Day 74: I woke up relatively early, around 7am, and began breaking down camp, collecting quite a few mosquito bites in the process. I hit the water around 8:15am, with beautiful blue skies above. I quickly came to a realization, the presence of the barges was nearly over, with the waterway being primarily dominated by ships from here on out. A couple hours into the paddle a decent storm passed just north of me, bringing with it some daylong cloud cover. I could hear fighter jets taking off at the nearby Air Force base, but was unable to see any of them unfortunately /: it began to drizzle (which turned out to be on and off until I stopped paddling for the day), just as I was pulling up to the shore for a quick stop. I had searched the canal previously and this location proved to be just about the most accessible gas station / last water stop until the end. Well I decided to stop up river from it a ways, where I had an easier access to the road, as opposed to downstream where I would've had to hike it through 1/4-1/2 mile of dense swamps and jungle. About halfway into my 2 mile walk a cop pulled over beside me, offering to give me a lift! I gratefully accepted and hopped in the back. Once we got there, I foolishly tried to hop on out, pulling the inside handle of the car door in the back repeatedly. Only when I went to unlatch the lock and saw there was none did I realize - no crap you can't open a cop car door from the inside of the back (it was my first time in the back of a cop car..). He let me out and I went and grabbed a chocolate milk and a last gallon of water! He had nothing going on so gave me a lift back to the nearest street by my kayak, on which we introduced ourselves. Bubba was a super friendly cop, and when we hopped out he asked if I wouldn't mind if he said a quick prayer over me! Of course I don't mind, I'll take any sort of good wishes I can get! It was very genuine and from the heart, and I really appreciated the gesture. We wished each other safety and said goodbye. Back on the water the rain picked up again, with some light thunder rolling overhead. I continued on for another hour or so until I passed a promising looking swamp area. I...

thank you sa gumawa nito ILY. :)) #AliaNic

New shirt that my boi @grumpi89 bought me ... Thanx bro !! #nike #alianic #sickkk

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