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I am. I will. I can. I will actualize my dreams. I will press ahead. I will focus and see it through. I will pay my dues. I will never walk away from my dream, until I see it fulfilled. I am a winner. I have already won! .
This is what I meditate on throughout every single training session. Realization starts with you first 😉 #AllRepsMatter #FitlifeAthletics

It isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always easy; but if you persist, it will always be worth it 🔥🔥🔥.

Stod och värmde upp för Armpasset när @melissiagharib dök upp 😝 så jag frågade om hon va sugen på panga lite armar. Hon bangade inte och vi förflyttade väldigt mycket vikter idag och jag tror vi båda ökade i många av övningarna som kördes 💪🏻 #man #kan #aldrig #få #för #stora #armar #workhard #allrepsmatter

Detrained. 2 weeks off and copious amounts of hiking, biking, swimming and running will do that to you.

Slow but steady start to the IPF World's Prep


You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself. I’m truly humbled, thank you everyone who’s been encouraging me, this ones for you! Posting my routine tomorrow 🙂 #TheCarlton

#allrepsmatter #tft @________coachcakey_______ 💪🏾💪🏾🏋🏾‍♂️

It’s one thing to know but it is another thing to put it into practice! It is so important to us that you understand the reason behind the movements you perform! Your goals are just as important to us as they are to you! @tiffl33 is absolutely killin’ it! 🔥👌🏼.

The rookies! #rookiesoftheyear
It’s awesome to able be a part of and witness @taaaattttiiii crush workouts with new movements you’re not used to!
Never had done a deadlift and rocked it with the perfect form! Never had done a push-up but it was no problem to bust out 45 reps in #18.4. She is flame!!! 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 @isaiah60 The Brodie rocked the deadlifts (Ronnie Coleman voice) “lightweight baby!!!” Brings out the Beast and the best in me!! The reason why I’m so competitive is because I’m the Alpha of the wolf pack so I gotta stay one step ahead maybe 2 😉. 2 great athletes!! Love you both!! You guys are killing it, making gains getting healthy! Keep on keeping on!! And on to the next one!!
#alpha #beastmode #crossfit #crossfitgames #18.4 #crossfitperfection #cpgoodtimes #teamgoodtimes #vegan #vegainz #vegansandwhich #allrepsmatter #ironaddicts #isymfs #hwpo #rocketleague #gunshow

When we see you push past your limits- we get real happy. We are already half way through March! 😱 Are there any goals you have set for yourself but haven’t started? Do you keep putting it off? What is stoping you? 🤔.

We all have excuses.. but all they are, are just reasons stuffed with a lie. Slowly train your mind to stop the excuses you give yourself. I could go on with a list of excuses why I didn’t want to train today, but I know how to shut that out and prioritize what’s important! @fitlifeathletics #AllRepsMatter #PowerLifting #GWPL

🎈Happy 4th birthday to us! Thank you to those who made Fitlife Athletics what it is today. We’re grateful for our Fitlife Fam, and everyone else that supports us! Stay tuned for our annual “Thank you” summer BBQ this year. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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#MerocaMondays #AMRAP #4RFT #Team630pm #HeroWODMaupin Almost modified to the 400m run but said F that & did the whole 800 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I am #SlowAF but I did it. Made it through 2 full rounds plus 400m in 45 mins. #FatGirlGettingFit #FatGirlWithGoals #FitBeforeFourty #GotGoals #FitCouple #Swolemates #ALLRepsMatter #MeVsMe #WeAreLegends #LegendsCrossfit #LegendsBarbell #LegendsBarbellIsTheShit #BestBoxInTheHD

A lot people that have a hard time building their legs (quads, glutes, hamstrings), they always say that the "muscle group is stubborn". No, no, no my friends, if your form is off, or you lack range of motion, train with improper tempo, and train in 1-5 rep ranges they're not going to grow! -
Continuing on, if you're lacking intensity they will not grow - what I mean by that is: let's say your goal is 12-15 reps on the leg press, you hit the number you set out to do, and stop there, but PROBABLY could have done more reps, you're cutting yourself short of fully making use of that set.
If you can say to yourself, "I could have done more reps", you should either 1 - increase weight (if you could still do the same rep range), 2- decrease tempo, 3- increase reps at the same weight.
The majority of people lack the push to go past their limits (for legs especially). -
Lastly, many people neglect improving their mobility. Mobility is a must! How could you possibly train your body and expect it to grow in short ranges? #FoodForThought #AllRepsMatter #FitlifeAthletics

Blessed to be able to step onto the world stage again.

Privileged to compete in the sport of Powerlifting at such a high level.

Grateful to be a part of the best team... Guys, we made it.

@clarkhuangg said it best: "For now you're good enough that you can focus on the building of your team for Provincials and Nationals and not worry about yourself. World's is when you can really go after yours."
. . . . .
I'm coming home and it's time to eat.


Happy #MotivationMonday everyone! See those crutches in the back? Rachel still refuses to give up on her goals! We’ve been able to work with Rachel to modify the workouts and make sure the rest of her body is still remaining strong. Where there’s a will- there’s a way! 🔥.

For anyone who’s trained with @ifbb.fitlife.antwane, he comes up with some sickening combos in order to literally kill off the muscle group you’re working on.. it’s definitely a love/hate relationship when he puts me through his routines!!!
Tri-set: 5 sets, 1 min rest time.
▪️DB Lying Leg Curls @ 12-15 reps.
▪️Conventional Deadlifts (started at 5-8 reps, increased every set worked up to a single).
▪️BB Hip Thrust what you deadlifted @ 8-10 reps.
DM @ifbb.fitlife.antwane to start your 12 week personalized programming. Summer is just around the corner 😉. 📩 info@fitlifeathletics.com

Make sure your workout is as intense as @ifbb.fitlife.antwane’s stare 👀! @bonhomme_de_rage is showing us how it’s done 🔥. Happy Saturday #Fitlifers!.

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