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A perfect day to celebrate two of my favorite things. Yoga + summer 🧘🏼‍♀️🌊
2 years ago I went through teacher training. I was practicing a lot more then. Every single day for hours in fact. But sometimes, it’s not about the pose or a structured class.
My yoga journey and teacher training has brought so many beautiful souls into my life. It has taught me to live with humble gratitude every single day. It continues to open my heart and teach me to love myself a little more each day. That is what #yoga is all about.

Accept where you are, because that is exactly where you are meant to be💙
#InternationalYogaDay #summersolstice

Seeking help does make you weak. It takes a great deal of courage and bravery to ask for help. If anything, it makes you strong!! #embracingmytrueself #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible

BURLESQUE tonight at 5 Points Local! 830pm! $12 drop in or it's the last chance for a ten class pass $100 for all ten! SAVE $20! #BodyPositive #QueerInclusive #FemmePower #AllBodiesAreBeautiful #Dance #History #BreakingSocialNorms #FightingTaboos @5pointslocal

Sometimes life sucks. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Sometimes shit happens and you don’t understand it - and you sure as hell don’t deserve it - but you’re still put through these trials & tribulations and it hurts.
But you know what I’ve learned through my tests? The unfair, god-awful pain I’ve endured?
You grow from it. You build scar tissue. You gain strength. And you learn.
You learn what you do and don’t deserve. You learn who you are. You learn that you’re stronger than anything that comes your way.
And you may cry. You may scream. You may question it all. You may pray you don’t wake up in the morning. But you will. You’ll survive. I promise you. You’ll make it. Because you’re so much stronger, wiser, and braver than you’ll ever know.
Chin up, lovelies. We can do this. 💜

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