Currently in my bed at 5 am thinking stuff and decided to pen something down that I mostly always think about whenever I see someone intentionally or unintentionally hurting someone with their words.

When we judge someone we don’t even think about what we’re saying or how it’s gonna affect the other person we just go ahead and blurt it out just because they’re not doing something that we like but how it affects them, and their self confidence doesn’t matter to us as long as we get to empty our stomachs by judging them. We take everything as a joke sometimes, we don’t think that what we speak can be percieved at the other way in a completely negative way. Even if the person tackles it really well, and goes like “This is my thing. This is how I am.” or anything similar to that they still end up getting self conscious/insecure and when they’re about to do the same thing that they once loved doing it’s our judging words that comes in their minds no matter how confident or strong they’re and the result? They stop themselves right before they’re about to do whatever it was that got judged by someone who couldn’t handle it for no real reason or they self consciously try to hide it as much as they can. Like if you commented on their smile/laugh you’ll watch them cover their mouth after that or laugh as lowly as they can. I myself have been there I still do where I am critisized for my looks, my studies or just anything in my life. Words, one of the things that can either make you feel like you’re on top of the world or they cut you like knives. Most of us humans don’t even think before we say them to someone whether they’re hurtful, or they are full of love, or how they’re gonna affect the other person. Which is why every single one of us including myself of course I am not some saint, we should, and we need to think no matter what kind of words or to whoever we are saying stuff to before we blurt something out that might end up hurting them, destroying their self made confidence, making them insecure or sometimes making them reach to the point where it’s all about self loathing.

Why do we always judge each other? «She’s too fat. She’s too skinny. She’s too lonely. She’s too popular. She’s too sad. She’s too happy.»
What about being kind instead? «She’s perfect no matter what her body looks like. She’s perfect the way she is, and she has friends. She’s one of my friends.»
Why the fuck be each others enemies? We’re all QUEENS👑 Get yourself together and act like a queen. Show some love instead of hate.

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One word - brilliant! Definitely up there as one of the best books I've ever read. An original, clever and thoughtful story about loneliness, survival and the profound effect simple acts of kindness can have. Peppered throughout with astute observations on society and the human nature, from our predisposition to make quick judgements to our innate need for connection and love it is a celebration of individuality, compassion and courage. I can't wait to see what Reese Whitherspoon does with the movie! What are you reading right now? Any recommendations? 📚
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Happy Friday, My Lovelies!! ✨🌸🧡 Soooo excited for our festivities this weekend and honestly even more thrilled to kick it off with eating a solid percentage of my weight in Tacos & Margaritas tonight with the Fam-Bam!! 🌮🍹Hope you all have an amazing start to the weekend & remember to always spread: 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿#alittlemorekindnessalittlelessjudgement

Happy mail! I bought myself a birthday present and it came in today 🙌🏻 You did an otterly amzing job @nutmegandarlo #alittlemorekindnessalittlelessjudgement #whenindoubtgotothelibrary #enamelpin #nutmegandarlo

Be kind. ❤🦋❤ #alittlemorekindnessalittlelessjudgement

@Regrann from @essence - A little bit of kindness goes a long way. So this #worldkindnessday hold the door for a stranger, ask your neighbor how they are doing, or maybe donate to those in need. What was your act of kindness today? - #regrann

It's ok not to be ok, always be kind 🌸👭🌎#worldmentalhealthday #strongertogether #alittlemorekindnessalittlelessjudgement

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