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Thought I'd do an #introductionfriday since I never have! I'm Mackenzie, my boyfriend @baggybimmer and I live in Seattle WA. We both live and breath bmws, and basically only talk about cars 😅 if we're not doing car stuff we're both obsessed with coffee and food, and hitting the gym just about every night. I'm much more comfortable behind the lens so that's the only place you'll see me lol say hi if you see us at Alki! 😊 pic by @e4d6xlr #e30 #bmw #bagged #bbs #bbswheels #alki #ultimateklasse #thedirtythirty

I think it has been a year since I shot a full moon & the space-needle! Here' a vertical version of an old shot that everyone thought was photoshopped. It took three days of searching and hours waiting (2 failed attempts) to find just the perfect spot to capture this with everything lined up just right. What is Facebook's obsession with the space-needle and the moon?

These last few days have been great, the summer gets better day by day 🌞

#EncourageWave: 🌊

If you saw my stories today, you know that @justincourage and I removed our @coloraydecor stick-on wallpaper with the intention that we will reuse it in our new place (hoping it's gonna work!!). 🙌🏽

If you haven't followed my girl over at @coloraydecor, you REALLY need to! FAV! The wallpaper is super high quality, and it's (fairly) easy to apply and remove. 🤣

Trying to save the wallpaper was a bit of a struggle, and definitely a different story, but it taught me a valuable lesson. It just reminded me of life: not everything we go through is going to be easy, and things usually won't go as planned. We will make mistakes and learn from them. We will get frustrated, we will get excited, and we might cry a lot...we will fail, but we will also experience great victories. 🥇

Life has never been about "arriving" at any specific destination. It's gradual. It's an experience. It's a journey. 👣

Our circumstances and what we go through do not define us. It's about how we RESPOND to situations that not only SHOW, but also BUILD, our character. 🙋🏽

Choose to respond to situations with patience and positivity...even when they feel impossible. Your life will be so much more exciting and joyful when you live this way! Thanks for teaching me valuable life lessons, @coloraydecor 😂😃

📷 @royaansariphotography

TAG a friend and VOTE BELOW: Would you rather - 🌿palm or 🌺floral wallpaper? ALSO, if you follow any home decor pages, I wanna see your favs! Tag them below.👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Ignore the dead grass 🙄 📸 @woyshnis.media


Seattle skyline ❤️

A girl taking a photo.
#art #eatit #alki #sunset

Three days in Seattle

Gosh darn this reminds me of Korea #beachside #ocean #seattlewa #seaandsky #beautifulday #freshair #alki

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