I never knew we would come this far neither did I ever thought I was gonna love you this much. You are just everything a woman could ever wish for in a man. When I look into those cute eyes of yours I see my future in them. Baby thanks for always being there for me, thanks for loving me, no one has ever shown me love the way you do. Thanks for everything....I love you. My Ride or die boo, can't trade you for an American visa. #throwbackthursday #feelingloved❤️ #feelingthankful #Loveaboveall #Alexishisname #furiouslex @furiouslex

"Do you have to get ready for work, really? It's #caturday morning! Go back to sleep lady!" #alexishisname #catudaymorning

Saw a post that it was #TattooTuesday today so it gave me motivation to take a pic of this for @piecescalligraphy that I have been meaning to for so loooong! So here it is @piecescalligraphy your very first tattoo design!!! 🎉 Thanks @hungryhearttattoos 👊🏼 you are amazing!!! 🙌🏼

He doesn't know the meaning of "personal space"! All in my face this morning! And he got mad when I moved him! That's my boy! #kitty #handsomeboy #ilovemycat #alexishisname

Hallelujah!!! I have found it. #maverikknows #rebeccaismyname #alexishisname #shareacoke

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