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it's oh so quiet // @alissic

a small edit i made 💞 @alissic #alissic #alissasalls

when we have each other we have everything @alissic #alissic #alissasalls

U r so Nice
#chillin #alissic #alissasalls

"people see what they want to see in people, what they expect based on appearances or clothes or what kind of job they have, they fill in the blanks without even knowing that’s what they’re doing, i guess that’s normal, right?
but how many people besides me actually change to match what people project onto me?" -Alissa Salls
(Alissa liked 😻) #alissic #alissasalls

all my friends are bad kids // @alissic

Moments of pleasure, in a world of pain 💌 essas duas aquecem o meu coração 🌹
#alissic #alissasalls #ellesalls

Damn! I love every single pic of them! They are so Nice💘 (e otras cositas más)
{@alissic @olobersykes}
#oliversykes #alissic #alissasalls


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