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Just 5 more hours before i gotta go home and get yelled at by this guy and his mom 😂😭
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Ariana posted these 6 years ago today (19th July 2012) with the caption “Early call times #booo #pouty #hi ❤️” and “#throwbackthursday LOL #alienbaby #icomeinpeace @frankiejgrande

Let me tell you about my friend Shianne. She’s a hard worker. She’s supportive and makes a positive impact on every person she encounters. When you see her at work, you’ll find her as busy as a beaver, and singing! She has an incredible singing voice, and she plays guitar, too! Oh, and she has a cyst the size of a watermelon on one of her ovaries.
The pain from which landed her in the ER recently. That’s how she found out about it. She’d just been living with the pain and discomfort (and weird round abdomen that wouldn’t shrink, no matter how many crunches we did - did I mention she’s also my workout buddy?). When last measured, the dermoid cyst growing in her body was 11” x 16”. It’s clear it needs to be surgically removed, and obviously, the sooner the better. BUT… she doesn’t have medical insurance. It’s just not an expense she can afford. She makes just too much to qualify for “state benefits” but just little enough to be exempt from the tax penalty of not having medical coverage. See what happened there? She’s in that middle ground, where she just doesn’t get to have medical insurance. AND Peace-Health SW, our nearest local hospital, won’t consider the surgery without payment in advance. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have $30k laying around anywhere...
When I told her I wanted to start a fundraiser, she worried that it would be too much of a burden on me.
This woman is too good-hearted and selfless!
So, here are the $$$ details…
Current balance w/ Vanc. Clinic: $605.70
Current balance from ER visit: $5,824.49
Projected surgery costs: PeaceHealth: $24,823.50 (just for surgery -not hospital stay, anesthesiologist, or extra costs) Dr. Masarie (Vanc. Clinic): $3,000 (Who, by the way, is fantastic!)
Total: $34,253.69
If you could find it in your heart (or your wallet) to help a total stranger, who’s also a total do-gooder… please do. And if you cannot help financially, please share, so maybe someone else can. Thanks for even taking the time to read this.

I think there’s a link in my bio- 😬
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Miss Chloe is making it a little difficult to work this morning #alienbaby 👽👶🏻

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I cut my fringe too short but I’m ok with the lewk. #alienbaby

Got a new bathing suit and didnt want to cry ✌😁
Didn't get any good photos of said bathing suit but heres me after feeling fly as fuck 🤣

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Life guard on duty 😎 * for the kiddy pool *

Proud pop of the Mochi 👽
___ When he came from space, I opened my arms 📷@latoyahawthorne

Storytime flashbacks continue! So after 5 years of living on maui and 7 years of marriage Mark and sheryl made a little alien who took immediate curiosity for the arts and anything that had leaves and blew in the wind. Prevalent hobbies that indicated she may take interest in plant medicine were eating dirt and sand between crackers and eating all the neighborhood flowers....even the poisonous ones. She crawled miles worth harvesting gotu kola under the shade structure up until her early teens. Bristol became academically focused and devoted to her arts. Bristol pursued an initial career in graphic design in Australia and New Zealand and has made way back home to be devoted to her passions, music, arts, friends/family, plants and study the healing arts. More to come on the family that grew Maui Medicinal Herbs.
Sale running until the end of July, see link in bio.
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A blood orange and a lemon had a baby here, with beautiful blueberry eyes! It’s rhubarb pink hair smells like peaches and apricot flowers. It’s skin is beet red, bordering on blood,and it barely weighs more than a carton of cranberries. Although...Now that I’ve had time to babysit this little urchin, I realize its deceptive quality. There is a tea-like depth to this one, with shimmering ginseng, rhubarb concentrate, black lime and bitter cherry, cassis and black currant.
Its soul is shadowy, but its intentions innocent enough. Crawl with it through the brambly-wood, discover the black leaves of autumn’s demise where stark trees posture gruesomely.
Laugh, and discover the handful of black pomegranate arils and the promise of eternity. #beer #toøl #mrblue #reservoirdogs #blueberry #alienbaby #fruitbomb #saison #weird #rye #saisonstyle @delectable

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