Luke 12:8-12

Meditation and prayer are key to ones faith. I humbly believe God speak to us when we sit in silence with nothing on our mind and with soul intention of devotion. I pray for everyone trusting God will hear my prayer for all those souls who are lost in this world so that his word finds a home in their hearts and turn to jesus for guidance. For only he can save but one can be used to spread his word though the holy spirit.
In jesus name I pray AMEN!!!🕊🕊🕊 #alltogod #alltojesus #faith #believeinchrist #holyspirit #glorytogod #repent #forgiveness #soldierinchrist #wordofthelord #turntogod #prayer

Picked up a few of the new Savvy Minerals products last week... and I’m in love...
💋The MASCARA is on point // anyone I have seen use it - LOVES it.
💋MATTIFYING PRIMER // they also have a hydrating option (depending on if your skin is on the oiler side or dryer side)
💋MATTE VEIL // the shimmer veil has been available for some time but the new matte option came out and I snagged it up! Helps to absorb excess oils and just give a flawless finish to your face!
Saturday night...I’m ready for ya!! 💃🏼💃🏼💁🏽‍♀️ #datenight #newmakeup #feelingood #weekendvibes

Loved? Forgiven? Adopted? Covered with Christ’s blood and righteousness? The last few days I’ve been hit with the fact that in and of myself no matter what I do I’ll never be ‘enough.’ But I have to not stay in that because that by itself is sad and hopeless. But there’s good news and I’m sharing what I’m learning about Who is enough on the blog today. #linkinbio .
Chris Tomlin ‘Amazing Love.’
I'm forgiven because You were forsaken
I'm accepted, You were condemned
I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me
'Cause You died and rose again
Amazing love, how can it be?
That You, my King would die for me?
Amazing love, I know its true
It's my joy to honor You
In all I do, I honor You

Read more: Chris Tomlin - Amazing Love Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Post-run thoughts: I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my whole life. Do you know how amazing it is to feel like every single day is a Friday? I don’t need to look forward to Friday. I’m here, I’m alive — and I feel it within my soul. However, I’m reminded of Philippians 1:23: I long to be with Christ, which would be better by far.... but I’ll continue to do the works on earth in which Christ has prepared for me in advance to do. Ephesians 2:10. #alltojesus #jesus #love #workout #christ #scripture #instagood #postrun #thoughts

Está chegando... vem ai.... congresso de jovens! PARTICIPE!
Todos os sábados de Julho (7, 14, 21 e 28), a partir das 19h!

#CalvárioNovaIguaçu #RJC #AllToJesus

These probiotic + prebiotic goodness for kids is the bomb dot com.
Tastes like candy ...but is definitely not candy ...and will help all the little digestive systems ...and overall health. I’ll call that a #momwin
Eat em like a pixie stick straight out of the pouch. Or mix in a drink or applesauce. You be you. There’s no wrong answer. Unless you’re just not getting them.
All the big digestive systems could use a little Life9 love. Probiotics are super important to your health and wellness.
Start em young with these KidScents MightyPro.
// probiotics //
🌿provide good bacteria that supports your wellness
🌿produce biotin (B7), Vitamin K, and folate (B9)
🌿help absorb magnesium, calcium, and iron
🌿help repair the gut wall
🌿help support a healthy immune system
🌿help support healthy brain function
Get this: bugs in your gut hijack your emotions. When there’s problems in your gut there’s gonna be problems in your brain! Chronic inflammation will make your hippocampus receptors in your brain shrink! Influencing your memory and emotions.
Put some probiotics on that next Essential Rewards order! ❤️

Every moment in every day, I am in quiet contemplation, reflection, and analyzation of self. Every moment of everyday, I am reminded how weak I am to self, and how I constantly need HIS HOLY SPIRIT in order for me to power through selfish wants, desires, habits, and ways.🙏🙏🙏

Contrary to what may appear to human eyes 👀, my strength is not in my muscles or how heavy I lift, squat, deadlift, curl, or pull. All of my strength comes from the living GOD WHO has taken permanent residence in me. To HIM be all glory, honor, and praise❗️👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

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I have 3 of these waitin’ to find a home!
FREE. but you have to qualify.
Here’s how:
🌿you are not part of a Young Living team or have essential oils
🌿you are willing to read a mini book and tell me what you think!
🌿you have issues 🤪 but for real. we all have issues. So I’ll chat with you to see what health goals you have and customize your samples to best meet those needs! ❤️
who’s in?
you’ve been watching and wondering. here’s your chance to TRY before you BUY!
👉🏻 Comment below to claim one! 👈🏻

