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Allison Argent is one of the best characters in Teen Wolf. People may hate her for certain things but I beg you, rewatch again and this time from HER POV! And you'll understand her properly.

Even if you don't like her, you know that she deserves better. She was 17 years old, she had a whole life to live. I don't like her but her death not onlt effected to her friends also it affected to us.
Cr: @xshadowed
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cc: me
-my audio
(sorry for the quality of the audio let me know if you want me to post the audio in better quality)

Allison my girl!😈 Cc: @void.stilinskki (evet yine senin gidjdğğsxnşs)

an angel.
for gina 👼🏼

Allison argent
cc emmajestic

she is so lovely
i missed editing this bb
i’m thinking of going on break don’t
know yet
wild nothing - only heather

– you're the only one
Let's ignore the glitch at the beginning ty! Also I worked really hard on this so please don't let it flop ilyall💗

my audio!
cc; monagholic
for amber bc our truly engame @xphilocaly 💓
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[phone edit]
favourite girl for my favourite boy :')
+happy belated birthday jose!! get ready for a paragraph because you literally mean everything to me. I remember when I first met you, I was apart a collab when you had the iconic "jose.mp4" user name :'). I aspired to edit like because bITCH ISSO SMOOTH LSOQND WHJATAS. ahem excuse me. but you are amazing and deserve the entire world. I LOVE YOU OKAY. KNOW IT. SAVOUR IT. REMEMBER IT.
oH also hi im starting a jose defense squad so hmu for details.
dt; @putoua
ac; me

Day 11 ~ Allison Argent⚜️ reposting this edit with my big fat wm lol. It doesn't matter what picture I choose because she is beautiful either way❤️ ~ #allisonargent #allisonargentedit #teenwolf #teenwolfedit #crystalreed #crystalreededits #crystalreededit #allisonargentedits #teenwolfgirls

soft bean who deserved better 🤧

- remains iconic
dt allison stans

Ac; @infevrno
Hey I know it’s been a while since last time I posted. It was so much that was going on in my life lately and so much school work. I really hope you understand. I will not stop to use this account, I will still be here and post edits 💕 I love you guys so much 😘😊

allison my babygirl
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cc: me lol + vhs
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Best Friends😔💙 Ac:@astrologcy

[ 15 sec ]
— cc: me
— dt: ina, kat, frida & ellie (@velocitystydia, @notanotherfandomacc, @lacuna.z, @_simplymystic)
— fc: 2445
[ #cursedgrp ☾ ]
part 1/6 of a series (one for each season??)

289 | Nov. 17
- I really shouldn’t miss her as much as I do
- my audio give creds
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- vent -

ac : me -

made this vent edit and used it for a class project, got top marks tbh

au:allison and cora have been internet friends for a long time until cora decides to buy a plane ticket to finally meet allison irl.when she does allison is so happy and they are enjoying it but allison realises that cora will have to leave .cora tells her that she will never leave her and that she will always be there for her no matter what.
(+they start a company but that company never gave them the money for making the name up lol they will sue them)
cc:voidgold | for my own allison @segurasbarone 💜
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