I want to say a huge thank you for all the love I received on my last post! I was super nervous about being so open but you guys are just so lovely I was completely overwhelmed 😭 I just want you to know how much your support means to me ❤️ thank you from the bottom of my heart!
📷: @alucard_photography 🎨: @fafnirswind

Just taking a break from C.Viper for a bit, here are some more shots from my Mutated Alex Wesker shoot that I did with @alucard_photography last year.
A lot of the time in cosplay there’s this overwhelming focus on looking “pretty” at all times, which can be difficult to live up to especially when you’ve grown up lacking self-esteem and confidence. This cosplay was actually my first step towards trying to move past that, as although it may not look that different from regular Alex or be much when compared to other SFX work out there, in terms of my own personal forays into prop work, mustering up the confidence to show that much of my body and show facial expressions that were more than just “pretty”, it really was a huge achievement for me. Getting a chance to pose and behave in a way that was more “monstrous” was SO incredibly freeing for me, and although I probably have better shots, better costumes and better work to come, this shoot will always mean the most to me, especially because I got to spend it with the always wonderful @lost_in_nightmares_cosplay and talented @alucard_photography!
Thanks for reading my rant guys, hope that last shot won’t give you nightmares! 😂😝
(Mutated Alex Concept by @fafnirswind)
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My Alex Wesker cosplay.
The last picture from the set and my absolute favourite shot.
Photograph by Riddle Photography on Facebook.
Edited by me.

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Let's have a few silly photos of my Alex wesker and @danyonhawcroftmorris Albert wesker
Featuring our photographers from the day: @robert.collinson @goldbespokephotography
Photos by @jonese783
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