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Chillin wit 2 of my favorite artist last nite @therealtechn9ne and @brothalynchhung the show was the shit #growupmusic #alljesus #strangemusictour 💯

Had some fun in Portales NM :) #AllJesus

Can't even begin to express how much I love being part of the @antiochslc family! JESUS has blown my mind yall, and its worth braving another winter to keep watching HIM move #ALLJESUS #antiochSLC #thankful #lifeelevated #revival

Check out what Valley Creek Baptist student ministry is donating and serving tomorrow! All of this stems from one lil dude having a dream to put socks on the feet of #thehomelessinbirmingham. What an impact Braden has made! We are on our 3rd #socksonthablock!! #allJesus #thejustpeopleproject

#Repost @lindberg.chris
Love how our @lfworship Team is passionate about worshiping the Lord in private before the public. #AllJesus #HighestPraise

#swipe!!! So after my birthday, I went for a speaking engagement and I just thank God for @omeganansea for putting this program together. I heard about so many secrets that were being kept from parents because of fear. I heard so many cruel things that goes on in this world. This is the reason why your voice matters and you must go through your process with a coach. Anyway, I had fun. I praise God for every platform for Jesus to be seen in me. It's not about me or any one of us. I could literally be in one of the messiest place in the world but God. Thank God for God.

Father, I pray that every one that should rise up in this end time but still sleeps will be quickened by your spirit. Let us be filled to the point that your spirit in us will quicken every one around us. I pray that people doing your work all over the world are strengthened and your name be Glorified in our generation forever. Amen. #preachergirl #Kingsdaughter #veraalex #AllJesus

Even though she probably hates all the photos I chose, I know she still loves me a lot. Maureen has been the most amazing best friend that I could ask for, I’ve also been lucky enough to call her my girlfriend. She helps me grow in my life & in my walk with Jesus more than I could have ever imagined. I understand that everything isn’t always peachy, but she tries her absolute best to make me feel loved & this applies to everyone. I love to think back to the good stories that made us laugh really hard, like when she was throwing like 3 gummy bears a second for me to catch in my mouth or when she thinks she can try to scare me. (It’s only happened once, I swear.) But going back, I love you baby & I hope you have an amazingly wonderful birthday, I know you made mine wonderful. #AllJesus #Iamgoingtomarryher “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”
‭‭James‬ ‭1:12‬ ‭NKJV

Wow Finally gotta experience a Kingdom Muzic event and I must say best experience I've ever had... The Holy Spirit was in that place x20 God is really doing some amazing things with this team of brothers.. The crazy thing was me @jusjames916 and @kingdom_muzic and some other brothers were in the back praying for the event and the first thing out of Bryan's mouth was Pastor is there anything we can do we here to serve so if you need anything let us know... Truely a Humble brother and filled with Gods Love. That's what it's about a servants heart .. I really admire this brothers heart and look forward to serving w him in the future.. Also shoutout to the homie @jay4realmusic and Pastor Fred Lopez for praying over me and loving me like God does.. Shoutout to my homie @miracle_hogmob also good seeing u brother .. These are the type of brothers I want in my circle.... #KingdomMuzik #HolyXRollers #AllJesus
Great Meeting U Bryann......
Thanks Pastor Gerald Weathers for putting on such a powerful night of ministry🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😎

Love how our LF Worship Team is passionate about worshiping the Lord in private before the public. #AllJesus #HighestPraise


Y'all I am so excited!!! Today my truffles will be in a photo shoot for a bridal magazine!!! Eeeekk!!! #mooretruffles #alljesus #thankyoujesus #bridalshower #bridaltreats #weddingtreats #weddingfavors

Thank you all for the prayers and supports. Glory to Jesus! We welcome 20 new souls to the kingdom through yesterday’s event. Jesus Christ is doing it again #blessed #axesso2017 #thankful #alljesus #tojesusbetheglory

In deep thought. Pondering how religion and the Law makes it all about you, your ability, your rule keeping etc leaving you stressed condemned and felling guilty. Where living by the good news of the Gospel, the Grace of God makes it all about what He did, His ability, His perfect obedience to the rule keeping etc which leaves me refreshed, filled with joy, guilt free, condemnation free as I live by the rhythm of His Grace. Grace is Jesus and Jesus is grace and in Him there is no religion but intimacy! #alljesus #graceisjesus #gracerevolution #gospel #love #saved

Check out what Valley Creek Baptist student ministry is donating and serving tomorrow! All of this stems from one lil dude having a dream to put socks on the feet of #thehomelessinbirmingham. What an impact Braden has made! We are on our 3rd #socksonthablock!! #allJesus #thejustpeopleproject

Tomorrow come on by! Celebrate with us the giving of our Lord. #axesso2017 #alljesus #tohimbetheglory #prayforevent #communityevent #lovenothate #freefood #dontmissout

The pink notebook was started on July 7,2017. That notebook went with me every day to the gym. It’s a journal for all of my thoughts and my feelings, my workouts and my goals. I’m retiring that notebook today and beginning a new notebook. The top notebook represents my journey to nationals to get my PRO card!!! Let’s do this! I can’t wait to see what things I write new notebook. New notebook new goals new me! I am not the same girl who started that first notebook. When I began the first notebook I thought I had faith in God. But my faith has increased abundantly because he showed me the things he can do with my life if I put all my trust in him. My goals are big because I did not base them on my abilities but I based them on the abilities of an Almighty God. If there’s one thing I want everyone to remember about me it’s that on my own ability none of this is possible. This is literally all Jesus in me! #allbecauseofjesus #imustdecreasesohecanincrease #humbleservant #alljesus #kingofkings #blessedandunstoppable #anointedforsuccess #goals #neveralone

Rehearsals for Sunday at North point church.. Gonna be fun! 😉 #Honored #AllJesus #Focused

Ppl ppl ppl! This Saturday 10 am come and join us we will be having a feast. Address in bio #dontmissout #alljesus #freefood #communityevent #lovenothate #workingforthekingdom

The main reason we do what we do is because what Jesus did for us. Not a political agenda or self reputation. You and I are both in need of a Savior and his name is Jesus Christ! #alljesus #axesso2017 #accepthim #notareligion #helovesus #dontrejecthislove

This past weekend was beautiful but we are looking forward to fresh and new blessings! #thanksgiving #givingbacktocommunity #alljesus #axesso2017 #bethere #truegospel #comethru #freefood #lovenothate

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