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Quote from RAY ALLEN 📌 Was he the best shooter ever in his prime? If not who?

Foi finalizado a pintura com o tom original desse Opala Gran Luxo 72 6cil aqui na #Allen. Foi dado 6 mãos de tinta e 6 mãos de verniz, utilizando o material PPG!
Em breve, postaremos o carro finalizado! Aguardem o resultado desse projeto lindo 😊

Real speedsters know this
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"some days it is going to sound like a broken record, but my pops preaches these things because there are dangerous and crazy people out there" - Life Coach Major ✅. I deliberated posting this, but if it opens even one persons eyes to the dangers in this world then it's worth it. Last week my old man called me asking "do you remember Uncle Achuta you met in Seattle at the wedding?" (In Indian culture many elder males are called uncle as a sign of respect - not an actual uncle - he wasn't my actual uncle). I didn't off the top of my head, but said if I saw a picture I would. My old man tells me "he was killed yesterday" and tells me the details that he knew thus far. Googled the news article after getting off the phone and saw the picture, I did remember him - very nice, funny genuine guy. My old man left for Kansas the next morning and just got back last night, I just spoke to him on the phone again and humans really irritate me some times. He was stabbed by his own patient in his office, ran out trying to escape and the patient chased him down and killed him in an alley behind the office. Patient had threatened him in the past but he had such a big heart he thought he could genuinely help the patient. When I go out I'll be friendly, I'll smile, say hello but I don't go out of my way to try to be everyone's friend. I don't know you, I don't know your intentions. In my dad's hometown a family friend asked if I had a gun, I told them several guns - and they looked at me like I was crazy and said I was paranoid. I tried to tell them not everyone you come across in life is going to be a ray of sunshine - there are bad people out there. The percentage is small but why risk it? I try to tell everyone "keep your head on a swivel", take inventory of your surroundings, know where the exits are if something goes down, go to the gym and lift some weights - then lift even more. I don't lift to look good, I lift so if the situation arises where I have to fight for mine or Major's life, I stand a better chance to make it home. Learn some self defense, take some classes...

In case you were wondering if goalies had to fully suit up for photo day... #Allen #Blues #NHLDiscussion


Today is the #80th anniversary of #TheHobbit being published! Thank you #JRRTolkien for writing and illustrating and #Allen&;Unwin for publishing it.

Ellas y la Primavera. 😄 #Allen

Yea it's a little early... but when you're a creator, you have to start way ahead of time. #art #miouxnie
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Just reminding myself if I can still do it live...😁 #Mixing #Allen&;Heath GLD 80 console 🔥🔥🔥🎶🔊🎵🎛🎚🎼🎵🎹💯💯💯 @rahboyzrecords #Rahboyzmusic 🌊🌊🌊

This is an absolutely AMAZING living room. The colors are just gorgeous. 💕 If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in dallas/Fort Worth, give Madalyn Begley a call at 214-476-4489. #house #home #dallas #dallastx #dallastexas #texas #dallasrealtor #dallasrealestate #realestate #realtor #garland #mesquite #plano #frisco #wylie #allen #rowlett #rockwall #backyard #backyarddecor #richardson #highlandpark #lakewood #whiterock #whiterocklake #arlington #ftworth #fortworth #fortworthtx

Xone K2 en stock #Allen&;Heath

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