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James, the King Who Never Was. (Had to get in the obligatory throne pic before I wrapped!) Getting to work on Reign was a gift. I got to play a conflicted character in a fun, juicy, high-stakes drama. I got to do stunts & ride horses & wear awesome costumes. I got to work with an amazing crew and talented costars who were genuinely, surprisingly nice & had legitimately great hair & accents of their own. And, even after the shooting was finished, I got to interact with the lovely fans who truly make this whole thing possible. I feel very, very lucky. A massive thanks to everyone who watched & loved & supported Reign, and to everyone who welcomed me so warmly (or who came around eventually) when I joined in. And now - pivoting into self-promotional mode - in case you're wondering where to catch me next, I'll be appearing in the new series The Bold Type (@theboldtypetv) which is premiering July 11th on @freeform. Honestly, if you liked #Reign, I bet you'll like #TheBoldType too.

TL;DR: Thanks for watching! Bye Scotland. Bye Mary. Bye Reign.
#BTS #reignfinale #allgoodthings

All Good Things, one of my favorite songs from Nelly Furtado. I remember years ago when this song first came out I was on a dance tour with my family in Italy. We traveled all across Italy performing and during our long drives we'd listen to the album Loose. All of us in my family would turn it up loud and jam to Nelly's album across Italy. The whole album reminds me of that summer with my family having good times. In some random way I've been able to perform with such an amazing artist as @nellyfurtado. It's a real honor and blessing to jam with her. ✨✨✨✨ #nellyfurtado #allgoodthings #adl2017 #nationalaboriginalday

Wedding invitation time 🌿

Sun hyvä on mun hyvä ❤️ Do what makes you happy and be with who makes you smile 😊

#happiness #moments #allgoodthings

Are you having the best day of your life? if the answers no, why not? You have some time. Go have fun 🌞😎🌎⚡️💥🍦🍪🌝photo: @christopher.erk.photography #lifeisgood #goodspeedoperahouse #throughlymodernmillie #happy #allgoodthings

My best days are spent with @potter.james 🌺🌿
Yesterday was pure bliss💫
We hiked into a canyon just because we wanted to see the water🌊. This earth 🌎is beautiful!


Thank you family and friends for all the birthday wishes! 🎉 this was one for the books, for sure.. ✅Last day of class
✅Gave first 30 minute sermon (er.. 27 😅)
✅Surprised Thomas at the airport because HE LIVES IN OREGON NOW!🎉🙌🏼🎊😬 Totally stoked to see what God has in store for this 23rd year of life 🤗

#23 #birthdaysurprises #sermons #airports #cakeandicecream #allgoodthings

After a long week of VBS parking duty at work, I now get to listen to this beauty! #imaginedragons #evolve #allgoodthings #goodvibes

I know it's backwards but you get the point. Months ago some gym bro calls this out to me after seeing my stack of 45s on the leg press. I consider it my own "nasty woman." Come at me. We do hard things. We fall and we brush the dirt off and head right back into the thick of it. The good, the difficult. All of it. We are warriors. My leg press is nuthin, brah. #strongfornoreason #momswholift #itsok #anokmess #allgoodthings

#Repost #fbf Thanks to @stevvialexander #FSfamily
At rehearsal today with @officialfleetwoodmac rockin my @futuresonics in-ears. So grateful to this company for taking such great care of me over the last couple years!!! Sooooo great to be reunited with the MAC family for a few days ❤ Rare and precious indeed!
#futuresonics #fleetwoodmac #ibeworkin #allgoodthings #earmonitors #music

Took a trip down memory lane with this song and drum and bass music. #imogenheap #headlock #highcontrast #remix 💜
There is always so much my heart longs to share and express through dance, writing and poetry, painting, movement, jewelry...any medium I can. For the soul purpose of not only the expression, but the meaning and magic of transformation it brings as healing to my soul and life. My desire is to pass that on to you, the viewer, the receiver, and also the giver of this inspiration. To touch your mind, heart, body, spirit. To create a movement within your creative #shaktipower. To awaken that fire that lies within you so that it may burn brightly like the flame and bonfire of brilliance it Originally came in this Earth Walk as. To bring into this Present that Childlike Joy and Passion so you may Play and Share that Light with Others by Just Being.
Yet through all of this I can never describe the Indescribable. Only You can Experience what you are meant to See. That key Only You have. That piece of the Puzzle of this Existence You Hold. I pray that whatever I do gives You a Glow and Glimpse of your Own Magnificence. That whatever beauty or flaw you see Enlightens your Journey, Your Path to Bring You Back to this Undivided and Wholistic Peace.
This song is only a glimpse of my journey. Where my heart was in a "headlock" for years as I lived in denial of the Light that dwells within. EverydayI am closer as I gently reach into these places of pain to recover and uncover the truth of My nature, Your Nature.
Every slip or miss of this hoop is part of this dance. The Spiral of Life we circle through. I am honored to Be here. And although I feel like my entire life is Initiation into what is Unknown, with challenges that test me to the core, I am grateful.
I open my heart to give and receive and pass this Love to You. With the Intention of Courage to Lift You into Grace and Bliss with every step. For #flow to Be your Guidance as you release all that does not serve your heart. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💕 #allgoodthings #thelivingtrees #hoopitout #hoopspam #hoopersofig #hooperbloopers #girlswhoflow #girlswhohoop #lightworker #openyourheart #giftsofthesoul #auraalchemy #hooplove

I do my best manifesting when I'm being casual.
#loa #dancer #flow #grace #pleasure #light #mystyle

#gustavsberg#porslin#sverige#porcelain#sweden#elegant#europeanstyle#dinner#dinnerdate#love#vegaantiquebarn#vegaantiqueshop#vegaantikladan#allgoodthings#porcelana#aparelhodejantar#porcelanafina#summer2017# VEGA ANTIKLADAN
🌺PRIS: 2500kr
ELIT - 58 delar - tillverkad mellan 1954 - 1958- talet
Bestående av:
12 mattallrikar (25cm)
12 sopptallrikar (24 cm)
12 större assietter (21 cm)
9 mindre assietter 17,5 cm).
2 ovala serveringsskålar
6 serveringsfat i olika storlek.
1 såsskål (såsbåt)
1 kanna.
Vit tallrik med vit reliefbård.
Dekorerad med ljusblå band och gulddekor.
SKICK: såsskål med lite nagg, alla andra delar i mycket bra skick!

Feel Good Friday 😀 Results don't happen over night they happen over time through hard work and staying consistent then in time you will reap what you sow. Yolo so enjoy life and be happy 😀💪🏽❤️ #feelgoodfriday #feelgood #resultsdonthappenovernight #stayconsistent #workhard # #fitness #workout #exercise #gym #homeworkout #training #trainingoutdoors #motivation #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #exercisemotivation #lifemotivation #fitfam #yolo #behappy #enjoylife #happiness #bepatient #allgoodthings #believeinyourself #beallyoucanbe

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