‘Good vibes this way’. A fun mural where I had most of the design direction and painting assistance from under 16s. 📷 @digitalanthill

Excited to see this roof on the drone shots during @theadventuretaxi year long trip from BC to Patagonia.

I think we did alright for 2 days work @jessagilbert. Best of luck to @theadventuretaxi crew! ✌🏻

It was a let’s paint an RV kind of weekend with @jessagilbert 🙌🏻

The funny thing about wrapping the main signage around the corner was that it turned ‘Wildlife Thrift Store’ into ‘Wild Thrift Life Store’. Which we thought was pretty cool, especially when you can pretty much get everything you need from here.

So many awesome photos from this project make it so hard to pick! More to come from this mega project in downtown #Vancouver

📷 @digitalanthill

Our Youth Mural Project is underway over at the Squamish Youth Centre! We could not be more excited to see the outcome!! Stay tuned 😃

Largest exterior painting yet, 4 separate type spots on one building in downtown Vancouver!

Really excited to share the photos and edit from this project!

Photo @digitalanthill

Last post on this project! The full wall! Make your words matter, painting these 2.6m letters was a lot of fun.

Check my story (soon to be highlighted) for the timelapse!

My main right hand man in this @joshjmonk did an awesome job as usual. Awesome tilt shift lens skills on the camera from @joewheatley 🙌🏻

Fun little half wall for @text100uk really enjoyed watching this wall come to life! Photos @joewheatley

More snippets from the @text100uk project. Tallest letters I’ve ever painted, measuring in at 2.6m 📏

Working on a 12m wall in a long skinny office meant the client was keen for the type to be quite abstract. Viewing it from certain places in the office meant it would heavily cropped and hardly recognisable as a word. Becoming more like typographic decoration than a preachy or cliché quote or message 🙏 sidekick @joshjmonk

Designed a type mural for @what3words recently. Painted perfectly by the man himself @joshjmonk. Great client, looking forward to seeing this on tees soon!👕

Sandblasting is not a technique I was that familiar with, I haven’t really seen it (or perhaps noticed it) much in the U.K. before. Glad i got to play with it alongside the @seatoskysigncompany this week. •
Check my story for the full process!

Excited to share more from a recent project for @text100uk soon. Big thanks to @joshjmonk for being the right hand man and @lisa_made_it for coming to lend a hand. Really happy with how this one came out 📐

Love how this sign painting box came out. Will be coming with me on every job now 🤓 @seatoskysigncompany

B O O K C L U B // The first of our favourite design & marketing books is Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms. Author Alex Fowkes has created typographic work for huge brands, including Sony and Fila. What we love about the book is that it’s split into two sections: the first half profiles a number of type designers, providing lots of inspiration and swoon-worthy typography. The second half is more of a workbook, encouraging you to get started creating your own typography designs. Whilst the digitalisation and advancement of the design industry certainly brings benefits - timesaving software, amazing stock typefaces, the ability to sketch straight on screen - this book reminds us to step away from our macs and create something wonderful from scratch, by hand, full of personality. #drawingtype #alexfowkes #handdrawntype #typography #typedesigners #typographyinspiration #typographylove #typographydesign #handcrafted #handdrawn #backtobasics #bookclub #bookstagram #favouritebooks

Some of the parts from this fun little piece. Shouldn’t be too hard to guess what it is?

Painted an outline with #oneshotpaint and @ashandover brushes on the laser engraved R. Swipe for the process video!

Stoked with the depth on this test, really want to create something large scale with this technique. Created with @seatoskysigncompany

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