#youhaveissues #ihaveissues #weallhaveissues #youneedoils #trustme

I needed an outlet.
I’ve always wanted to be a mom and when that happened I felt complete....ish. I knew I wanted to stay home with my babies. But quickly realized that mommin’ was hard at times and just plain exhausting... it’s give and give - all the time. Which I really didn’t mind. Honest. BUT I felt the need to do SOMETHING.
Something for myself. Something that I liked...and bonus if it didn’t involve diapers or crying. My search always led me to some sort of creative outlet. Sewing (oh my gosh...looking back I literally laugh at all the things I put together with a sewing machine!) ....graphic design ...repurposing things. I was just searching for my niche.
“Selling” products wasn’t really something that I was interested in. Hello, I’m the worst salesperson in the world. If you don’t want to buy it, it’s ok. I won’t force you. No pressure from me.
Skipping so many parts of this story. BUT when Young Living entered my life (thanks to my amazing sis in law that didn’t give up on me!) I saw something. I not only saw how the products worked and were so amazing - but I felt like all the mommas needed to know about them! So I decided to shut down my little design company and focus on spreading the goodness of a healthier life! And how even us NORMAL MOMS can do it!!
I loved the products and knew the company was pretty great! But this past week I got to see first hand how incredible they REALLY are. Top-notch. The products and the people. I was given a whole new love and appreciation for Young Living.
Young Living provides freedom. Health freedom. Freedom from yourself (sometimes it’s just ourselves that need to get out of our own way!!). Financial freedom!
Speaking of which. Since my time with Young Living, we have been able to go on vaca, when that was even on our radar at the time. SAVE money. Um, that’s like NEVER been possible. We needed every dollar we brought home to live. We have been able to be generous in ways we have only ever dreamed of. It’s been nothing short of a blessing.

Well done to the Foresight Youth Band! We speak for all parents, grandparents and the friends who came to support you when we ay "Well Done!" Looking forward to seeing you touching heaven and changing earth over and over again! Thank you @11xris for sharing your testimony! 💪🏾#Impact #YouthBand #alltoJesus #foresightchurchsa

Oh hello there #happymail 💌
This was super fun to come home to after being away for a week!
🌿Ningxia Red in every form. It’s a necessity every single month. This nutrient-infused antioxidant drink we will never go without.
🌿chocolate Pure Protein Complete / we love making shakes with this!! For breakfast or mini ones for a snack... ice + 2 scoops + chocolate almond milk + a big scoop of peanut butter = THE best. (Add a banana too if you want to be crazy!)
🌿Cool Azul Pain Cream / self explanatory.
🌿KidScents Bath Gel / all the little humans get scrubbed down with this and it’s great!!!
🌿Seedlings baby wipes / ❤️
🌿Seedlings baby wash / for a friend with a new little bundle! 😍
🌿After Sun Spray / when winter skin meets the summer sun... you need some assistance.
🌿Mineral Sunscreen / because we aren’t about to slather ourselves with junk
🌿Savvy Lipgloss / when you have 4 girls you go through lipgloss like it’s your job. But I love being able to give them something to use that is actually infused with oils and other goodness. Zero chemicals.
🌿Every single oil in the middle / FREE. because @younglivingeo is that amazing. (Lemongrass, M-Grain, Citronella, Cypress, Orange Vitality, Lavender, and ROMAN CHAMOMILE 😱)
Essential Rewards for the win!

Take advantage of my convention-high and join us. $20 back through account credit now through Friday!!
When you get started, your kit will include 11 essential oils and diffuser of your choice (and some other samples!) ➕ 24% off retail pricing WHICH MEANS you can use that account credit to get some of the brand new products at a major discount! #winning
These oils support your whole body. I’ll teach you how! Hit me up with your questions.

#happymonday #acaseofthemondays #startnow #illstartonmonday #letsdothis

No quote just the story of a gym that changed the game for me.
First came to power and grace when I got invited by a few people to go to the parkour open gym and the people their were so open and genuine and have become like family through the last year and a couple months power and grace, the gym that housed all the memories emotions and blessings is relocating which is exciting but also a weird feeling to be leaving this gym I can't thank God enough for the people I met while we were there shout out to the #wolfpack @lmexv @jam_wil @breyden1219 @guru_laghima96 @brettski43 @gibblesandbitz and many more goodbye to where we started, looking forward to what we become at this next location #tricking #parkour #sendit #flips #flipping #tricks #shuriken #goodbye #blessed #taekwondo #martialarts #kicks #advanced #future #icandoallthings #alltojesus #makejesusfamous #savedbygrace #praisegod #whenthepraisesgouptheblessingscomedown

Today at Church one of our youth Joel accepted Christ completely and took the step to get baptised. ❤️🙌🏽 I love capturing such joyful memories @cogic_youth_luton *
* #COGICYouth #POTD #Photography #Memories #Happy #Joy #Family #iYDGlobal #Sunday #Church #Baptism #AllToJesus #iSurrender #PraiseGOD #Prayer #Blessed #ChildOfGod #SonOfAKing #AEBPhotography #iPhoneX

Thanks Jesus for today.. 🙏
Sunday Service at GBI Permata Yasmin @gbipermatayasmin 🕙 jam 10.00 pagi ⛪di Hotel Binong (Binong Guest House)
Melayani Tuhan Yesus dengan segenap hati, hati yang bersukacita dan mengandalkan Dia.. 😊🙏 #church #talent #music #sing #worshipleader #singer #keyboard #drum #bass #HappySunday #gbipermatayasmin #AlltoJesus

Worship @mcichurch - Join us elke zaterdagavond om 18.30 uur -> Hobbemastraat 35, Utrecht #church #kerk #utrecht #kerkinutrecht #isurrender #alltojesus #worship

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