With the start of a new school year, how prepared do you really feel? .
Phoenix Tree Evolution is offering support to YOU and your adolescents.
Reach out today for a free consultation. Let's make it a positive school year!
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My deepest and most sincere wish for you all: Embrace your storms and every piece of your pain and love your darkness as you love your light. The moment we hold ourselves responsible for the creation of our problems is the moment that freedom and the choice to create a solution to change your problems lands in your lap 💡🧠💨🌪⚡️💛 #acceptance #growth #pain #ownership #accountability #transform #alchemize #selflove #unconditionallove #everychallengeisanopportunity

We are Magicians
In Remission!

Don’t believe
The foolishness
They’ve been pushin’

We are created
Through the eyes
Of the ultimate

Find that spark inside
That knows deep down
That you are Divine!
#originalpoetry #divinity #openyoureyes #realise #alchemize #magician #magic 🍒

Opening up, we have the 4 of #Pentacles. This #card is associated with material stability and possessiveness of money gained. This card speaks loudly to me of being closed off and blocking/guarding yourself- note that though he has his pentacles, he is blocking his #heart, his crown #chakra, and he is not *truly* grounded; yes- his feet are on the ground but they are not connecting with it- they’re connection with more pentacles. The energy is stagnant, stubborn, and stingy. •The next card that presented itself was the 6 of #Cups. This card denotes childhood memories, reunion, and nostalgia. This card to me is all about the past- a sense of longing. Couple this with the first card and a pattern begins to emerge. This energy interplay between these two cards is avoidance: not dealing with #emotions that may linger from the past. You may be keeping yourself guarded and closed off due to a past hurt or wrong doing, or you may be so involved with your money/possessions that you allow them to block off this clearing away of the old past emotions in a #subconscious ( or conscious ) attempt to forgo pain and reminders of that pain. Self distraction. •The third and final card for today’s #message is an oracle card that reads “ Improving Health “ . Take note of the Cup over her heart. This is a call to heal. Now is the time.You cannot avoid the past- no matter how much wealth you possess. You’re blocking yourself off emotionally and mentally to what you know you must face. Ultimately, what you own and what you attempt to do to block off those past feelings becomes a burden. You can busy yourself with your work, your money- but you’re fooling yourself if you think you can hide from what must be healed- it doesn’t matter if you want to see it or not.•I’m all for moving forward in life and being #positive but I also understand that real healing cannot take place by avoiding the past that haunts you. When you confront those feelings and thoughts that you’re blocking out, you can #transform them and thus transform yourself and #heal truly. It’s time to stop hiding from the emotions and thoughts from/about your past that are weighing you down. #Alchemize your past. 🌹

Golden kale chips😋✨ Everyone at the farm loved them! If you're interested in the recipe, here it is! Recipe: 2 huge bunches of kale (de-stemmed), fresh lemon juice, splash of coconut aminos, 1T coconut oil, turmeric, curry powder, pink Himalayan sea salt, and fresh ground black pepper 🌿 and you can get creative and experiment with different herbs and spices as well! It's all up to you!☺️ #vegan #kale #Ayurveda #plantbased #befree #yestani #breathe #alchemize #love #smile #kalechips #journey

Just in case you forgot

amidst eclipses and retrogrades . . 🖤
#dropthearmor #shadow #shadowWork #alchemy #wearehuman #evolution #resolution #alchemize
#regrann @the_invisible_realm - “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - CG Jung. Neptune’s Wrath #tb to of my fav collaborations with @carlovega ✊🏻⚡️#collage #animation #carljung #poseidon #anunnaki #theinvisiblerealm

Witchy Tip! White sage is my go-to tool anytime I am feeling any negativity (my own or someone else's) and need to clear any bad juju away. But if I am still feeling the bad vibes in the air, I'll cut open a number of lemons 🍋🍋🍋🍋 and place the lemon halves in bowls in the corners of my home - leaving them to absorb the crap for me while I go along my day
I'll do the same with bowls of sea salt water - leave those around my home to collect any negativity over a day or few day period. Once I feel the work is done & the negativity is gone, I flush the salt water down the toilet, symbolic of flushing away any bad vibes, and discard the lemon halves outside my home (you definately don't want to keep them, let alone consume them after they've done their work)
You can also roll a whole lemon over your body to collect any negative energy from your physical body and aura, and/or sleep with one in your hand for the same reasons
Happy Cleansing! Olivia xoxo💛🍋💛🍋💛🍋💛
#2MysticMoons 🌛🌕🌜

will not survive
the rise
of your
will dissolve
the dense
between seductions of
prideful vengeance.
the one who lurks
in the shadows —
to stay alive...
speaking false ideas
of who you are
inside —
afraid to leave
the comfort
of comparison
and lack
the frequency is rising
and there’s no turning back.
passing through the portal
with the breath
softening and listening
preparing for the death.
— shape shifting
#poetry #micaelauren #spokenword #growth #shapeshifting #writeitout #inspired #healing #rise #alchemize

