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We certainly aren't a perfect family, even though we clean up so nicely for a photo like this, but we love really hard. That love has become more valuable and precious in the imperfections and hard things, like a rough wild stone chiseled over time and trial into a treasured possession. We need each other, we can rely on each other, and I'm glad we're in this life together. I'm reminded of how thankful I am to be called sister. #allgrace ❤️

Olufunmbi kehinde is Thisday Legal Personality of the week....my interview is on page 6 of the legal pages.
I have included a link to the interview in my BIO


Remember today that there's no such thing as luck. ..God has a PLAN! And it is so good!
Okay you guys, traveling with little kids is hilarious. When we got to the prairies of South Dakota (which were identical to the prairies of southwestern Minnesota, at least at first), Malachi declared in a wondering voice, "Anna Kate! South Dakota is SO DIFFERENT!" 😂😂😂 Have a lovely Monday my friends!

#casualchichome #mycozyspringhome #thatsdarling

เนี่ยยย คนเนี๊ยะะแสบบบบสุดดดด 🤣🤣🤣 #allgrace #ออเกรซ #กัสก้ากู๊ดเกรซ #4ออ4แสบแสบปวดกระบาล

Smile darling, smile.


นุ้งงงงเค้าน่าฟัดดดดดดดดจีจี #allgrace #กัสก้ากู๊ดเกรซ #4ออ4แสบแสบปวดกระบาล

It may be a week late to pose this but I cant still contain the feeling of happiness. It is all by the grace of God above that I graduated in our PEPSOL Academy. I praise God for that 😊

Last night, my cousin, my sister, and I ran across a woman and her daughter's outside at a park. This woman made some mistakes in her past that are interfering with her life at the moment and visitation to her sweet girls are limited. Though we brought them food, I felt the Lord move me to pray for them( mind you, I haven't prayed for myself in a while), and though I felt incompetent, I was obedient. And I just prayed that the Lord guide me to the right words for this family.
Moral of the story, God's grace is ALWAYS sufficient. And even when you feel as though you are not worthy to be used by God, he will still use you because the power is not within you it's within the Holy Spirit. My heart is full and I'M so grateful to have this encounter to witness to this family and to be used by the Lord. It has affirmed to me, that I still have an important in kingdom building.
#AllForTheGloryOfGod #ThePowerOfJesusLove #AllGrace

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