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Throw🔙 to when I wore this beautiful anarkali by @shasan.gurung for @happpiee_mee ‘s reception. #anarkali #tbt #allthatglittersisnotgold

Day 10: There was a crooked house...or however that creepy nursery rhyme goes! This is one of our favorite glittery ghoulish crafts-all made from a birdhouse, cardstock, glue and glitter. Enter, if you dare.... #craftoween17 #allthatglittersisnotgold #halloweendiy #craftoween

Full of so much love today because of you ALL!! #lovesquad #allthatglittersisnotgold

I finally got a rock after all these years... #peacockore #chalcopyrite #BankcroftGemborie #loot #allthatglittersisnotgold

Christmas ball & bae #allthatglittersisnotgold

#Repost @iamkamilamcdonald
Today I balled my eyes out, ate raisin bread toast for breakfast (with enriched flour 😳) and even skipped my workout this morning. In fact, if it weren't for family, I would not have gone on this very therapeutic run that inspired this post.

Sounds strange right?

Well on social media (and we are all guilty) , we tend to mostly, and sometimes only share the perfectly orchestrated, filtered moments of our lives. These of course exist authentically, but by ONLY sharing those beautiful moments we create an unrealistic perception of reality because let's face it, NO-ONE has a perfect life. Instead of creating an inspiring space where people can actually connect in a positive, meaningful and healthy way, ive noticed where it can do the reverse, leaving some feeling inadequate, drained and disconnected.
Days like these remind me that I'm alive, that I'm human and have so much growth to do. Days like these remind me about the importance of being still and centered and focusing on the things I CAN control like my own behavior and reaction to any situation I come across. Days like these force me to tap into my inner strength that I sometimes forget about. Days like these draw me closer to God and remind me that He is in control. Days like these are a GIFT filled with so many valuable lessons that I can take with me forever.

If you are going through a challenging time, as painful as it is, find the blessings and embrace them. Breathe, pray and learn the lessons. Don't be afraid to feel the pain. Force yourself to work up a sweat and take comfort in knowing tomorrow is a brand new day, filled with hope and another chance to chase your dreams. You are not alone. As always, sending love to you ❤️

Is you see something say something #glitterparty


Full of so much love today because of you ALL!! #lovesquad #allthatglittersisnotgold

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Santa Clause is coming to town. Have you checked out the Festival of Trees at the Four Seasons Hotel yet? Its one of my favorite holiday events around town. What are yours? 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅@fsvancouver @bcchf #festivaloftrees2017 #fsholiday #allthatglittersisnotgold

Day 14: Glitter.
All that glitters is not gold.
The mitten story: These are Bella mittens, hand knit and given to me by @michellebuckphotography several years back. She’s an English major and was, for lack of a better word, disgusted with the Twilight book. Terribly written. Well, I loved it like a fan girl, even took my daughters to Forks (they weren’t impressed with the trip). I thought of that today as I put on my Bella mittens, how a friend was able to look past her dislike for something and share it with someone else.
What’s the sparkle? A good friend. (Well, and Edward too).
#stitchsproutsphotochallenge #bellamittens #twilight #glitter #allthatglittersisnotgold #lifewithwool #pnw #forks #fangirl

Still geeked on how my customized @vans turned out. @jw_anderson saw the vision. And no I wasn’t on the toilet when I took this.

Don't even think about nesting here

A glitter of coral through the bubbles.

Candy cane wishes & mistletoe kisses.💋The gift of TIME in silver that’s also sweet like sugar. Shop for ring watch gifts at DigitsWatch.com🎁
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💯If people can’t cheer for you, they aren’t your people. Let them go💯🙏🏻✌🏼❤️🙌🏼⭐️#she #real #truth #honesty #realpeople #allthatglittersisnotgold #respect #facts #neversettle #letgo #rare #justme #baby #life #love #pure #soul #strength #strongwomen #loyalty #relationships

