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Being super awkward but HEY it’s all in the name of #aeriereal. As most of y’all know, I have been on quite a journey with my own acceptance of my body. It’s been incredibly hard to not only be okay with having borderline, but also binge eating disorder. When I first met @iskra at the #aeriereal tour in Austin a couple years ago, I was at my worst point with my eating disorder.8 had just left Chicago where I tried modeling for the last year; clients and agencies always said I was “too big” or “too small.” I never felt good enough and I didn’t realize that I was so caught up in the expectations of the industry instead of making my own rules. At the @aerie event, I finally got the courage to share my eating disorder story along with my borderline diagnosis. It was incredibly freeing to be in a room with so many beautiful, supportive women that I felt connected to. So much of what #aeriereal is about is empowering each other and fighting against the industry standard. Ever since that day, surrounded by so many incredibly strong young women, my life has forever changed. While my body image isn’t perfect, it’s far better than it used to be. Self-care is super important. Knowing yourself and being kinder to yourself is important. So that’s why I really want to be a part of the next #aeriereal campaign. I want to be a voice for others who have experienced similar things and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be an Aerie girl. It is my absolute big, shoot-for-the-stars dream. 💖

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Part two 205lbs.....fail lol....I love videos because u can see exactly what u need to work on....proof in the pudding..lmao.. Weight is light...but the depth and contracting my abs by my incision hurts....so I play it by ear...get mad and come again... #getgriddyfit #allwomanproject #nirvana

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Tomorrow’s live sale will take place in the Maven Haven group on Facebook. I want to sell you lingerie at a steal, not field questions from trolls and creeps. Come join the private group. I’m telling you, DON’T MISS THIS!!! www.mavens.fun/group

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Favorite spring essentials right here! I am completely obsessed with these bow sandals! I love finding sandals that are cute but also easy to slide on and walk in for everyday "Momming". You can find all these amazing products linked up to my @liketoknow.it account. Just screenshot it and head to the app for details! Keep reading for a little review on why I love these products:
My skin always feels dry after a long winter so I wanted to share my current favorite products to help my skin bounce back and recover! I recently tried @baborusa hydra plus fluid and it's such an instant life saver for hydrated beautiful skin. @nuggbeauty's hydrating mask is also at the top of my list and they are now leaping bunny certified (so you can feel great knowing they are cruelty free). I also have been obsessed with @caudalie's new serum and their always amazing organic grape water. Their grape water is the perfect skin refresh (or even wonderful for setting makeup) and I love carrying this in my purse especially in the summer. .
For an amazing spring glow (because lets be honest... I am anything but bronzed and glowing after a long winter) I have been loving the @wander_beauty glowtion and highlighter. It's so versatile and you can add it right to your foundation or just highlight the areas you want. My recent go-to for my shadow has been @urbandecaycosmetics Naked petite heat pallet. It has beautiful neutral colors that really make your eyes pop and it’ so easy to carry around with you for quick touch ups. #urbandecaygiftedme #sponsored #baborusa #allwomanproject #caudalie #caudaliegrapewater #alohatea #wanderbeauty #nuggbeauty #leapingbunnycertified #allure #jeffreycampbell #freepeoplestyle #freepeople #liketkit http://liketk.it/2vr2f

That look you give when you overhear girls building one another up instead of tearing each other down. Remember girls: we’re all in this together! The only competition you have is being a better you than you were yesterday. Self love empowers! || Styled by: @xeharcurvy @xehar_fashion_fairies @xehar_diversity @xeharstyle @xeharshoes @xeharapp || Shop with my code STACEYJ15 ||#staceyjewell #empower #inspire #diversity #womenempowerment #model #curvemodel #fashion #respectmycurves #style #plussizefashion #loveyourbody #styleandcurvemag #thisbody #allwomanproject #beautybeyondsize #support #queen #xeharcurvy #xeharfashionfairies #aconfidentyou #xeharbodypositivementors #support #empowerment #fullfiguredfashion

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