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Autumn has come and gone — it’s been feeling quite wintry around here ✧ Today we are staying in, drinking lots of coffee, and starting to get ready to host family for Thansgiving ✧ For those of you in cold areas, stay warm! Everyone else... enjoy⠀
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YES!!! Well said @januarylabs, we totally agree!! Book your appointment while we still have appointments left in the books before they’re all gone until next year. The best way to combat and fight acne is to tackle it before it even begins!! And the best way to do that is to see your esthetician regularly, not only will it help with fighting acne but also give you healthy, youthful skin for much longer!! Prolonging the aging process is ALWAYS a bonus!! So what’s stopping you from booking!? Call us at 925-387-5353 or book online at The-MudRoom.com 😘💋
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Masque Mini by my brand @mixedwithblack


The kit I use includes a Tea Tree Soap that helps get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. A Hydrosol to help tone the skin, calm inflammation, reduce redness, etc. Lastly, an Oil Serum thay helps moisturize your face without clogging pores.

BACK STORY: I started getting acne in middle school and man was that bad. It made me insecure and I was always super self conscious about it. Fast forward 12 years and I started working for a small business called @essentialaddictions. We focused on natural bath & body products up until the beginning of this year. Renee (the owner) wanted to do something more than just bath & body she wanted to make a skin care line that would actually help your skin. No hidden agendas, affordable and best of all it’s ALL NATURAL. After working there for some time I started looking into ingredients of products I regularly used and quickly realized that even though they say they are natural they have either alcohol, crazy amounts of dyes, fragrances of all sorts, etc. We both got a kit to test out because her main thing is she doesn’t want to sell something she wouldn’t use herself. After just 1 month my acne cleared up I felt so good about it I would show it off lol As you can see though I had super dark spots from years and years of acne but to me my skin felt like it was already clear. 3 months after the first month those dark spots were basically gone. This literally changed my life as cheesy as it sounds. I’m to the point where I haven’t worn make up in almost 2 months and I feel beautiful like honestly beautiful. I definitely recommend this. It’s not an ad or a sponsored post this is my actual experience with my own personal photos and I feel like more people need to hear about this because it actually helps. Stop buying those fake “natural” products that have alcohol and dyes in them. They are harmful to your skin especially if you have sensitive skin it could make your acne worse. You don’t have to use the products I use but please check ingredients I know it’s annoying and time consuming but you’re putting this on your skin most importantly on your face so just be careful about what you use on it.

A Girl Boss Success Story:
We are so inspired by our friend Karen of @kpurenaturals whose line of organic, minimalist skin care products is not only leaping bunny certified but taking the industry by storm in only a few short years!
From where we stand, it’s a testament to the power of authenticity, transparency and building a reputation that people can trust. Sometimes simplicity is the thing that we all need!

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Let’s talk about @CleanSkinClub 💗
I’m LOVING their vegan, cruelty-free, and revolutionary plant base skincare and cosmetic products - and I’m living for their branding, it’s so cute! They gifted me this amazing box and it came at the most perfect time… I’ve been trying to make the switch to organic cotton for a while (and I was about to leave for vacation so you know your girl brought these goodies along!)
🌿 I’ve been obsessed with everything. The cotton is so super soft! The coconut oil wipes are antibacterial and anti-fungal, making them great all purposes cleansers and moisturizers - they remove your makeup well and soften your skin! The 100% natural toning mist is vegan, phthalate, paraben, and gluten-free. It smells fresh, purifies and cleans our your pores, and leaves your skin feeling so clean and hydrated. I just LOVE the biodegradable towels - I’ve been using them in replace of wash cloths! 
💻 Their website is easy to shop and the prices are amazing! Their bundles make it easy to switch out your traditional products in one buy! And now there's 30% Off your first order 🤗🤗🤗
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! ❤️ Have you tried any of these products? What’s your FAV?! Opinions are my own 💭 
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Prevent fine line, wrinkles, dark spots and all other signs of aging with these all natural products. The Songyi Mushroom in Sotoks helps to lighten, brighten and tighten your skin. Pair that with the exfoliating Aspen Bark in Eye Arise to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells around the eye while the Hexapeptide-11 & Carob Gum reduces fine lines, age spots and dark under eye circles. The ceramic tip will instantly help reduce the puffiness around the eyes. #antiagingskincare #allnaturalskincare #limelifebyalconebeautyguide #canadianbeautyguide #lookyoungagain #youthfulskin #beautycare

Oldie but Goodie!! I still get messages about this post.. Does chocolate cause breakouts? But more importantly, I'm shocked at how long my hair was? Cant believe I cut it all off...when a woman going through some things, we quick to do something drastic with our hair, like its gonna fix the problem... 😂😂 #jhayestheskincoach

Rudolph...and several other reindeer and other Festive friends....will be heading along to Glens and Kirriemuir Old Parish Church Winter Fair, Kirriemuir and Dundee Vegan Festival 2018, Abertay Student Centre both on Saturday 17th at 10am. They'll make perfect stocking fillers so get there early so you dont miss out!
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Meet the starting lineup for today's Black Friday 24-Hour Steal: .

Teami Soothe 🍃💙 works to calm inflamed, red skin and helps reduce acne!
Our Teami Repair 🍃✨helps to reduce age spots, sun spots, and can calm eczema, psoriasis, & super dry skin!
Teami Glow 🍃⭐️️ helps you brighten & tighten your skin so you can achieve a natural glow with our without makeup .

You're saving $3️⃣3️⃣...what?! Snag this deal for a bliss gift & save majorrrrr cash 💰! Use code: OILSBUNDLE at checkout! ENDS MIDNIGHT!

Back to work and whipping up some new decadent treats for your skin. #beautyartstyle #allnaturalskincare #handmadeskincare #moisturizer #antiaging #mybeautymovement #pomegranteseedoil

Wie die duftet 😍⠀
Unsere Spätburgunder Seife hat diesen einmaligen fruchtig würzigen Wohlgeruch, das musst du einfach selbst geschnuppert haben. ⠀

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I always have to have my chapstick before I walk out the door! I feel naked without it!! Here’s to all the chapstick addicts out there!

New Christmas Flavors:
-Breathe -
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Halal makeup is not always wudhu friendly...

You might be surpised by this title, after all, if makeup is Halal, then it must be wudhu friendly right?

Well, not quite,
First,let's first clarify :What is Wudu-friendly makeup? ... It is simply makeup that is not waterproof, so that when you are taking whudu (The ritual cleansing muslims must do before prayer) the water is able to reach your skin and it can be valid.
So by this definition, you can have makeup that is Halal, but not necessarily wudu-friendly, because ingredients like waxes, oils, silicones and polymers are not considered haram, since there are no impurities that prevent  us from using them, but if you want to take wudu while wearing the type of cosmetics that have a combination of this ingredients, then that means your wudhu will not be done properly, because there will be a barrier preventing the water from reaching your skin.

This is a question I get all the time and I thought it would be beneficial to share my point of view and why I'm always saying my line is Halal, all natural AND wudhu friendly 😊😊 #claudianour #halalcosmetics #handcrafted #halalmakeup #modestmakeup #wudhufriendly #wudhufriendlymakeup #halalskincare #allnaturalskincare #ipreview @preview.app

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