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say my name ♡

↳ cc. voidgold / for noura, inés and gab!

» happy 24th birthday to the owner of my heart & the love of my life who deserves the world, mrs emily fields-dilaurentis! i miss you more and more everyday babygirl come back to me 🎈
» my audio and transition!
» song: say my name - destiny child [cyril hahn remix]

[ #hellgrp #shaymitchelledit ]

p.s: If the quality is bad for you, your internet is slow at loading it. refresh it a couple times and it should be good! :)

Who actually thought Ali killed Mona?
#prettylittleliars #pll

I know this pictures are old, but I can't stop thinking about how gorgeous and cute she looks in them😍💖😍 #SashaPieterse #AlisonDiLaurentis #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars

| 7x20 |

❥ ”til death do us part”

❥ this was so cute!
& I love the way Spencer looks with her horse riding outfit on 💕
she’s adorable!
& such a beautiful horse!
and apparently insanely smart!
so glad the horse didn’t believe Alex’s bullshit lol.

❥ q: spencer [with] or without bangs?

love ya,
aly ❁

2x13 #pll #prettylittleliars ; ➳ volleyball tourney this week 👏❤️ Q: do you like playing volleyball?

– 7x20
Sorry I’ve been so inactive 💓
I went on a road trip so I haven’t had to time to make edits! I’m on Thanksgiving Break now, so I will have more time to edit :)
q: Rank the endgame ships! (Favorite to least favorite)
a: Emison, Spoby, Ezria, Haleb

what’s the point?


💐| all time low

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Agree or disagree?
What if this happened?
I think it would have been great they definitely deserved a better ending!
Dm your "what if's"
@prettylittleliars #prettylittleliars #pll #ariamontgomery #Lucyhale #ashleybenson #hannamarin #shaymitchell #emilyfields #spencerhastings #troianbellisario #sashapieterse #alisondilaurentis #janelparrish #monavanderwaal

PLL favorite ship
~My Emison favorite scene I loved that they got engaged and had family of their own~
* One of my favorite love story I’m so glad they got their happy ending and I’m missing them so much 🤧
2/3 of my favorite couple
Annoying tags: #emison #alisondilaurentis #emilyfields #pll

Look a them! They are so HOT! 😍🔥
I just needed some Sashay on my TL, and I will post them until they reuniting and I will get new pics, so I can post the new ones 😂💖
#sashapieterse #pll #goals #prettylittleliars #honoredmovie #sashay #emison #emisonisendgame #shaymitchell #alisondilaurentis #alison #isabella @sashapieterse27 @sashaingoodtaste @shaymitchell

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