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This + Sunday morning = a mid morning nap πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. Just going to go get the paper on way home & sit on my roof top in the sun for an hour or so & then have a nap... Well I can get easily distracted but that's the plan for my Sunday morning. Thanks again @marthastreetkitchen for another amazing brekkie πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.

When I was a kid one of my fave things ever was Strawberry Quik.... So when I was sitting at @picniccafe & the waitress walked past with one of these I so had to have one. Okay it does look like it could taste like Strawberry Quik but it didn't - not complaining because it was certainly yummy & they never said it would taste like Strawberry Quik but I think I walked away alittle empty, like a childhood memory just disappeared πŸ™ˆ. #sowantstrawberryquiknow #childhoodmemories #strawberryquiklookalike #imposter #wasdelish #picniccafe #allaboutscotty #scottytime #coorparoo #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffee_inst #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog #coffeeblog #coffeeblogger

This place @pearl.est.2007 came with some high expectations as was recommended by some very knowledgable peeps πŸ˜‰. This is something that I didn't really feel like ordering however I won't say I was bullied into getting it but really I didn't have an option & it ended up on my plate. Lucky for me though this was a treat - was absolutely delicious. There was a million things on the menu that looked good, so I will certainly be back soon πŸ‘πŸ». #sundaytreat #gotbullied #stoodover #deliciousbrekkie #pearlcafe #wooloongabba #southbrisbane #eastbrisbane #allaboutscotty #scottytime #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffee_inst #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog #coffeeblog #coffeeblogger

Yesterday was just so full on - today is all about Scotty now.... Didn't want to go far from home so I just strolled down to @marthastreetkitchen & will sit here & enjoy a couple of these & fill my tummy full of yum stuff πŸ˜‹.

Just getting one of these into my tummy before I head upto Brissy Land for a beautiful friends b'day lunch. Think I'm gunna need so many of these today though - presently living on very minimal sleep with being sick & also taking the opportunity to catch up with buds over this break. I do enjoy when I get a chance to come to @manolasbrosdeli - everything is always awesome & fairly quick πŸ‘πŸ» #manolasbrosdeli #isleofcapri #easterweekend #hearttablets #moreplease #allaboutscotty #scottytime #doubleespresso #barista #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffee_inst #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog

Wanna know one of the first things I do when I get to my hotel room.... I chuck that silly runner thing off the bottom of the bed - this one even had a matching pillow. Btw - that went into the corner as well. I never been able to understand why they have these stupid things on the bed - I just find them to be so annoying & a waste πŸ™„ #whatatoss #wasteofmyenergy #lookspov #sobored #day1andboredalready #allaboutscotty #scottytime #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog #coffeeblog #coffeeblogger

Happy Monday lovely people..... I'm excited, it's 8am & I've already had 3 coffee's & done a tonne of work. I'm leaving today to head up north for the week & looking forward too some Scotty time - I tend to do my best thinking & planning whilst on long drives. My only hope is that I survive & that the coffee I find in each town is okay. I never set my expectations to high however I hope I'm pleasantly surprised. Hope you all have an awesome week & please play nicely with others πŸ‘πŸ». #traveltime #longweekahead #coffeebetterbegood #lookingforwardtogoingontheroad #lifeisanadventure #consistency #allaboutscotty #scottytime #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog #coffeeblog #coffeeblogger

I don't mind really busting my ass during the week when I can appreciate spending my Saturday mornings enjoying brekkies like this at @mooseandgibson . Totally gets me in the mood to relax & enjoy the two days ahead - basically like my form of a yoga session πŸ˜‰. #saturdaybrekkie #yogasession #eggsbenny #destressingatitsbest #mooseandgibson #wooloongabba #southbrisbane #eastbrisbane #allaboutscotty #scottytime #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffee_inst #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog #coffeeblog #coffeeblogger

Okay so alittle bias here..... But if your wanting a perfect coffee experience & lesson in coffee get your bum down here. Just finished my brekkie around the corner & how could I not call in & get the best coffee in Brissy to finish my Saturday morning off with. I've been alittle coffee addict for awhile but for a true coffee experience this place is the bomb 😍. #caffieneaddict #caffienewhore #bestcoffeeinbrisbane #grinderscoffee #wooloongabba #southbrisbane #eastbrisbane #allaboutscotty #scottytime #goldcoast #goldcoastcafe #goldcoastfood #goldcoastcoffee #foodiesofinstagram #Brisbane #brisbanefood #brisbanecafes #brisbanecoffee #goldcoastfoodblogger #brisbanefoodblogger #foodblogger #coffee_inst #coffeegram #coffeelover #foodblog #coffeeblog #coffeeblogger #barista


This + Sunday morning = a mid morning nap πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. Just going to go get the paper on way home & sit on my roof top in the sun for an hour or so & then have a nap... Well I can get easily distracted but that's the plan for my Sunday morning. Thanks again @marthastreetkitchen for another amazing brekkie πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.

Yesterday was just so full on - today is all about Scotty now.... Didn't want to go far from home so I just strolled down to @marthastreetkitchen & will sit here & enjoy a couple of these & fill my tummy full of yum stuff πŸ˜‹.

Now when this hit the table I was like WTF 😳. It looked absolutely massive - there's so much in there that you can't see - like Waffles, Bacon, Halloumi, Avo, Crumbed Chicken & then there's all that fresh salad stuff. It was like a marinated cucumber strips & a touch of ginger just too finish it all off perfectly.... Just so many flavours - wouldn't know where to start. Thank you @letminnowcafe for a great experience this morning - can't wait to come back πŸ‘πŸ».

