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Happy thanksgiving 📸 @_steph__rodriguez

Wanna date an Instagram model? Here are some tips on how to get her attention from an Instagram model who sometimes does secretly date followers. First, you need a PUBLIC profile with plenty of photos of yourself. I'm not gonna follow you to see what you look like. An exception to this is if your profile pic is especially lit, I may click follow out of curiosity. This is REALLY rare. Did it three times, and unfollowed immediately twice. Second, put your location in your profile. I'm not wasting time chatting with you if we're never gonna meet, so location is super important. Third, reach out to her, either in DMs or comments. I'd recommend commenting for a while first. I read all my comments but almost never reply to DMs. The comments should be flirty, funny, respectful. Don't be thirsty or weird. Don't say things about us being together. I don't know you and it's creepy. Don't say things everyone else is saying. Maybe I'll respond to a comment on occasion. If I do, it's time to DM. Don't send a "hey". Send a message I can't resist replying to. Ask about my interests in a specific way. Talk about something local to us both. I have gotten probably a million+ DMs. I've seen it all. Be original and interesting. Fourth, if you're DMing a model, don't be thirsty but be persistent. You're just another guy on Instagram until you prove that you're more than that. I went out with one follower because he DMed me regularly but didn't pissy when I didn't respond. He let me control the frequency of the conversation by always giving me to option to respond but never demanding it. Five, NEVER ASK FOR PHOTOS. Just don't. I'll curb anyone who does. Six, be patient. As an anonymous model, I'm cautious about revealing parts of my real life. Don't demand me to trust you, it'll happen when it happens. I'm also not gonna meet someone unless I feel safe. That's not about you. That's about me. If you're not chill about that, I'll never feel safe enough to meet you. Now you may realize that most of these things are out of your control. Well, you're right! Instagram models with thousands of followers have the power to pick and choose who they interact with... Continued in comments...


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