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Y’all know how much I love Hilda and Hilda inspired photo shoots! Here’s one sent to me by the model herself @plusmodelclassydame - you killed it girl! You look just like her! So adorable! 😍❤️ 📷 = @stephenwithaphen #hilda #pinupmodel #vintagepinup #nailedit

✖️Simple things ✖️ (thinking about how much I used to hate my back fat, and how now it's something I appreciate and love more than I can say) #allbodiesaregoodbodies

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Go smash your Monday! #bodypositivememes

Tweet from @lorynbrantz

Was with my bean a few weeks ago and enjoying life and talking about fat phobia, recovery, sushi, travelling and basically ALL GOOD THINGS THAT COME WITH NOT BEING CONSUMED WITH OUR BODIES 😍😍😍😍😍😍
The world has opened up now that I have stopped being so consumed!!!!
I can learn about a million different topics because I’m not worried about numbers.
I can focus on changing the world because I’m not focused on changing my body.
I can focus on developing friendships instead of dating my stair master (but also holla bc that’s my bae 😉)
Just living life!!!!!!
I hope you all live a bit of life today 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
#recoveryisworthit #loveyourlife #supersoulsunday #soulsisters
@sophiesahara 📸📸📸

This is the second day this week I have woken up and felt like a noose was tight around my neck. There is nothing physically wrong with me, no immediate threat, no danger, no trauma to work through. Just the tight anxiety pushing on my upper body and making me feel trapped and yet I smile. Invisible ropes are tying me down weighted with irrational thoughts and tense muscles. Worries I push to the back of my mind that violently slam itself back into the forefront of my frontal lobe over and over. Hopped in bed last night praying for relief and found the anxiety woven in my dreams. I feel saturated in it, drenched in this mess of numbness and feeling. People have asked before "What's wrong?" As if there is a plausible reason this time. There isn't. There sometimes never is. Which makes me feel stupid and worse because there should be something some kind of tangible horribleness that makes me feel this way.... but ... nope. Just anxiety with its claws slowly caressing my chest, tightening my lungs and letting as little air as possible through. Sure it's a mind of worries too, a funny belly but mostly it is the heavy presence in my chest. It's a special reminder that I'm a little different that some people find me weaker so I smile. While logically I know this will not last forever, physically and emotionally I feel raw. As if when you touched me I would turn to stone and crumble right before you. This post is not to gain support or love but to make others realise what ANXIETY truly is and know that while this storm is inside you can still smile. An invisible monster inhabiting your body and turning its worries into a play house that’s anxiety. Sometimes my Instagram will not be bad assery but a down the rabbit hole look at the difficulties of mental health. Chooselifewarrior's meet my anxiety - she's a bitch. #chooselifewarrior #anxiety #anxious #mentalhealth

#selflovesunday finding my own version of sexy took years, don't worry if you don't feel it always, no one does. Also, yeah I'm gonna wear my underwear under something when trying it on 😶

#FabulousNotFluffy 😆Instagram's conditioned us to say things like 'Feeling a bit fluffy here' when we're sitting down, when we eat a bit more junk for a week or two, when we have less visible muscle definition than we prefer. 'A bit fluffy'...pfft 🙄 I see it all the time (and most of the time I think but you're lean af?). I've probably even said myself. It's like this weird little disclaimer that's rooted in body anxiety and comparison to other people's bodies. I don't really see it said in a positive context, to me there always seems to be this lingering hint of guilt behind it as if being 'fluffy' should mean 'I need to cut a bit of fat'. Publicly noting and giving importance to miniscule weight fluctuations is starting to annoy/bore me, so I won't be doing it anymore. I suppose I feel sometimes I need to keep up the appearances of a fitness based page by checking in with physique updates, or commenting about being a bit leaner or 'fluffier' or what have you, but I've realised realise that I don't..actually...care. 😂 Of course I like to show the effects of the gym and diet when I'm very motivated, but I'm really going to focus on everything as a whole. And being super light hearted with it - my exercise today has been dancing in my room and I'm more than ok with that 😆 #ukfitfam #fitfamuk #bodypositive #bodypositivity


I don't care what other people think of me. l care what they think about themselves. - Lady Gaga
How good is that quote!
Obviously l do care about what some people think of me, I just don't give any weight to opinions of people who issue them without knowledge or compassion. Especially those people who live on the internet and seem to take pleasure in being inflammatory, I've got better things to dedicate my energy to.
Wearing @ditavonteeselingerie with @the_nylon_swish stockings. .
#saynotobodyshaming #opinionsarelikeassholes #awolfdoesnotconcernherselfwiththeopinionsofsheep #bodyacceptance #allbodiesaregoodbodies #embracethesquish #selflovejourney #tummylove #tummylovetuesday #selflove #cellulite #lingerie #lingerieforallsizes #celebrateyourcellulite #embrace #ditavonteese #unaplogetic

