Not sure how I feel about the last episode.. Ending wasn't so great after that 54 episode dedication. *SPOILER ALERT*
Continue at your own risk.
So Ah Mo goes to war against Chi Yun, he tries to get his troops to retreat to avoid confrontation with Ah Mo but his troops disagreed. Sheng Lun agreed to help Ah Mo and also led his troops to war. Jing Shi aka Yu Chen died being pierced by 6-7 swords/spears. Somehow a connection with Yun Sang meant that she felt him being stabbed. He died but managed to reveal his true identity to Yun Sang (he changed his identity and permanently disfigured part of his face when the marriage between himself and Yun Sang didn't work out). Omg LOL when Ah Mo sees people dying on the battlefield, she cries out for people to stop.. Like that would work.. It was so funny seeing empty space around her, like no one was attacking her. If it were any other drama, or normal situation, the soldiers would go for the leader of the group, those that wore a different armour. Instead, Ah Mo wasn't attacked, she kept crying for people to stop and for the war to stop and somehow grew immense power and sucked their weapons out of their hands like a giant magnet. Hereyes had fire and fire poured out of her, almost like blood boiling. The heat was so intense that it started to melt the weapons.
Chi Yun saw her and quickly flew to a high mountain and shouted for her to stop or else she would sacrifice herself. She begged him to stop the war and continued to melt the weapons. He suddenly remembered her had a Special Bow in his possession where if truelove exists, he could use his heart to swap for hers. This is exactly what he did. He sacrificed himself in place for Ah Mo and died. His life exchanged for peace and the war ended.
Rating: 6.5/10. The romance fluctuated and was kinda boring at parts. I was waiting for her to leave her tribe in chase of her true love, but nope.
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Continue at your own risk.

Ah Mo returns! More emotionless than ever, now with demons inside her mind causing doubt. She overcomes this demon when confronted with Chi Yun (of course she did). They sleep together afterwards and then she's back to being Sheng Lun's consort wife.

War breaks out between her and Chi Yun's tribe, her eldest brother was killed by Chi Yun, though Yu Chen had been poisoned by his younger brother. To hide the truth, Ah Mo and Sheng Lun used a puppet to create a fake Yu Chen, supposedly recovering from hiswounds. Chi Yun was also severely wounded to the point where he almost died. Due to opposing sides, Ah Mo promised herself that she wouldn't see Chi Yun again, even though she found out she was pregnant. Ah Mo's fourth brother (Zhi Ruo) was killed alongsideTong Zheng, who killed himself and also anyone else within the vicinity. Zhi Ruo's wife killed herself to join him, their child was given entrusted to Ah Mo.

Yun Sang (Princess of the Xuan Wu Tribe) and Jing Shi (Sheng Lun's right hand man and a general) planned to wed, after Sheng Lun helped Jing Shi call off his planned wedding. It was hard because people didn't believe she would stoop so low to a general, like why didn't she marry royalty like the norm? Sadly their wedding didn't work out cause Sheng Lun's enemy brother decided to hang the body of the woman that Jing Shi was told to marry. Yun Sang was devastated and broke off all ties with Jing Shi, saying '有缘无分'. 10 years later, Chi Yun and Ah Mo meet. She lies to Chi Yun, saying her child was her and Sheng Lun's. To unite the tribes, Xuan Yang (Ah Mo's Tribe) proposed a marriage between the eldest brother and Yun Sang. She marries into the family whilst Yu Chen is 'still recovering from his wounds'. Despite the marriage, Xuan Wu is still against Xuan Yang. Ah Mo declared her break-up with Sheng Lun and revealed the true identity of her child to Chi Yun (picture above). She then leaves for war against Chi Yun's tribe... #alifetimelove #上古情歌 #huangxiaoming
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SO MUCH CRYING. Not as much as others, but still a decent amount. *SPOILER ALERT* 
Continue at your own risk.
The marriage ended up happening, Ah Mo was so harsh to Chi Yun in front of Sheng Lun, pretending that she was no longer the person she was. Chi Yun was so hurt that he ripped off Ah Mo's handmade cape... Sheng Lun and Ah Mo didn't sleep together. Ah Mo asked Sheng Lun if he wanted her to be his wife or Princess Consort. She said if he chose wife, she would be loving and caring, etc, but if he wanted a Princess Consort, she could back him up and support him by his side without any emotional entanglements. He chose for her to be Princess Consort and they only pretended to be in love in front of others to put up a show. Meanwhile, Chi Yun didn't know her true intentions and suffered jealousy.
One day, Ah Mo went out with her maid, she pretended to be tired and returned to her room and quickly resent her handmade cape to Chi Yun who did not see her intentions. Ah Mo then used a puppet to make a replica of herself and made it so that it looked as if she was sleeping in bed. She ran off to fulfill her promise under the Blossoms. Whilst waiting for Chi Yun, his dragon delivered the cape. She waited for him until she could no longer and returned saying that she would have nothing to do with him anymore. Chi Yun arrived shortly after to see his cape and thought Ah Mo never arrived, causing a misunderstanding to occur.
At Ah Mo's Fourth brother's wedding, an important clue appeared regarding some stones that would benefit the beholder, causing people from different clans to seek it out. Chi Yun ended up getting it but was stopped by Sheng Lun and Ah Mo's eldest brother. A broken hearted Ah Mo realised that she was just a took used as an exchange for the stone and jumped off the cliff. This was right after she saved Chi Yun from Tong Zheng's (Chi Yun's enemy) blue fireball. She is assumed to be dead.. Surely the main character can't die so soon right?

