"Happiness is time spent with good friends"
I feel like the happiness just radiates from this photo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
This is the outcome of @hanbroe being the designated driver for once 😂😂😂 #happiness

Complex carbs are good for you!
Today's lunch! 🥪🥒🍳

Ok so you want to do something good for your health but you tried and tried before and never stuck with it. You might even feel like what's the point to start again but there is ALWAYS a point. Let me tell you, IT'S OK and it's only human to fall off the bandwagon from time to time, the most important thing is you try again.
But this time look at it from a different perspective, you don't have to set ridiculous goals like I want to lose 20kg asap. ASAP should never be mentioned in the same sentence when your talking about losing weight because there are no quick fixes. Sure you can drink herbal tea and diet shakes and lose weight that way but what happens when you want to get back to your normal eating? The weight you lost comes right back!!! It's all just a huge shock to the body!
And then the cycles begins again. You feel shit because you put yourself though hell drinking detox teas just to be back in the same boat again. And then the cycle begins again.

It's a LOSE LOSE! For your physical health, your mental health and for the love of god - all the money you wasted on those diet products.
PLEASE think about nutritious food. Food that is going to fuel your body and help you lose fat the healthy way. And exercise that is going to go hand in hand with your food choices to help you reach your ideal weight.
Change is hard, I get it! Set yourself a 12 goal and if 12 weeks seems too much, make small weekly goals.
IT'S OK to get side-tracked some days, we are only human. But pick yourself up, we have a long life to live and your health is the most important thing in the world- both physical and mental. Look after it! ♥️ Healthy food choices and exercise should be the first thing you think about when you want to make changes to your health. ♥️ I'm here for you, I support you and I want you to be your best self. ♥️

Have all kinds of experiences. Spontaneous, brave, sweet, life-affirming ones that open your heart to the wonder of life. This is our time.✌🏽

Shout out to our friend Destiny! 🎉

This busy momma was able to be out, enjoying the sunshine🌞🌷 today with her yummy Spark when she used to be, "sitting at home and tired."

Don’t miss out on this epic weekend...come find us on the Sunday we have a lot of love to give ❤️ #wearefstvl #paravana #allaboutthelove #vibes #energy

Love yourself first so you know exactly what you deserve. #loveyou #beyou #selflove #loveothers #allaboutthelove #allthepeople #myheart #mysoul #breathe #positive #up

Hot Tub Hooligan's ❤️#AllAboutTheLove

Yoga to start the term || 🖤🖤🖤
At the beginning of last week I had the pleasure of the staff at a Cobram school for a talk and a yoga class. Some fun, breath work, asana and strategies for stress management were covered and wow I had a blast!
Thank you for having me 🙌

Happy Earth Day❤️So very excited for all of us to keep making better choices every day to respect this beautiful planet we get to live on and help her heal from all the bad choices that have been made and continue to be made. It blows my mind how just a few minutes outside with all my five senses can change the way I feel for the better. How just a few minutes with my bare feet on Mother Earth can change my whole perspective ❤️#AllAboutTheLove

When your heart just forever comes first. (Though maybe a little closer to my chest than my sleeve rn). Today however was epic! On a different wave of love, #London showed SOOO much! Mega, mega impressed and full! ◇

The satisfaction of even showing the smallest of support towards others can change someone's entire day. 😍🤗
#Supportisreal #Allaboutthelove #Heartvshead

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