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Has this happened to you 😂? (Tag 2 friends and I'll give you a cookie 🍪)
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All That Matters - Justin Bieber
Boss - Lil Pump

do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way. 🌷 #quoteoftheday #merkteuchdas #allthatmatters

Experimenting a bit of #partnertopartner fun workout testing one's strength and other's balance. 📸 : @shreyaskarnad
#Runners360 #MumbaiRunners

Yesterday I spent the day at library again. As I sat on the large communal table tapping away on my little computer a young man (16) came in a sat across from me. I hadn't seen him in the library before. He made eye contact and commented about someone who was being quite disruptive. He then went on to tell me about himself, about how he had spent the last four years living with a foster Dad in a caravan. He told me all about his Mum and how she lives with other siblings a few towns away and how he looked forward to getting his drivers license so he could visit her more often and help out where he could. He spoke about feeling lonely and depressed but how he would quickly turn himself around and concentrate on 'looking up'. I asked him if he had any support and he said that he had a couple of good friends that gave him the support he needed. He told me about visiting a friend recently and how his friend was being really rude to her parents and how upset this made him. He said, 'she's lucky to have them you know?'. We chatted about life.
I told him how much he reminded me of my Dad. A man who faced so many similar challenges as a young man but who decided to break the cycle. Someone so warm, honest, thoughtful and determined. I could see the exact same qualities. I told him how my Dad built a successful business, had three children and a beautiful wife. I told him how much he was loved and admired. And then he smiled and thanked me for the conversation and got up and walked out of the library.
I am so deeply moved by this conversation with this young man. It was one of those conversations that will stay with me for a very very long time and it reminded me..
We all have a story. ❤️

Just as sure as the stars in the sky
I need you to show me the light
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time
Better believe it 🔥

#me #girl #allthatmatters #hi #bye

Last place in life, but number 1 in Ms. Pam's heart!! #AllThatMatters #AEE

It's crunch time, 9 weeks to go, I'm nervous but very excited to experience something I've never done before. I'll be showing my diet, workout routine , the whole process of prepping on my YouTube . So if you haven't go subscribe .🙌🏼 going to give it my best #allthatmatters PS cardio has been killing me lol.



is it just me or something because i feel like if i ever meet Justin he'll think im boring and yawn in the middle of my sentences? cause i feel like he's heard everything that there is to hear. -m

#q: what's your age?💗💓

Justin said Ireland is one of his favourite places yet he's only been here 4 times for his tours 🙃


Experimenting a bit of #partnertopartner fun workout testing one's strength and other's balance. 📸 : @shreyaskarnad
#Runners360 #MumbaiRunners

No busco ser perfecta ni tampoco caerles bien para "encajar"; me gusta decir lo que pienso y saber que cada acción tendrá una consecuencia.
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