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Мигом в @musical.ly снимать танец по песню "AllTimeLow" мой хэштег #AllTimeLowChallenge

Day 1: Favorite member; @riandawson 😍💗 OMG. I love everything about him 🤘✨😍 #mancrush #riandawson #alltimelow #alltimelowchallenge #dayone
I challenge @_difficultplan_ 😛😛

Kinda wanna do this #alltimelowchallenge

#AllTimeLowChallenge Day One: Favorite song. Jasey Rae.


Мигом в @musical.ly снимать танец по песню "AllTimeLow" мой хэштег #AllTimeLowChallenge

Day 17 something you've drawn relating to All Time Low: I starting to draw the cover of painting flowers for art class but since it's only a little bit I'll post it when I finish the sketch.

Day 13 write a letter to one of the guys: Dear Zack,
Thank you for being this little ray of sunshine that can always make me feel better by just hearing your voice. You are absolutely amazing and help so many people and deserve so much more recognition for what you do.
Sincerely, the.fandom.giraffe

Day 11 favorite picture of Jack Barakat's
Day 12 favorite picture of zack merrik: I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday so I combined them and did my favorite picture of them together

Day 10 favorite picture of Alex Gaskarth: look at how cute this is

Day 9 favorite picture of Rian Dawson: I know this is of him and cassadee but it's a great picture

Day 7 favorite song off of Don't Panic: I can't choose all of the songs are amazing

Day 5 favorite song off of Dirty Work: I actually can't choose I like almost all of the songs.

Day 5 favorite song off of nothing personal: I can't choose between walls, therapy, and poison. They're all just really good songs

Day 4 favorite song off of So Wrong It's Right: Vegas

Day 3 favorite song off of put up or shut up: Probably coffe shop soundtrack. I think the main reason is that I always think of the music video when I listen to it

Day 2 favorite song off of the party scene: the girl's a straight-up hustler.

Day 1 favorite member: Probably Zack because he's so adorable and sweet and just too good for this world.

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