✨💕Loving this choker💕✨ Deep blue wire wrapped Druzy on 24 inches of brown crushed velvet😘my absolute favorite right now 😍 it can also be done with black crushed velvet and at 24” it ties in the back to be worn at many lengths to fit your wardrobe style💫 $29 today until midnight but we have a limited supply so #getitbeforeitsgone #druzyjewelry #choker #crushedvelvet #fashion #holidaystyle #thewitchesbrew #handmade #handmadejewelry #fashionblogger #jewelry #nyc #weekendvibes #allthatglittersisnotgold #healingcrystals #lindenhurst #babylonvillage #southampton #babylon #huntington #northport #coldspringharbor #pronoia #success #madeonlongisland #theend

Whatever beautiful is to you, be that kind of beautiful. In a world where comparison is there to taint your mind round every corner, remember that inner beauty will remain, while the outer beauty fades. Deep but true for a Monday morning. Blame it on all the Stevie Nicks I listened to over the weekend. 🙏

#beautiful #beauty #skindeep #beyourownkindofbeautiful #aftertheglitterfades #yoga #yogaofthemind #yogalife #lifeoffthemat #monday #musings #vibes #comparison #beautylieswithin #mondaymorning #stevienicks #allthatglittersisnotgold #instagram #beautifulsoul #motivationmonday

I know that’s right ☝🏼😉💋.... #allthatglittersisnotgold #instadaily

When I was little, I wanted a doll house and soon, I got one.
But the next time I went to a toy shop, I wanted an even bigger doll house. In fact, I wanted the biggest doll house there was in that shop.
Then I went to a different shop and saw an even bigger doll house and wanted that too.
Two or three years later, I wanted the most expensive pens and registers. But my mother said no and gave me these other pens which were good, but not good enough for me.
A few years later, I went to my friend’s house and she had this really cool Barbie themed storage box and wanted that too.
A few days back, I installed this online shopping app and I added this satin bathrobe to my cart.
I haven’t even used a bathrobe in my entire life and a normal bathrobe would cost around 600 bucks at the most. But no, I added a bathrobe worth 1600 bucks to my cart because I WANTED IT.
All of these things I mentioned, I didn’t get any of them.
Mom always said no to stupid things.
Now it feels stupid, sure.
But back then, it didn’t feel all that stupid.
It felt like the end of the world. It felt like I was being said no to. It felt like I was being deprived even though I grew up in a well-off family.
Sadly, I’ve grown up now and I know why my mother said no and it makes me glad.
Sure, back then I wanted someone to punch myself in the gut when I saw my friend with the better stationery, and the sister with the bigger doll house. But now, when I see those people and when I think about myself, I feel glad because my mother said NO.
She knew that you don’t become a good parent by saying YES to everything your kid asks.
I see these TV shows and I see my friends and I read stuff about emancipated minors and I see kids who hit their parents back and I see parents who get sued for raising their hands on their kids.
Well, I just have one thing to say out loud.
Dear social services,
My mother hit me when I was a kid, and I still turned out pretty fine.
So, what are you going to do about it?
#writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersblog #ink #inkstagram #ltalkshere #shotoniphone7plus #potraitmode #parents #socialservices #allthatglittersisnotgold

Just for you @paulieboi01 Instaglam vs reality 😂😂 @_clarke91_ I know you feel my pain! .
#instalifevsreallife #allthatglittersisnotgold #badfit #onlinevsreallife #lookedbetteronline

Don't I look like the happiest person on earth in this picture?
But is this smile genuine or a fake one?
You don't know and maybe you'll never know.
It's really scary what a smile can hide; maybe I'm smiling at the thought of murdering someone, or maybe I'm smiling at the thought of committing suicide. But you think I'm happy because I'm smiling.
All that glitters is not gold
Looks can be deceiving my dear.
Time and again we've been told to not to judge a book by its cover but we are unable to overcome the temptation of doing so or maybe we are not willing to dig deeper and see what lies behind the superficial and the larger than life smile.
A smile, can hide a million thoughts behind it!
A smile, can hide a million emotions behind it!
A smile, can hide a million sad faces behind it!
A smile, can hide a million other things behind it!
But never mind because I'm smiling and so you think I'm happy.
P.S - If we make an effort to look behind the smile, then maybe we can save a million lives.
#writings #man_in_disguise #behindthesmile #allthatglittersisnotgold #amateurwriting #thoughtsturnedintowords #caption #wordgasm #spilledink #bleedingwords #wordporn #prose

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