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(*Edit: it's too complicated to add the missing words in this post, I'm sorry 🙋🏻) I am not white. I am not male. I love everyone. My narrative is my own that some/most assume they know or believe to understand. There are few who actually do.

Still, every part of my being, my identity, and my life choices have been made vulnerable not just by the ignorant, the dramatic, the cynical and those drawn to the negative but (sadly) even by those that claim to possess a certain higher political/moral ground (allies) and by peoples close to me:
I am judged on and/or dismissed on what is assumed to be my orientation and/or my abilities and/or ethnicity and/or language and/or politics; I am judged and instructed on how to be a ‘real feminist’ - even at the hands of feminists*; I continue to be coached on racism by (strictly) white people, which.never.ends**; I am judged and schooled by all kinds of peoples on their idea of appropriate ways to think and behave in the world; I continue to be educated by males on how to behave as a ‘proper female’; I've experienced extreme violence, hate, verbal abuse, sexual abuse at the hands of trusted peoples and strangers; as a person who plays music, I have lost friendships and experienced prejudice, dismissive behavior, condescension, verbal abuse, sexism because of competitive mindsets and based on what is assumed to be my abilities, gender, knowledge and the type of music I play etc.; my good deeds were dismissed because they were not good enough; as a person working in the service industry for about 15 years, I have experienced some of the most abhorrent situations that include most of what was just mentioned and more; with that I've witnessed people dear to me to complete strangers endure similar/the same types of marginalization, judgment, authoritarianism, prejudice, violence, cast shadows and negativity.

Regardless of who one is, what one does for a living, what one has been through and/or how well read one may be, we all need to navigate the world with a little more patience and care. With a little more respect.

Nuk kisha si mos ju falenderoja pafund per gjithe mbeshtetjen dhe dashurine tuaj 🙏🏼❤ #allihaveislove @mcnradioalbania with @antonetakoci

Hi, guys its not related to kpop but i would like to introduce my favorite singer. 😭 If you like R&B music, you should check him out! Please support him. 🙏🏻 @steviehoangmusic #steviehoang #rb #lovesong #allihaveislove

appreciation post for these losers right here #allihaveislove

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, even just a SMILE all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” 🌻❤✌❤🌻 #peacenlove #hippie #alwayssmiling #allihaveislove

Wishing my ain't no body better no.1sidekick and laugh till I cry absolutely bonkers best friend an incredible time at hull with the hoes, I'll miss you endlessly see you at Christmas my ugly lil Grinch
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Juan Gabriel! Wow! What a legend. I grew up listening to him because my mom loved him, and all I can say is that after everything he went through he NEVER GAVE UP. #inspiring #livinglegend #notengodinero #lounicoquetengoesamorparaamar #allihaveislove


To those times that I battled through toxic relationships alone, even if no one was there to help me walk, at least I still got myself and I'm grateful. Day🔟 of #InvertYourInnerYogi we have #StandingFowardFold (#uttanasana) BUT I would still prefer to call it #selfhugpose.
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@malabella_jewels .
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Hi, guys its not related to kpop but i would like to introduce my favorite singer. 😭 If you like R&B music, you should check him out! Please support him. 🙏🏻 @steviehoangmusic #steviehoang #rb #lovesong #allihaveislove

Coz Love Makes You Most Courageous !
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Sometimes, closure arrives years later. Long after you stop searching for it. You're just sitting there, laughing this laugh that's unapologetically yours. As it trails off, the corners of your mouth hug your face and it hits you, " I'm Happy". It's just like that. With no fanfare or epiphany. Suddenly, you are grateful for the goodbyes that carried you to this moment; to the space you are now holding.
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Mzee Nyanda, Upendo and Zawadi (2 of his 30+ grandchildren). He has 12 children, the youngest one being my age. He is 76 years old and is the hardest worker that I have ever met. I will miss him the most when I leave my village. He has been my motivator and friend/grandpa since literally day one of coming to Gonjanza. Thanks also to @pdotolka for introducing us 2 years ago. You're the best! #allihaveislove #lovelovelove #tanzaniaislove #peacecorps

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