Hi There!!!! #Hi #Hithere #pearls #blacksweater #shortsleeve #redlipstick #teeth #toothygrin #takeupmorespace #Wonderfulinternetfatgirls #fatgirlsbewinning #Plusisequal #plus_isamust #saltnpepperhair #yourfavoritefatgirl #plussizeconfessions #iwearwhatiwant #classic #fatgirlscan #bopo #allbodiesaregoodbodies #styleisnotasize #DrewBarrymore #67percent #honoryourbody #fatandfree #fatandhappy
#Facebook #Instagram #PolyVore 😔 Honestly, I was gonna post a picture of myself today, but I felt that they just were awful. It wasn't my weight, it was that I looked so old...... I'm going to have to deal, though. This picture is only from about five to seven years ago. But the difference is tremendous to me. Gotta work on that! It ain't all roses and giggles on Instagram, despite what you SEE! 😘 Take care of yourselves!

This shot gave me straight up CHILLS! I love the way @shooglet captures the beauty and mystique in fat bodies..! So, so talented. So much respect ♥️ @shooglet #bodypositive #bodypositivity #fatbodiesareworthy #fatbodiesaregoodbodies #allbodiesaregoodbodies #selflove #loveyourself #edrecovery #recovery #photography #fatacceptance #endfatphobia #enddietculture #curves

breakups fucking suck. but you will emerge more bad ass and grown ass and hotter than ever.
art by @ho3sz

Number 4 in the series. It's so much fun watching how they change as they go along!
#fineart #nude #figure #female #lifedrawing #allaprima #oilpainting #allbodiesaregoodbodies #progresspic #gymselfie

Sing for absolution.

@wiccan_gyal for #humanlandscapes
Check my Patreon for more from this set 🎉

Yes, I do have a big thing for daisies ❤️🌼 #margherita #daisies #backtonature

why it's important to practice body positivity:
1️⃣it's never about the number - focus on feel and fit, rather than what you see on the scale or the label of your clothes.
2️⃣there is so much more to live than looking a certain way. in a world where we can be anything, it's just as important being kind, compassionate, fun, hardworking, etc. just because we're working hard on our external selves doesn't mean we're neglecting our inner souls.
3️⃣everything begins with self-love: love your body enough to work out, love yourself enough to do what's best for your health. love yourself, and everything will fall into place.
wearing my @ourbralette.club piece, from an amazing brand that walks their talk on body positivity💖

#screwthescale #diets #riotsnotdiets #losehatenotweight #calories #caloriecounting #myfitnesspa #iifym #iifymgirls #macrocounting #flexibledieting #intuitiveeating #intuition #foodfreedom #notacheatmeal #bbg #npcbikiniprep #npcbikinicompetitor #beautybeyondsize #bbgprogress #bbgtransformation #foodblogger #bingeeating #breakupwithdiets #carbcycling #lowcarbdiet #bingefree #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bekindtoyourself

Привет, это Ксюша! Паблик @takebackpostpartum очень (ооочень) сильно помог мне в начале моего материнства. Он стал антидотом для моей инфицированной идеальными мамскими инстаграмами души. Ворнинг! Там очень много плоти, неприкрытой, настоящей, младенческой и мамской, не только растяжки и животы после родов, но еще пуповины, скукоженные новорожденные в слизи все такое. Именно это, настоящее, мне было нужно тогда. Иногда нужно смотреть на то, что тебя пугает. Полезно.
Перевод оригинального поста⤵️
Не могу поверить, что публикую такое ужасное фото, но сейчас смотрю на него и оно такое настоящее и смешное для меня. Не подозревала, что Оуэн снял это, пока сегодня не увидела у него в альбоме. Вот на что похоже быть мамой двухмесячного и 4-летки. Я была вымотана до невероятия, грудь воспаленная. Я до сих пор восстанавливалась от естественных родов после первого КС. Жизнь, казалось, остановилась. Это самая реальная картинка материнства, которую можно увидеть. Не уверена, что на мне есть трусы.

Not much hiking to be done until next year. It’s winter now. #fatgirlshike #fatgirlshiking

Yes, clown again. But it's so I can talk about THESE MAGIC WASHCLOTHS.

There's a "makeup eraser" one that's $20. Ya'll. Don't.

Go to Dollar Tree. They have a pack of 2 for $1. OR go to Walmart. They have an "always off" brand. You get a 3 pack for $2.97. They both work and are reusable. This one is nearly a year old.
Look at my cheap ass. I will show up at your house and cry real tears if you waste $20 on a product you can get for less than $3. 😂

I thought this was a cool athleisure vibe then my brother asked me why I was dressed like a chav

My progress of success puts fear in my enemies, so much fear that some of them even tried killing me,I'm focused even when I'm surrounded by all this negativity, I'm progressing even when my so-called "friends" switch on me (Thank you @wisewordsofpoetry
For letting me use thissss💚) #bodypositive #bopoposi #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #recovery #youreamazing #unapoligetic #posistivity #allbodiesaregoodbodies #feminist #fat #girlsaregirls #loveyourself #confidence #chunkygirl #beautiful #nowrongwaytobeawomen #mentalhealth

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