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Almost ready to install. Just some finishing, rivet on a tab and nut plate, then drill the hole for the locking bolt. #custom @optimabatteries #racecar #alluminum

Installation view at @theflat_massimocarasi

#xmas decorating today . My tree is older than me. #vintage #alluminum #tree with #colorwheel

Last new hub to go on..
I think my weave weld (Left) looks dirty as hell... but the other welds (not mine)..wow..🤔
#imakeshit #ifixbrokestuff #alluminum


Kenworth T800

Installation view at @theflat_massimocarasi

Any other natural deodorant users out there 🙋🏼?! I have been doing a deodorant detox for two weeks now and I am loving my new routine! Traditional deodorant has several ingredients that aren't good for your body - especially when applying in such a sensitive area where your axillary lymph nodes live #hello #alluminum . The job of the lymph nodes is to filter out "bad guys" like cancer cells so you can understand why it’s important not to dump a ton of harmful toxins into this sensitive area of your body!! The only problem is I am super active and live in a city where its above 90 degrees 8-9 months of the year. Thanks to @omgessentials, I came up with a plan to keep my lymph nodes safe and me smelling clean and fresh! Ready?! I apply the Detoxifying Mud Mask to my underarms every other day after I shower so the bentonite clay can help draw out any toxins living in my underarms.* As I continue to detox over time, this will help eliminate that unpleasant body odor smell. Then I apply a drop of essential oil, diluted with a little coconut oil, before applying my @doterra deodorant. That's it!! Right now my oil of choice is Purify, but I also love using Citrus Bliss and OnGuard - just depends on the day.
What natural deodorant have you found that works wonders?! #doterra #detox #deodorant
*edited: I leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse off with water.

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