When you’re not present in life, you are kind of like an out-of-focus camera lens. You see things, but not clearly! Let that sink in for a moment.
If you catch yourself drifting away tomorrow, take a moment, regroup, adjust your focus and pay attention to whom you’re with and where you are. Look up, look around, adjust the lighting and smile for the camera. Tomorrow, bring awareness to your “presence” and set the goal to be 100% there with all of your mind! #trainedbysara #mindfulness #bepresent #selflove #selfacceptance

Today, I want to talk about taking responsibility. I had a nice chat with a fellow coach today, and while it’s always fun to share a giggle or two, it’s also very saddening and discouraging to hear how many people do not want to take responsibility for their own actions. So, let me paint this common scenario for you: Client hires coach to help him/her lose weight. Coach gives varies suggestions on what the client should change. You know the basics; increase protein, increase veggie and fruit intake and cut out the crap while gradually introducing the client to exercise. Client disregards all suggestions or half-heartedly does them, and skips workouts on top of that (because “I didn’t have time” – common thing we hear in the fitness industry). Coach checks in with client and client responds with “I didn’t do XYZ because of this and that and I also don’t like (fill in another blank). Oh, and I also had pizza two days in a row, but I’ve been eating “good” the rest of the time. Fast forward, and the monthly check-in rolls around and the client hasn’t lost any weight. Client: “Why am I not losing weight, I do everything you tell me to do? I started working out, I’m eating every 3 hours now and I’m eating healthy⁉️⁉️” At this point, the client has completely forgotten about the pizza, cookies and candy etc. he/she ate and the 2 out of 4 workouts they skipped every week 🤦‍♀️ Here is the thing people: YOU hired a coach to help you lose weight‼️ YOU made the decision to make your health and fitness a priority‼️ YOU are the one that wants to lose weight‼️
And here is the part that apparently nobody wants to get: YOU ARE also the one that has to change things‼️ You want to lose weight⁉️ Stop eating the crap that made you put on the pounds‼️ You want to become healthier⁉️ Start taking YOUR workouts more serious‼️ TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS‼️ It is literally that simple‼️ #trainedbysara #cutthecrap #truthbomb #toughlove #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #sorrynotsorry #rantover

Some of you might have noticed that I've been pretty quiet on social media over the past month, especially the people that are used to me putting content out on a daily basis.. Don't worry, I'm still here and I'm fine! 😊 I intentionally took a social media timeout, which I recommend to everyone from time to time.
In our fast moving world that is so outcome goal orientated, it is so easy to get distracted and lose connection to your core values. Sometimes, with all the things on our to-do lists, we just find ourselves going through the motions, checking things off as we complete them, and wondering why we don't feel more fulfilled as we achieve them. Sometimes, life gets so hectic that we don't see what's really missing; the thoughtfulness and intentions that make us us. So, instead of worrying about emails and putting out content, I just didn't, and focused on reflection, reassessing and laying out strategies for the upcoming year (October is my birthday month, so for me, it's a perfect time to do that). So, for everyone wondering: I'm fine, I'm back, and I'm ready to blow up your newsfeed again! 😉❤️ #trainedbysara #mindfulnesspractice #selflove #selfreflection #intentions #thoughtfulness #mindfulness

We really don’t do too much... #FTG #1245up

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Coaching is not about telling people what they want to hear, but telling them what they need to hear! #clientspotlight #weallneedalittlepushsometimes #toughlove #lifestylecoaching #healthcoaching #askingtherightquestions #chooseabetterlife #majorbreakthrough #trainedbysara

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Love when it just clicks for my clients! I’ve been working with this particular client for only 2 weeks and she already had a major breakthrough! #lifestylecoaching #healthcoaching #askingtherightquestions #chooseabetterlife #clientspotlight #majorbreakthrough #trainedbysara

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Self-Love. Be Yourself Unapologetically. Happy Sunday ❤️ #selflove #selflovesunday #selfacceptance #selfawareness #mindfulness #clarity #trainedbysara

Raise your hand if your diet changes with with the season 🙋🏽‍♀️ This Michigan fall weather has me feeling all the feels! 🍁🍂 In the summer, I eat tons of raw veggies and all kinds of salads. Once it cools down, I like my meals a little hardier: Vegetable stews, chilli and soups - anything that keeps me warm 🍵 So, I figured I’d share my favorite Crockpot Chilli recipe with you:
2 cans of black beans (or pinto beans)
2 cans of diced tomatoe
12 oz of Lightlife vegetarian ground beef
1 cup of vegetable broth
1/2 tbsp of red chili flakes
1 tsp of ground cumin
1/2 tsp of onion powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder

Combine all ingredients in your crockpot and cook until hot! Bon Appetite!

#AllOutTeam #Fitness Let's make every day better than the last. I'm feeling pretty good heading into 36yrs old in two months. Holistic Health and Fitness is the way to go. #Fit #annarbor #michigan #Holistic

Here is why I recommend food tracking:
Most people have some type of fitness goal. They either want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, grow a 🍑, see their abs, etc.. I'm sure you get the point. What all these goals have in common is that they require a change from the status quo. So, it is necessary for you to know what the status quo is. That means you should know how many calories you're eating on average and what your normal macronutrient breakdown looks like.
The truth is most people with a fitness goal rarely have any idea how many total calories they consume, and how much of that comes from carbohydrates, fats and/or protein. I know meal tracking can be a pain in the rear end, but the truth is that without knowing where you're currently at, you are literally just guessing what you should be changing. Stop guessing! #trainedbysara #mealtracking #statusquo #change #putinsomework #howbaddoyouwantit

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