Where are my Green Witches at?! 🌙🌿💚 Yes! This deodorant is for real and I am stoked! A while ago I had crafted a Green Man deodorant that I naturally color with Nettle powder, so I knew I eventually needed a Goddess version. I can't help but craft everything with my magic, even deodorant ✨🔮🌔 so you will find three embedded crystals in each stick. 💎 Green Witch is completely ✨ALL NATURAL✨ -- individually and small-batch handcrafted with Cypress, Patchouli, Lavender and Rose essential oils, Nettle Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Pure Baking Soda, and Arrowroot Powder. 💓🌿 Shop update later on today -- stay tuned! 👁️🖤🌙
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We are filling up our shelves with more Honey I’m drunk body soap!!
This shot was taken thru the saponification process; this point where the oils are neutralizing the Caustic to transform into Soap!
The saponification is essential to create the base for soap!
We have melted down Olive oil, Coconut oil, Canola oil, Sesame oil and Castor oil here.
Mixing up to see it thicken to the texture of pudding, then ready to pour into a mold!! 24-48 hours later we are ready to unmold it, cut it, stamp it and send it to cure!!

Coconut Creme Body soap!
Made with Coconut Milk for a creamy feel!
Unscented and filled with coconut shred finely chopped for a soft skin exfoliation!! Bundle up your soaps and save up!

Unicorn Poop 🦄 Bath Bomb!!
Our aromatherapeutic blend of Sweet Orange & Litsea Cubeba will diffuse thru your whole bathroom as you enjoy a fizzy bath and little stars are floating around you!
We are hosting a draw August 22nd of one of thoses bombs!

The best of all, we are wrapping them in BIODEGRADABLE Shrink Wrap from @nationalshrinkwrap !!! Making it possible by disintegrating in our landfill!! Yay!! 🥂🦄🥂 Giveway 🥂🦄🥂 Here’s how to...
• Tag someone who would love a Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb!! Good luck to all!!!

We are still having design decision discussions here at Pinch and would love to know what YOU think.
Although we love the look and concept of the paper tubes... they are not easy to use, get stained and are harder to open once the deodorant gets absorbed into the paper. Anyone opposed to using metal tins or glass jars? YESn you'd have to use your hands to apply it but remember... our deodorant is so moisturizing and natural you can literally just rub it into your hands after applying! Non greasy as well. 🌱
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Honey contains so much goodness for our bodies, inside and out!!
• Anti-inflammatory
• Cell regeneration
• Anti-bacterial
To name just a few...
Today was Beer soap Making with @toolshedbeer !
Is there anything better than locally made?!?!

Our Orange Ginger Beard oil was created to be more suitable for acne prone skin. We used lighter oil like Avocado & Evening Primrose, with Jojoba and of course, we added Silk for added softness!!
Sampler size, 100 drops!
Shop online

We are so excited we received our shaving brushes knots!
Including Horse hair, Boar Hair, Black Badger and Silvertips!! Shaving brushes help exfoliate your skin and lift up the hair to a closer shave!


Are you still searching for a good NATURAL deodorant? I love #tiberrivernaturals Fuji Green Apple deodorant stick

Taking my time getting ready for this Monday with my all natural @humblebrands

Another natural deodorant I’m diggin’! I love the smell and it doesn’t leave a white cast on my clothing. If you are sensitive to scents I would get unscented since this may be a little strong if you have sensitive skin. Still love Native too, but I am still testing out all the brands for my ultimate favorite. Feel free to reach out for any tips on switching over to all-natural deodorant. Maybe I’ll do something in my stories too! .
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So much better than face cream! You're basically deleting the unnecessary emulsifying wax & water from your face.
READ BELOW. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
PINCH Nurturing Face Oil is full of vitamins and anti-oxidants for beautiful glowing skin!
Why use an oil?? You have a moisturizer you like, so using a straight oil on your face seems a little odd right?  WRONG! Moisturizers are great, yes, we even make one, but they do contain more that what your face needs.  By skipping the water and emulsifier you get the goodness of these oils and their vitamins and antioxidants directly on your skin.  Once you try it you will be hooked! 🌱
Our ingredients:
Argan Oil
Hemp Oil
Baobab Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Rosehip Oil
Pomegranate Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Frankinsence EO
Myyrh EO
Rose Geranium EO
Chamomile EO
Here is just one of the oils in our mix:
Pomegranate oil is AMAZING! Did you know? It is just one of the many anti aging free radical fighting and anti-inflammatory oils in our signature blend!
The pomegranate fruit is thought to be the “forbidden fruit” that Adam was tempted into eating in Paradise and is a symbol of prosperity and good health. This comes with good reason. The oil of the seeds from this fruit stimulate keratinocytes, reversing damage to the outer layer of the skin. Good for all skin types, pomegranate oil is nourishing from within. If you have acne prone skin, the anti-inflammatory properties will make you smile. It assists with protection from the sun too! 🌞
Get your face oil today! You will thank us for it!!
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Only 2 left, order yours now .
www.koki.life (Link in bio)
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Keeping it simple! Our Unscented deodorant creme stick has only the light natural scent of Certified Organic (Virgin) Coconut Oil.
If you are super sensitive to essential oils this one is for you! I am personally sensitive to EO’s under my arms so I wear this lovely natural version from our range.
#unscented #allnaturalskincare #sensitiveskincare #certifiedorganicingredients

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