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#petersheng #janicewu #黄晓明 #宋茜 #盛一伦 #无倩 #love #romance #爱情 #浪漫 #history #历史 #fantasy #幻想 #chinese #drama #chinesedrama #电视剧 #marriage #结婚

So much has happened in the past episodes. Here's a quick summary: *SPOILER ALERT*
Continue at your own risk.

Qingmo slowly develops mutual feelings towards Chi Yun. One day, he visited her and was stabbed by her elder brother, causing his dormant poison to become active. They leave her hometown and Chi Yun falls unconscious along the way. Qingmo finds a spot for ChiYun to rest and asks her pet Fox, Ah Bi and pet Phoenix, Lie Yang, to guard him while she finds a doctor. She returns to see a group of angry townsmen claiming that Chi Yun is lying on a sacred platform devoted to a hero named Chi Yun. What a coincidence!

Qingmo refuses to move without seeing the elder doctor, who finally arrives and recognises Chi Yun. The doctor unfortunately could not heal the poison but discovered the origins to be Xuan Wu. To save Chi Yun, Qingmo absorbs some of his poison for herself, together they go to find the King of Xuan Wu who only had one pill. Qingmo forced it down Chi Yun's throat, as he tried to bring it back up the King read Qingmo's pulse and told her luckily she wasn't seriously poisoned. They also find out that he is dying,the King told Chi Yun that he would make his son the heir and wanted Chi Yun to be sworn brothers and help him with the kingdom when the king died.
Before Qingmo returned home, she promised Chi Yun that they would meet in April each year. When that day arrived, Qingmo had a disagreement with her father about the marriage alliance but still fulfilled her promise. Chi Yun fell unconscious giving spiritual energy to the dying King.
The picture above is when Chi Yun gate crashes Qingmo's wedding with Sheng Lun. Qingmo tries to pretend nothing ever happened between them and takes Sheng Luns hand. Out of jealousy, Chi Yun attacks Sheng Lun and that's the end of episode 14. Let's see what happens next!
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#petersheng #janicewu #黄晓明 #宋茜 #盛一伦 #无倩 #love #romance #爱情 #浪漫 #history #历史 #fantasy #幻想 #chinese #drama #chinesedrama #电视剧 #marriage #结婚

Moved on - A Life Time Love starring Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Peter Sheng and Janice Wu.
Basically a love story between the main characters Chi Yun played by Huang Xiaoming and Mu Qingmo (Victoria) who belong to different tribes.

Initial thoughts: Really felt like a more traditional drama after my continual modern drama streak. V Love was okay, wasn't a stand out, literally a Chinese version of Gossip Girl without the Gossip lol, not as scandalous 😢. Anyway it starts off with Qingmo sacrificing herself to block an attack for Chi Yun. He finds her 10 years later to realise she had forgotten who he was. *SPOILER ALERT*
Continue at your own risk.
Qingmo didn't actually die, she was saved but the trade off was that she would lose her memories.
When Chi Yun finds her, he pretends to be a weak man to gain her attention. They help a tribe get back their water supply at the cost of alerting the enemy who hunted them down.
Chi Yun returned to his tribe and wanted to see how she was going. He had a high enough spiritual energy to see Qingmo's surroundings and saw her being stabbed. She was saved by Sheng Lun (played by Peter) who had a marriage alliance with her (which she doesn't know about). After the incident, Chi Yun was scared of losing her, so he told her that he had waited 10 years for her. Currently episode 6/54, more to come later!

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#petersheng #janicewu #黄晓明 #宋茜 #盛一伦 #无倩 #love #romance #爱情 #浪漫 #history #历史 #fantasy #幻想 #chinese #drama #chinesedrama #电视剧

E già all’ora i miei genitori avrebbero dovuto capire tante cose... 🎉🍾🎈🤤
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No te fallaré
contigo yo quiero envejecer
Quiero darte un beso
perder contigo mi tiempo
guardar tus secretos
cuidar tus momentos
Abrazarte, esperarte adorarte
tenerte paciencia
tu locura es mi ciencia♥️🌹💍.
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Can you replace the word LOVE with [your name] and all of this stay true? Sadly I cannot. Or at least not all the time. We should strive to Love the way Jesus loved and show all of these all the time. The scripture is in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 take the Love test! ❤️ Valentine's Day is tomorrow, check out my newest blog about LOVE! Link is in my bio! #ALifetimeLove #mrshildy10 #Lovetest

My February blog is up on my website! Link is in my bio.👩🏻‍💻 I focused on LOVE ❤️ since Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! #ALIFETIMELOVE #loveasjesusloves #mrshildy10

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