This week we have been at @officialbutlins in Minehead for their Just for Tots break. The weather has been gorgeous, we've been swimming, bowling, played on the 2p machines, had lots of playtime and today we saw #justinfletcher live (again). We've had a blast and will be sad to leave tomorrow.

As a last treat, this evening we had tea in the on site fish and chip shop. We asked if they had an allergy menu and the waitress went and got her tablet that had all the information on it. She asked what the allergies were and then while we looking through the menu, she went and spoke to the chef. She then came back and told us exactly what Mimi could have. Dessert was included which usually includes ice cream but she very kindly offered sorbet instead. She could not have been more helpful and even said that they were extra careful in the kitchen (I don't know how true that is). Overall it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience, even the kids were pretty well behaved.

No pics of today's meal but here's one from yesterday of Mimi and AJ enjoying the sunshine.

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馃挜Customer Testimonial馃挜

Claire Johnson 鈥淚 have suffered from food allergies for years, but confess have done little about it - I've just tried to avoid the things that have upset me. Now as a result of taking the Complete Intolerance Test, I really feel in control of my diet for the first time. My sampling kit arrived by post , was easy to use and to follow and I got the results back quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Lifelab testing to anyone who suffers from food intolerances鈥.

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First nice day we have had and peewee comes up in this 馃槱 pollen? Grass? Who knows but we need to figure it out 馃槶 -
She鈥檚 gone to bed crying saying she hurts and itches and its her fault 馃挃
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**PIZZA HUT** A few days ago we went to @pizzahutuk . We've been a couple of times since Mimi's CMPA diagnosis and usually take our own food for her. She's getting older now so we can't give her jars anymore.
When we went in, I asked to see the allergy menu which the waitress bought to our table. We had a look through and decided that the only safe thing was probably the chips or sweet potato fries. However, when hubby and I started looking at the kids menu to pick AJ's meal, we found that they do gluten free bases AND dairy free cheese. BINGO! Mimi could have her very own pizza instead of being fobbed off with chips. We topped it with sweetcorn as it's one of her favourites, and she absolutely loved it. Pretty much cleared the plate.

Nice one Pizza Hut, we'll definitely be back soon.

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One of the items that we test for in our Complete Intolerance test is coconut.馃ゥ馃尨
Do you experience Itchy skin, stomach pain, breathing difficulties, or headaches after consuming a coconut? If so you may have an intolerance to it.

Get tested here:

Now we are established and settled on nalcrom I have been taking a look at our past fails and building a trials list. -
Obviously we won鈥檛 be trying and Ige or fpies triggers but it鈥檚 time to see if this is the right medicine for us 馃槵
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鞚措煱 雮犾敤鞐 霛检澊霐╈潃 氙胳箿歆撿澑瓴 頇曥嫟頃橃毵!
雮犾敤臧 雱堧 膦嬯赴鞐悀 觳滍儨順.霛检澊霐!!
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牍Μ 霃岇晞臧瓿 鞁峨嫟電 靸濌皝肟.
鞓る姌臧欖潃 斓滌晠鞚 氙胳劯毹检臧 鞓る姌肟愳澕旯?
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鞕 瓿店赴觳爼旮半姅 攴鸽儱鞝雰 鞊半姅瓯挫...
鞁戈碃, 鞚挫仒瓿, 攵勲Μ霅橁碃, 霃岇晞臧瓿 攴鸽煱瓴
瓿店赴毳 鞛 瓯鸽煬欤茧倶?
瓿店赴觳爼旮半澕瓿 雼 霕戧皺鞚瓴 鞎勲媽雿
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Premier Inn - Newton Abbot

A couple of weeks ago, we spent 2 nights at this @premierinn which is near Torquay. We booked breakfast which was in the Beefeater next door.
When we went in on the first day, we asked if they had an allergy menu. The waitress then bought over a big folder and showed us the section that covered allergies. We asked if they had any soya milk, so she bought us over a jug full. Whilst they didn't provide us with any specific ff food, we were offered toast and there were a few things on the normal menu that were both wheat and dairy free. She was able to enjoy a lot of the same things as we had, which was lovely.

Photo credit: Tripadvisor

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As a family, we like to have days out, especially during the summer. The hubby doesn't like to do too much driving in one day so we often stay in hotels for a night or two (much to AJ's delight as he loves hotels). The last two hotels we have stayed at, also included breakfast. I assumed that taking an allergy child to a hotel breakfast would be a nightmare, and took our own food but I was pleasantly surprised.
The first hotel was Holiday Inn Express at Birmingham Oldbury.

We went into their on site restaurant and were shown to a table by the hostess. She then got us a high chair and after having a chat with Mimi, asked if there was anything specific she needed. I asked if they had any non dairy milk so she instantly went off and came back with a big of soya milk. She then asked about bread so I asked if they had any wheat free bread. She said they did and would I like it toasted. She then came back a few minutes later with 4 pieces of GF bread toasted (I'm not sure how much she expected this tiny person to eat but still). She said if there was anything else we needed to let her know.
We had taken our own food for her as we didn't think they would have anything but the hostess couldn't have been more accommodating. She was more than helpful and never once made us feel like we were putting her out.

Well done Holiday Inn

Photo credit: Google
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