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Chapter 13
Alissa's POV
Since there was only 8 minutes left everyone was on there phones. They were all texting which sucked for me because I recently got this phone (swipe) and didn't know anyone's number so I just sat there picking my nails.
·bell rings·
Everyone gets up and heads towards the door, I wait for Sommer since we have all our classes together.
Sommer: "We have lunch next."
Alissa: "Really?"
Sommer: "Yeah.. We need to go quickly since there's usually a lot of traffic."
I could tell she was lying and I could tell she knew that I knew. (ha)
Alissa: "Sommer, what's going on?" I said while we were walking towards the front door and I noticed no one else coming.
Sommer: "I'm sorry in advance, we are gonna go to the Rose to hang out with people.."
Alissa: "SOMMER! We have classes and you seemed to forget I'm a new student."
Sommer: "I'm sorry Alissa but pleaseeeeee?"
Alissa: "ONLY today."
She starts jumping up and down. We start to go to 'apparently' populars parking lots 90-100. I see everyone I met earlier with the exception of Ricky.
They all huddle in a group with me.
Tessa: "Hi guys! So half of us don't have cars so we need to divide into groups."
Jake's POV
I forgot that Alissa came in a Lambo, I totally want to check that out. But I have my own car.
Jake: "I'll go with Alissa!" I called out before anyone had the chance.
Anthony: "You have your own car though?"
Chance: "Yeah bro take your own."
I had to think quickly. I tossed my car keys towards Chance.
Jake: "Take mine then, there are three seats in the back as well."
Chance: "Whose coming with me?"
Carrington: "I'll go."
Erika&Sunny: "Same here."
Anthony: "You already know. SHOTGUN!"
Chance: "Okay so my.. Jake's car is full."
Sommer: "How many seats does your car have Alissa?"
Alissa: "Only two."
I smiled but hid it so no one saw.
Tessa: "You can come with me and Jack."
Sommer: "I don't want to third wheel, Jake pleaseee can we switch."
Everyone was looking at me and Erika was looking at me with a devilish look, why? Ugh I ruined my chance.
Jake: "Yeah, okay."
She jumped up and down squealing. We all entered into three cars. This is gonna be a ride to remember.
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