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Probably the worst experience I've had at a restaurant. I would write a review on yelp but I'll write it on here instead. My ma and I walk into the place. Even though we had a reservation, they make us wait. Then we are seated in the front close enough that when someone opens the door we feel a cold breeze. So my ma asks the hostess to sit somewhere else. She says "nowhere else to sit unless you want to be on the wait list" first of all, rude. She sees we are about to get up and leave. She then comes over and says "but I do have a table in the back... follow me if you want to be seated" we follow her, get seated, everything is fine, the waiter comes and takes our order, the food comes on time but when we are done, no one comes to take our dirty plates. We wait 20 min for someone to come and take our plates. No one even asks us if we want dessert. I tell my ma I want dessert. I order it. I wait 15-20 min for it. Then I ask the waiter where it is. He has no idea what we are talking about. He goes to check on it and comes back 10 min later and says "oh ya it was never put in". So he says "who is the waiter who took your order?" He goes over to the waiter and asks what happened. I have no idea what they were saying but they were yelling at each other. I finally got the dessert (to go). When I was putting on my jacket, my ma was standing by the cash register paying and the waiter hit the other waiter with a plate chasing each other outside and the other waiters followed them outside. They were beating each other up so some random person from inside called the police. The waiter got fired. Oh and I forgot to mention that the hostess who cleaned the table next to us was too lazy to clean the dirty plates so she cleaned it with her hand. Very unsanitary.

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