Today’s agenda: TWD & chill, my two oldest love this show...& each other obviously #kittycuddles #rainyday #twd #twdandchill #netflixandchill #allmychildrenhavepaws #blackcat #minipanther #rainydayvibes

Rescuing and adopting these two were the best decision of my life since Zeus. Even though they’re a hand full sometimes, we gave them a furever home and a second chance ❤️❤️#furbabies #allmychildrenhavepaws #crazycatpeople

After the lung and heart ♥️ scare, I honestly do not feel as comfortable in bed as I might’ve ever felt before. I want to be more active. I tried laying down and it was unbearable. I tried sitting up and that was just worse! So instead, I smoked a bit and took the dogs out for a walk! 😄 sure they were horribly behaved 😂 but WOW! It felt so good to feel fresh air, hear cars 🚗 on the road. It seems like I’m in a box and instead of staying in that box 📦, I wanted to see if it was possible to get out instead of complaining, comparing my life to others and in the end, feeling worse. I just put my shoes 👟 on, got my dogs into their leash and we took off. It was the best feeling ever. To do something THAT big on my own, WOW! May seem like nothing to you or to many, but to me it was the best part of my day 🐶🐶 ❤️#spoonie #spoonieproblems #allmychildrenhavepaws

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