Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. – Vince Lombardi
We will give ALL we got. We get to play and we get to compete! What a blessing! Thank you @anymal101 for picking me to be your #masters partner! Awesome 📷pictures you got @uplif73d !! @allkinecrossfit @waiside_gnf @alohacrossfit @crossfit_hnl

*MAINTENANCE MONDAY* Your vehicles alignment is a huge part of your vehicles safety and longevity. With all of our services we provide a complimentary multi point inspection to look for common signs like these that can indicate your alignment being off. We want to ensure all our customers get the most out of their hard earned dollar and keep you on the road longer. Proper alignment helps tires and brakes last longer! If you feel your alignment might not be right give us a call today! 419-7384 🤙🏼 Mahalo!

BAZZAZER 💃🏼 G’z performance check em out @sarmearmy bradda G hook you up #bikes #allkine #parts #service

Come on down to @kolohefest
#thisWeekend 🏎🚦🏁🏁 We will ONLY be there SATURDAY
Come find us next to bradda Roy and da @natin2krazyhawaii ohana #repost #hilo #hawaii #islandsilvercrowns #islandsilver
WE GOIN HAVE #ALLkine #NEWkine #uAlreadyKnow 👌🏼

Come on down to @kolohefest #thisWeekend 🏎🚦🏁🏁 We will ONLY be there SATURDAY
Come find us next to bradda Roy and da @natin2krazyhawaii ohana #repost #hilo #hawaii #islandsilvercrowns #islandsilver
WE GOIN HAVE #ALLkine #NEWkine #uAlreadyKnow 👌🏼

*Maintenance Monday* KarMART Service Center’s ASE Master Technicians want to help keep your car running great! With the tropical weather of Maui your vehicles battery/alternator go through a lot. With our complimentary multipoint inspection with all services we are here to make sure you get the longest life possible out of them. Remember we work on all males and models and our online scheduling tool helps making an appointment a breeze. Have a blessed week everyone! 419-7384 🤙🏼 Mahalo!

Just incase you were wondering... Like 'Ole - ALLKINE, anykine, different and NOT the same. Some of the things that we strive to be. Bringing you all kine anykine meas, even your own all kine anykine designs. It’s September already!!!!!!!! #likeole #likeoledesigns #justincase #auntymary on #wehewehe #allkine #anykine #pahanas

mos Def .....cheeeee! 🤙🤙

Always in sync together.♥️ @allkinecrossfit @uplif73d Thank you 📷 @rai_marie_ for the photo!

What an awesome weekend this was @alohagames this past weekend. I am overjoyed by the athleticism that our @allkinecrossfit athletes displayed, with most of you competing for the first time! Thank you for representing your teams and your box. All of you worked together well and went deep to be strong for your teams. I couldn’t be more proud of all of you. Missing pic of Allkine Mastahs!@uplif73d @island.ndn @savykauhaahaa @jennpimentel @jillybee36 @take_1_fo_da_team @jeffscottbowman @dkdumo @surfshark808 @jotayto @jammanhamman @lindamaui @lilbughi @sr.banaag.proverbs.3_5_6 @mamagrocks @wuness @brobs3 @mikeyvai2lala @colleen__t @mperricelli @daltsxx @katherineulu @gra.cintia @cave_man13 @flytesport @shakasandsnatches

And its beginning to feel like #HappyAlohaFriday 😮
Huge mahalo to my bradda @taimaanao for my #taimaanaotatshoe
these #badboys are #handpainted and #alloriginal talk about #fresh with plenty #flavah proudly reppin this gear 🤙🏼🤙🏼 hit him up and if u lucky to live up in his area u can try his #mayjahgrindz #allkine #localkine 😛 #onipaaTee goin on right now for dis #fridaynite

Pretty awesome to spend the afternoon with Coach Vernon and the @hiperformanceathletics Ohana. Mobility, Mechanics and Technique. Practice them and practice them often! Thank you for all your encouragement and guidance today Coach! I’m pretty stoked to still be doing this at my age! @dkdumo @frantasy_land @towat24 @lorikikuchi @katskiku @valmatsunaga @chalangalang @shakasandsnatches @allkinecrossfit

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