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Dr. Papa mjeku im i besuar 🌸@diva_kirurgji_estetike. 🌸
Pas trajtimit me laser Alexandrite (fjala e fundit e teknologjise), qe eshte MUST per te patur nje lekure te lemuar si bebe ne kohe rekord. ✌🏻✌🏻#alexandrite #hair #removal #thebest

First day of spring break and I got the flu 😞😷 at least I can do my favorite thing, sleeping 😌 😴

For all of you Alexandrite lovers out there - how about this 7 carat Brazilian emerald-cut ring? An alex this large is extremely rare and a true treasure of nature. #OhmyOMI #omiprive #alexandrite #beplatinum #ringsofinstagram

📷//the-marquis on tumblr


Brandberg Amethyst points have been added to www.ChicagoGemShop.com

All credits go to @wolfmanssun_wraps - "Sonic blast2"
Looking for a lovely home. 25% off all inventory in the shop with code "Love17" check the link in bio or etsy.com/shop/wolfmanssun
Thanks for all the love and support everyone.
We share so that others can find, and enjoy wonderful creations. We believe in creating a community that fuels, and supports each other. Please contact the artist to inquire about artwork.

so I found out today in school that im going to be taking an art class next year, and I'm really excited. I just really hope it's not bullshitted and we actually learn art, possibly like figure drawing {artist: @serafleur.art }

okay ik this looks like trash and i havent been on here butt i have been having some issues at school so enjoy this for now

Buongiorno. Learning more about hybrid laser systems by Quanta System. Quanta has more than 30 years experience in laser development recently started to produce their own brand... interesting topic to start the day. .
#laser #medicalaesthetics #qswitch #technology #quantasystem #hybrid #ndyag #alexandrite #rubylaser #dermatology #newtech #buongiorno #thursday #delta #italiantechnology

i honestly feel like shit recently, how are you?

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