Now I feel so much better, just finished this & my yum Brekkie at @letminnowcafe . Sunny Coast here I come - please play nicely traffic. So wish it was Saturday so I could enjoy this beautiful winters weather πŸ™„.

So so happy it's Friday - have a tonne of driving today & tunes to listen too... That second part is a dream though, I'll probs spend the entire time driving on the phone πŸ™„. Gunna sneak an early brekkie in at @letminnowcafe - just waiting for them to open - so hungry, I guess too many vodka's might have something to do with that. Happy Friday ladies & gent - run amok I say πŸ€“.

Just felt like a nice refreshing treat - so deserve it after the week that it's been so far.... What a mix - the best Vodka @effenvodka ever, you could drink a whole bottle of this straight & still not be sick tomorrow - me not that silly though as I have a meeting on Sunny Coast first thing in the morning. This mixed with the new Keri Orange Juice & then mixed in one of my fave glasses @dstill_glassware - basically a pretty spesh treat that makes it hard to stop at one!!! However if there is any of my fave peeps out there that want to help me drink the rest tonight - just let me know πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ... Btw - how's that for 3 plugs in one post πŸ˜‰.

Just sitting in the sun at @deedotcoffee drinking coffee & eating this.... It's so hard to find places that open around the 6-6.30am mark - lucky for me this morning this place does. Really had no idea what was going to hit the table as I left it upto the lovely waitress to choose for me - I just wanted non sweet & something yum. So your guess was a good as mine as to what was under the eggs - well it was some pretty spesh hash browns & the other if your couldn't work out was - beef brisket. All up me, my tum & my head is now content & totally focused for the day ahead πŸ‘πŸ».

I so nearly just jumped on the highway this morning & went straight to work but swerved at the last minute to find somewhere chilled to hang & have a coffee & ended up at @deedotcoffee . Some people do exercise to focus, well me - I do Coffee & Brekkie. I do my best planning & thinking over my morning pleasures & today I got a lucky table number as well - so I guess today will be awesome. Happy Thursday ladies & gents - please play nicely with others πŸ€“.

Now I'm kicking back on the couch recovering from work, alot of food & beers - I so really just feel like this again from @chesterstreetbakery . Had this yesterday arvo with a client, there was alittle bit of cake envy going on though - I think I got out done but I think I was content with this however I do know what I'm going to have next time πŸ˜‹.

It felt like a weird day, Brekkie & then 1/2day in the office & then to @shady_palms for this & a couple more little beers to finish on. On one hand it felt like the weekend but then I know I've gotta go to work tomorrow - so could have continued on πŸ™ˆ.

Thought I'd get in here today at @missjones.cafe whilst it was a little quieter - the weekends are usually out of control. Took my time this morning just enjoying the atmosphere & stunning views whilst eating this treat. The waffles was certainly the highlight for me today, yeah & plus the onion jam thing was pretty delish as well πŸ˜‹.

So nearly decided to head straight into the office this morning - but then thought not.... Basically everyone else is having Ekka Wednesday off so I thought I could atleast enjoy Brekkie before I go in. It also gave me the chance to enjoy the sun & @missjones.cafe before they get to busy - geez this place fills up quick!! Happy Wednesday ladies & gents - enjoy your day off whilst the rest of us are working πŸ™„.

Just finished the day with probs the best long black in Brissy at @grinderscoffee . What a day - if that wasn't a pounding don't know what is. I hate to walk out at the end of the day & think I lost but today I think that actually happened. So calling in on the way home to grab one of these was a must - atleast it gave me a big smile of my face to venture home with. Watch out tomorrow I'm coming for ya - I never loose two days in a row πŸ€“.

First I haven't shown the dogs face to save embarrassment. So I did get told not to put this up however all the kids should be in bed by now so it's okay... I only have one question - do male dogs look at this chick dog & think - shit she's sexy as with that shaved G-String, I must do her πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ..... Wow hasn't the dog world changed - soon you'll see Dog Sex Shops on the corners in the Valley πŸ™ˆ.

Now straight up - I give it to the staff that work here at @savourchermside - there is no way I could work there all day, it would cost me a fortune - I'd probs end up working for nothing but I guess my tummy would be content. The best part about this one was the surprise hit of chocolate tucked in the middle πŸ˜‹.

This was a treat this morning at @kingarthurcafe - It's pretty hard to see what's in there but by menu terms - JalapeΓ±o Cornbread, homemade baked beans, serrano jamon, fried egg, smoked pistachio & bacon. Basically a bowl of yumminess that went into my tummy. It would have been a perfect brekkie if it came with a smile though....

Finally got my bum of the couch, put washing on & then found this place @kingarthurcafe . What a smacking day out here - love the sun, can't believe it's winter. Might just go find somewhere to sunbake & enjoy the sun in my little speedo's for the rest of the day πŸ˜‰.

I've hit the button twice already on the coffee machine & struggling to get my bum of the couch - the @thetodayshow is the only thing that's got my attention so far on this beautiful Sunday morning. Can't believe I've got to go back to work tomorrow again - just would love one more day off πŸ™ˆ.

Do love a good pizza & this one from @marthastreetkitchen was pretty spesh.... Salami, sugo, mozzarella, olives, chilli & anchovies with an absolute yum base. I'm such a dumbass, I've had brekkie here a couple of times & never looked at there dinner menu & realised that they were an Italian place and I've been searching for a good Italian since I moved to Coorparoo & this is like 700m from my place πŸ™ˆ.

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