolorsketchbook with an #ampersand to kick things off. Swipe to see my first #watercolorampersand for this project. #almahoffmann #almahoffmannlettering #almahoffmannletters #almahoffmannwatercolor

#HOMwork week 13: #letter your most embarrassing moment in different styles. @homsweethom @myedeleon #almahoffmann #almahoffmannletters #almahoffmannlettering

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