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The saga up to date #alienfranchise

How many likes for Ripley and Xenomorph being square on all that's been happening in #AlienFranchise#Xenomorph#sigourneyweaver #Ripley

Kennt ihr schon meinen neuen Mitbewohner ? hahaha😂
Checkt mein neues Video (Link in der Bio)
PS: „Alien: Covenant“ von @foxhomede ist ab dem 21. September als 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray und DVD im Handel zu erwerben.
#ad #aliencovenat #AlienFilme #RidleyScott #AlienFranchise #20centuryfox

Alien corner 👽👽 #alienfranchise #alien #ridleyscott

rewatched all of the alien movies and then watched alien covenant so here are my fav ladiez
#alienfranchise #prometheus #aliencovenant

Shot this amazing digital short, THE HYBRID with @percyleon and @foxdigitalstudio on the original @alienanthology set at #YoutubeSpaceLA!!!! I played the hybrid... a continuation/mutation of David... if you are a fan of the #Alien franchise, you'll definitely dig this premise!! Coming soon!!!

Alien: Covenant
Review: The sequel to the prequel of the Alien franchise. I'm glad Scott took over the Alien series and left Blade Runner to Villeneuve. I personally think that'll give future Alien movies a consistent tone and contained storyline.
There are numerous reasons why Covenant is an upgrade from Prometheus but one in particular is giving an actual purpose for Alien prequels. The entire franchise now rests on one question and a theme of "Where do we come from?"
I was surprised with the little amount of action there actually was. But the action was replaced with graphic and gory violence that did at times feel over-the-top, but it really set a dark tone. Where Prometheus lacked the feeling an actual 'Alien' movie, Ridley Scott stepped up his game in Covenant utilizing CGI and violence while going back to how the original Alien films felt like.
With the first act being very slow, I did wish specific characters were developed more to use that runtime a bit better. But once the plot begins you're sucked into the movie till the very end. Easily the stand out was Michael Fassbender as David/Walter playing two characters. He made each one unique, yet similar at the same time was riveting to watch on screen particularly in flute scene. But I can see where his character is going and if done right, as it was in Covenant, I believe he'll be an even more of a dynamic and incredibly written character for the franchise.
Though I love the tone and where the next films are going, there are unfortunately quite a bit of clique story elements and choices that characters make that are quite dumb. While watching the movie I couldn't help but notice these, but stepping back and thinking about what the movie is and where it may be headed I was surprised with Covenant and I can't wait for the next ones!
Overall Review: 81% (B)


Throwback to summer when I was in Stockholm with my friend and we were in Science Fiction Bokhandeln, and there was this awesome Xenomorph!! 😍 I want to go back. Hopefully soon! #alien #xenomorph #xenomorphs #sciencefiction #scifi #alienfranchise #hrgiger #stockholm

Game over, man! GAME OVER!
Aliens Colonial Marines.
Is this game worth a shot, even for a hardcore Alien fan?
Let's find out! 👽👽👽
#alien #aliens #alienscolonialmarines #colonialmarines #gameoverman #xenomorph #aliendog #alienqueen #alienwarrior #facehugger #weyland #weylandyutanicorp #alienfranchise #alientrilogy #xbox #xbox360 #playstation #playstation3 #ps3 #sega #gearboxsoftware

Alien corner 👽👽 #alienfranchise #alien #ridleyscott

"You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility." Forever imitated but never matched, I present the original star-beast in Lego form. Flanked by warrant officer Ellen Ripley and Jones the cat. Lego Alien utilizes custom parts from @brickarms @brickwarriors @brickforge #inspacenoonecanhearyouscream

I just started my account and I want to start asking, Alien fandom where you at? 👽 I will follow back y'all, let's be friends! My best friend and mom are Alien franchise fans too and I would like to get to know more Alien fans 😊!! I will post a LOT of Alien stuff here 👍✌ #alien #alienfranchise #aliens #alien3 #alienresurrection #prometheus #aliencovenant #sigourneyweaver #ridleyscott #scifi #sciencefiction #xenomorph #hrgiger #movie #movies #film #films #moviefan #moviefans #scififan #sciencefictionmovies #sciencefictionmovie #ellenripley

As far as I️ see it the dust hasn’t settled on the @disneystudios/@20thcenturyfox purchase even though it has gone somewhat quiet. Quite frankly I️ think this possible buy will continue through the holiday season. Personally, and as I️ say to all my friends who will listen to me ramble on about it, @20thcenturyfox should walk away from the proposed purchase. I️ love the @disneystudios brand, always have always will, but this move by @disneystudios is very limited in realization and potential as @disneystudios is only really motivated in the remaining @marvel properties that @20thcenturyfox still holds onto including #xmen, #deadpool, #fantasticfour and a few others that will gain more traction in due time, #xforce for@example. Sure @disneystudios would love to get their hands onto #avatar given they now have the wonderful, and impressive #pandoralandofavatar at @disneysanimalkingdom but beyond that @disneystudios hardly has any interest in the treasures (better said intellectual properties) @@20thcenturyfox has in its vast library. Such properties including #planetoftheapes, #alienfranchise #predatorfranchise, #diehardfranchise, #kingsmanfranchise or even future #simpsons sequels or even a #familyguy movie. Collectively these franchises and cinematic properties have far greater potential and marketability but clearly @disneystudios has its minds on something else (@marvel) which sad to say will run its course in due time. If they, @disneystudios, were to examine on such rebooted franchise, #planetoftheapes, they’d see the limitless potential of a 50 year old franchise and what is can do with the right talent behind it. Unfortunately these @marvel have a shelf life and can only really be retold/rebooted/remade so many times before they loose their luster and excitement...the continuous #spiderman rehashes, while fun and entertaining, aren’t really all that unique and seem to be playing off the same old tricks we’ve seen before. I️ for one support @disneystudios in their endeavors but the purchase of @20thcenturyfox will be a tad wasted given @disneystudios is only really chasing @marvel. 🎬🎥📽🎞🎟🍿

Still chuffed over my hoodie 👽 #alienfranchise #ridleyscott #hoodie #horror

My idea of a perfect Sunday 😊🐈👽 #catsofinstagram #lazysunday #alien #ridleyscott #alienfranchise

"I admire it's purity"

Actually can never get past the Alien hype. It's got all the spooky vibes mixed with moody teal lighting that a girl like me could ask for.

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