Rounding up a week in France by displaying my alpine wild flower haul (on the very nicely painted window shutters of our friends camping car) which I’ve somehow kept fresh wrapped in the good old fashioned method of damp loo roll for days! Oh and the (perhaps more exciting than wild flowers) of attending the wedding of lovely Laure today 😆

Chrysanthemums - Greek: chrysos (golden) & anthemion (flower) 🌸
🙏 : long life, joy & optimism

🌿💕☀️Happy weekend☀️💕🌿 www.celinesfood.nl

Because I’m over all this grey 💛

Summertime magic. Visiting with inspiring flower loving folk (who have beautiful homes and make great pizza too) and discovering you could take endless photos of delicate white cosmos ✨

Выйти из номера в одной одежде-прийти в другой-Done✅
Пока вчера гуляла про красивой венгерской столице, зарулила в магазин, влюбилась в платье, померила его, влюбилась в него второй раз и купила😌 В раздевалке соседнего магазина переоделась и потопала покорять Будапешт😄👑
Сразу вспомнила цитаты из «Жизнь взаймы» Ремарка:
– У вас такой счастливый вид! Вы влюблены?
– Да. В платье. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
– Очень разумно! – сказал Пестр. – Любовь без страха и без трудностей. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
– Такой не бывает. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
– Нет, бывает. Это составная часть той единственной любви, которая вообще имеет смысл, – любви к самому себе.

А вот и любимое солнышко из сторис крупным планом😅💛
Кстати, Инстаграм наконец-то смиловался надо мной, и теперь я тоже могу сохранять истории) Эх, Инстаграм, почему не в начале путешествия, а ближе к концу? И почему старые истории в архив не сохранил? Ну ладно, теперь хоть новые будут)
А пока полюбуйтесь на это апельсиновое чудо и водителя, смотрящего на меня😅

Do you know how clever rose geranium is? It knows exactly how best to balance your skin so moisturises those dry spots and tightens and tones those more oily areas. It's strongly antimicrobial and has great scar healing properties so is perfect for blemished and combination skin...pure plant wisdom in a bottle 🍃
Are you a rose geranium fan?

It’s giveaway time! 🌟 As a thank you for all the support over recent months (and years, even!) I decided to do a giveaway this weekend! 😘
I’m giving away a copy of my natural dyeing book Botanical Colour at your Fingertips 🌿, the latest issue of Plants Are Magic magazine 🌸 and an organic cotton scarf dyed with avocado skins 🥑 and pomegranate skins 🍊.
To enter the giveaway:
1. Follow @plants_are_magic
2. Follow my other IG account @rebeccadesnos
3. Like this post,
4. Tag at least 3 friends - each tag will give you one chance to win. Then keep on tagging more friends for more entries.
I'll keep the giveaway open until the evening of Tuesday 21st August and then randomly pick a winner and announce the winner’s name in an IG story next week.
Thanks again for your amazing support! 😘🌿

I'm having a quiet moment before the kids wake up this Saturday morning. I'm looking over my holiday pics, which I'll put into a blog post soon. I'm eager to share my take on our beautiful countryside, why my heart aches and my mind calms when I fill my senses with particular sights, sounds and smells. I feel the pull away from the city so strongly in the Summer hols but I'm trying not to live in the future and instead be glad for today. And today, we are seeing some very old friends and celebrating a 70th birthday which we're very much looking forward to. Have a good one whatever you are up to lovelies 🌸🌸
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