Here is our 6th Mirrorless Motivation Episode! 📺

Putting prices online for service-based businesses hasn't always been a common practice... especially for photography & videography companies. We think it's really important in 2018 for businesses to put their prices online. It builds trust & legitimacy. 💪🏼

“I'm a filmmaker first and foremost, and my time is best spent creating videos & art for our clients. And that's what I love." - @alexanderjaytv 🎥

P.S. We even updated our video packages page on our website to show our SUMMER SALE prices: https://www.mirrorlessprod.com/video-packages.html


Our team has been growing, and so has our vision. We’re creating a lot more videos for businesses & brands here in Wisconsin. We wanted our website to reflect that, but also be a place for you to see our personality and hear our story.

Head to www.mirrorlessprod.com to check it out! It would mean the world to us. 🙏🏼

The new Mirrorless website is live!

This is everything that the @mirrorlessprod team has grown into, and a true representation of us — all in one place. This is a bunch of creatives, pushing through to make our dreams a reality. And this is us taking our art to help other businesses tell their story. 🙏🏼

We would love to hear feedback from you. What do you like? How does this look on your phone? Anything you learned about us that you didn’t know?!

P.S. Link in bio! If you screenshot & DM me (or Mirrorless) any page of the site, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a FREE MirrorlessProd tee. We’ll choose two winners on Friday!

Our brand new website is live! 🎥

We're proud to say we designed this ourselves. We knew we had all the content — we just needed to dive deeper into ourselves, our message, and get bold! This site reflects our creative journey, and the stories we get to tell for our clients here in the Fox Valley. 🙏🏼

We would love to hear feedback from you. What do you like? How does this look on your phone? Anything you learned about us that you didn’t know?!

P.S. The link is in our bio. If you screenshot & DM us any page of the site, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Mirrorless tee. We’ll choose two winners on Friday! 👊🏼

We’re 2 days away from launching the new @mirrorlessprod website! 🖥

This’ll be the number one spot for all that we do. And we’re about to get very BOLD. 👊🏼

Tune in on Monday, May 21st!

P.S. This is just the teaser to the official promo video dropping next week. 📽

Over the last month, I’ve poured everything I’ve had into building the new @mirrorlessprod website.

There was so much trial & error, and it took way longer than I ever could’ve imagined. But it was so WORTH IT!

I realized, I wasn’t just designing a site, I was soul searching, too... Diving deep into what Mirrorless has grown into & bringing it all together. I’m so proud of the how our story & message went from paper to the web. So many things came full circle.

We’re releasing it on Monday, and I can’t wait to get your feedback! 🙏🏼

I guess you could say we like to stand out. 😉

We love our new new standing desk converter from @fully_us! After many years of video editing while sitting, it took some getting used to, but now it feels just right. It’s been really nice building the website on this, too.

Pro Tip: they actually say it’s healthiest to have a mix of standing & sitting throughout your work day so try to change it up! 🙌🏼

Hands down, our favorite video still from our latest #MirrorlessMotivation episode! We just love the sheriff suv & old school building in the back. Kind of looks like a crime drama. 😉

Here is an excerpt from our 4th Mirrorless Motivation Episode! 📺

We had a ton of unreleased footage from running the #Oshkosh Marathon last year with @belvillechiro. It felt like a good time to throw it back. 🏃🏻‍♂️

Our health is in our hands, and it’s so important to take time to workout & do fun stuff like this. As an entrepreneur, I can easily put it on the back burner at times... I try to remember I can’t do much without exercise & healthy habits. But the older I get, the better I do. -Alex •
Full vid in bio. Directed by @alexanderjaytv. 📽 Shot by @scottydashot. 🎥 Edited by Greg & Alex. 🎞

We have been deep into building our new Mirrorless website lately... it’s been a little bit of soul searching, hard work, rebranding, and whole lot of content all mixed into one. You bet this BTS photo will be featured in a special spot on the homepage. We cannot wait to unveil this site to you guys! Just a few more weeks. 🙏🏼

We always joke that we feel like we work for the government when we show up to a film gig with this bad boy! Or maybe we’re just getting prepared to film our crime drama short. •
All jokes aside, this is our favorite piece of film gear besides the camera itself. @atomos_news not only makes awesome products, they have amazing customer support as well.

We could film in historic buildings all day & never get bored. There’s just this sense of art & culture in the air. And we know so many stories & memories lie in these walls. 🙏🏼

We started Mirrorless Motivation to inspire others, but the truth is we’ve come to realize we use the videos to inspire ourselves, too. 📺

Most days we have that DRIVE, but after 12+ hours day in & day out of filming & editing, we can have those moments where we’re tired and feel like we just don’t have it. We do. And so do YOU! Just maybe not in that moment. That’s why it’s so important to take care of ourselves & our health as well. •
Next Monday, we’re releasing Episode 4 & shifting from personal branding to healthy living for Entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow’s a new day. Keep your foot on the gas! #MirrorlessMotivation⛽️

Despite all the rain, snow & sleet over the last week, we’ve actually had the most shoots (in one week’s time) since last fall when the weather was nicer. 💪🏼

Here’s an awesome #BTS shot of us filming at @the_howard_oshkosh on Friday. We were capturing a clip of the downtown @oshkoshymca through the window. This excites us!

We have some pretty awesome clients and we’re so stoked to capture so many good happenings in Oshkosh! 🙏🏼

“Social media can be a positive thing. It’s all about working towards finding your voice and the way you talk about what it is that you do or your company or yourself or your family. Find that and then put it online & be positive. People will see your true self.” -Alex Belville •
Positivity & authenticity are huge! Love this excerpt from our latest Mirrorless Motivation episode! 📺

Full vid in bio. Music by @tomcasino AKA Broke For Free. 🎶 Directed by @alexanderjaytv. 📽 Shot & edited by Alex & @scottydashot. 🎬


We have a very cool new volunteer helping us out! •
Meet Dalton! He goes to Oshkosh North High School, and has many interests with film & music. He asked to volunteer for his leadership class and we couldn't say no. He loves wearing red pants, and we think he fits in pretty well already. •
Excited to have him shoot some BTS footage on a few client shoots this week. Ooo, and he turns 18 on Thursday!

“Don’t lose that drive!”


It’s pretty sweet when we get to capture an entrepreneurial event, but learn from it at the same time! @steve_utech of @illumyx had a lot of insight. •
You can also see some #bts of the event in our new Mirrorless Motivation Video! #LinkInBio

Here is an excerpt from our 3rd Mirrorless Motivation Episode! 📺

Facebook has always been our number 1 platform, but we’ve really fallen in love with @instagram over the last 6 months! We have a lot to say in this episode & it’s a branch off of Ep. 2. We dive deeper into personal branding, social media, and give you 5 Huge Tips to help you build your brand! •
Find which platform works best for you & start sharing your journey! Just don’t be afraid to test things along the way. 😎

Full vid in bio. Music by @tomcasino AKA Broke For Free. 🎶 Directed by @alexanderjaytv. 📽 Shot & edited by Alex & @scottydashot. 🎬


We had a blast capturing the @kinnektor #workshop at @riseandgrindwi this past Thursday! So many inspiring entrepreneurs in one room. •
P.S. you can catch some #bts of the event & us shooting it in our new Mirrorless Motivation episode. #LinkInBio

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