In loving memory to the people who died on July 18
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Happy Birthday Patrick Wayne! #patrickwayne #matthouston #alexrocco #michaelswan

"I should have known better than to trust a cop. My own God-damned mother could have told me that"
"Everyone oughta listen to his mother"
- Dialogue between gunrunner Eddie Coyle (Robert Mitchum) and ATF agent Dave Foley (Richard Jordan) from the film, "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" (1973)
In one of the best performances of his legendary career, Robert Mitchum plays Eddie Coyle (a.k.a. "Eddie Fingers") who works as a delivery truck driver for a bakery, in Boston, but he also supplies guns for local members of a crime organization who uses the guns for broad daylight bank heists. Eddie is also facing prison time a truck hijacking set up by someone within the organization, so with help of ATF agent Dave Foley (Richard Jordan), Eddie agrees to become an informant for Foley, in hoping that he can avoid prison. Eddie supplies info on Jackie Brown (Steven Keats) a gunrunner who supplies Eddie his guns, as Jackie is to supply some of his other customers some machine guns. Acting on this tip from Eddie, Foley and his team arrest Jackie, but it's not enough to grant leniency for Eddie. Foley and his superiors want more, and the only play Eddie has left is to inform on the people he works for - His "friends"
Directed by Peter Yates ("Bullitt"), "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" is an underrated and outstanding crime-drama/character study that's tough, gritty, uncompromising on the fragility of loyalty and fascinating in how information is traded in seeing how criminals and law enforcement strangely need each other. It's also a gripping look at the desperation of one aging man's attempt to save himself, knowing that his time is running short, yet wanting to live with the time he has left with dignity, even though the criminal path he took to get to this point wasn't dignified. What happens to him in his final moments (especially after a Boston Bruins hockey game) is cold, calculating, and poignant
In the film, "Goodfellas", Jimmy Conway (Robert DeNiro) tells a young Henry Hill, "Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut". With "friends" like these....Well, you know the rest☺ #thefriendsofeddiecoyle #film #movie #1973 #1970smovies #tbt #onthisdate #drama

My bedtime movie tonight is the #Horror film #DontSleep (2017). Not heard anything about this film but I imagine it’s a #Supernatural movie of sorts. What caught my eye about the film is that the cast is actually pretty solid. We have #CaryElwes from #SAW and #Twister, we also have the great #DreaDeMatteo who was in the amazing #SonsOfAnarchy and #TheSopranos and #AlexRocco and #JillHennessey are here in small roles. Hope this at least surprises me on some level. Anyone seen it yet? Thoughts? #Movies #NowWatching #Horror #Suspense #Dreams #Supernatural

Friends of Eddie Coyle...An arms runner facing jail time has no choice but to rat out on his associates. But, is he aware of the price he'll have to pay for that freedom?

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It's interesting to me that films like Return to Horror High (1987) aren't talked about more. Or at the very least, I'm surprised that I never really gave it a shot before now. For those who don't know, this movie is a horror-comedy, and very much owed credit from Scream and Scary Movie.

The story is confusing at times, with flashbacks, red herrings, and such, but it never ceases to be fun or outright funny. There's so many actors that some would recognise - George Clooney, Alex Rocco, Maureen McCormick (who's great in this, by the way), and loads more.

The gore is actually pretty damn good and there are scenes that made us jump. But the things that have stuck with me are the comic areas - VERY reminiscent of Scream at times, and sometimes a bit closer to Scary Movie. @88_films has put out a lovely blu ray with a nice transfer and a reversible cover - a nice touch, but the extras are a bit lacking. Still, I'm so very glad I gave this a shot and even more chuffed to own it!

Hey, remember that weird thing that happened to us all at one point or another we might have chalked up to the paranormal? Did yours involve three ghosts that tag teamed you nightly? Barbara Hershey did in the early 80’s psychosexual-paranormal-holy-shit-did-you-see-that-last-night-on-HBO flick "The Entity"?! Joe and Neal strap on their Ghostbusters packs (loaded with plenty of ectoplasmic spermicide) and get to breaking down just what happened. Be sure and listen to the very end of the podcast as we believe we have captured actual paranormal activity. Ghhhhhoooossssttttt diddlerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. #theentity #barbarahershey #ronsilver #alexrocco #sidneyjfurie #frankdefelitta #dorisbither

I was in a creature feature kinda mood lately so I watched three "classics" of snake cinema last week. Starting with 'Stanley', the story of a Vietnam vet who uses his pet snakes to get revenge on society. In the first half I'd say 'Stanley' is a pretty solid exploitation picture, but it loses me in the middle. If you try to villainize people in your movie for killing snakes by actually killing the snakes for real on camera, you're just an asshole. It gets better with the 1976 movie 'Rattlers' which I actually quite like. This one ALSO starts out decent and goes batshit in the last act but I think it's a fun movie. I especially like the memorable silly scene where a lady gets attacked by rattle snakes in her bath tub. The film also seems to have a bit of a hilarious feminist agenda. Last but not least there was 'Mamba' - probably the best film of the three. This is a pretty intense little Italian thriller that mostly takes place in one location and has nice performances by Gregg Henry, Trudie Styler and a bit of Bill Moseley. #Stanley #Rattlers #Mamba #WilliamGrefé #ChrisRobinson #AlexRocco #SteveAlaimo #JohnMcCauley #SamChewJr #DanPriest #DarwinJoston #MarioOrfini #TrudieStyler #GreggHenry #BillMoseley #CrownInternational #70scinema #exploitation #grindhouse #creaturefeatures #Snakes #rattlesnakes #80shorror #70shorror #horrorfan #cultmovies #cinephile #filmbuff

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