Our magical hearts, the source from where our precious life comes from 🕷🎶
I see how we are all so similar –
How loneliness and trauma happen to us
However it manages –
How our individual perspectives
And experiences
Manifest particular disadvantages –
We all want to believe that
Everything will work out –
We want to be comforted while
We remain nestled neatly
Within our fears and our doubts –
We want to yell out –
To scream and to shout –
That this is not okay –
We are not alright –
That the injustices are evident –
We are being harmed
The earth is dying –
Too many go unheard –
Too many have sold their souls
To salvage some synthetic version of sanity
Encapsulated within an identity –
Within a system –
Within outdated programming
Running rampant –
Our pinned dreams
Upon the stars have ceased to cling -
They are falling
Precipitating as poison
Catalyzing dissonance and dissatisfaction
Potent plagues which rot
Upon the womb of hope
Isolating us from one another
Within a darkness
We fumble within – Forgetting –
That every woman is my sister –
That every man – They are your brother –
How evolution has refined
The entire human design
Throughout eons of time having relied on
One single device – The mistake –
An excerpt from my poem 'Pinned Up' written July 5th. This piece is an expression of the fundamental connection we all share with one another as human beings. Despite how uniquely our personality and means of expressions renders upon the canvas of our lives, we all have dreams and we share the exact same needs. I wish for us all to remember how alike we all are, instead of how different. Make today magic 🦋
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The remains of two old Rose of Sharon. #ashestoashes #dusttodust #purify #alchemize #sacred

seeing what happens....while I make some jewelry...
#initiate #seeker #learn #grow #build #manifest #alchemize

Today was a wild ride filled with tears of pain and gratitude!
So much anger has come up during this celestial cosmic portal and gateway. #lionsgateportal
I am honoring my sacred self in the present moment, as I had to reach deep within to receive the support I desire to create within my life. Every night I prayed for help and my intuitive colleagues heard my prayers.

The relationships I have desired to have in my life showed up for me today without a “physical” request as they have attuned to my energy and could feel my need for support.
#thatsrealmagic #miracles

Relationships such as these are accredited to them, what they stand for and our collective journey as intuitive professionals within #intuitivebusiness and #consciousbusiness environments.
Business as a spiritual practice takes on a whole new level of expansion today as it allows us to intuitively support one another and come together where original childhood environments (with purposeful intention) were not able to afford us.

This feeling, this experience, is why I have chosen this path and why I will not give up in my pursuit for greater evolved human experiences for all life on this planet and collective consciousness.
This shift has been the most challenging and uncomfortable space I’ve ever had to move through. To have it transmuted, alchemized and transcended without having to physically die to only repeat the karmic pattern... is truly a soul mission!
My heart is filled with so much gratitude and waves of emotional release. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will be teaching this form of spiritual alchemy, that I have set out to master, in an online FREE private masterclass. Visit my website and click on classes.
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"As with any healing process, we must be patient and determined. The greatest tool you may utilize to discover the benefits waiting for you within Yoga Chikitsa is patience. Allow time for your practice to mature and the fruits will present themselves." -David Swenson 📽🎬: @alextollis
#setyourselfwild #alchemyyoga #alchemize

Happy Monday fam!
August Event dates are up on my IG Bio! Please check it out! Lots of essential oils, sacred sounds, yoga, and crystal healing experiences coming your way. .

Please join me for a special event collab with Emmy Melissa @yogi_ems33 this Wednesday, August 1st 7-8:30pm at the beautiful Zen Mind Space @zen.mind.space in Fort Lauderdale.
Mood Balancing Yoga Flow and Meditation✨Understanding and re-aligning your chakras can be a powerful tool for personal development and growth. During this experience, you will be guided through gentle yoga movements to help you release stress, anxiety, and negativity from your emotional, spiritual, and physical body. Following the yoga practice, you will be guided through a sensory chakra meditation accompanied by crystal sound bowls and Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils to support you in expanding your awareness to a state of serenity, love, and gratitude. .

ALL LEVELS are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat (extra mats available if needed). Space is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive at 6:45 pm. Class will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. .

Would love you see you there! Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

🗝🦋🌬 always bless the energy you choose to leave behind. wish it well. wish it its own freedom. it wants acknowledgement & it wants to be free. without blessing, your pain & suffering (much which is passed on & inherited through generations) will return like a magnet. it is there & it has remained in your lineage because it is looking for resolution. it wants to be seen, heard, forgiven & released. it does not wish to stay stuck or hold you back any longer. break the cycle. make peace.
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