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I LOVE the Albuquerque balloon fiesta 🎉
#albuquerqueballoonfiesta #balloonfiesta #albuquerquenewmexico

Believe in yourself, put the work in and you'll be amazed where life will take you #TeamTashan #AlbuquerqueNewMexico S/O to @therealmcmagic for bringing me out 🙏🏿🙏🏿

Wouldn't be here without the support of the loved ones! Feeling so blessed I could do something so I love so much. #musclemania #albuquerquenewmexico #teamexclusive

First photoshoot of 2016 and just in time before my 24th birthday🎈
Shot by: @thecomickidphotography 😎
Downtown #AlbuquerqueNewMexico

It's time to grow baby! Amazing time masterminding with these leaders tonight. AHHHHH!!! I'm excited to whats to come. #foundercircle here we come!!!! #gametime #albuquerquenewmexico #leadership


Love what you do!

#TastyTuesdaysABQ #yogalovers ❤️

Laying out my new track with some help.

Doula Amity gives baby E his first bottle. 💚
Forming special relationships with our clients is easy when we love what we do!

Been traveling since 4am. Got home from #albuquerquenewmexico from spreading @cnd love and I still made time to #mealplan and #mealprep! Gonna post a little different today. I have been getting a few inquiries about how I go about on my meal prepping. So here we go...Start with picking one day a week as your "plan and prep" day. Grocery shop on this day as well! Monday is the day I use. I start off with listing what we will eat and when for the week and then list out the grocery list which generally looks like this...
Breakfast egg muffin Tuesday & Thursday. Breakfast burrito Wednesday & Friday. Fruit and veggie protein smoothie Monday-Friday.
Chicken Adobo Tuesday & Thursday.
Lasagna Wednesday & Friday.
Thai Style Coconut Chicken Tuesday & Thursday. Stuffed Salmon with corn and Brussel sprouts Monday & Friday. •••••••••••••••
English muffins
Turkey sausage patties
Super greens
Chicken thighs
Protein lasagna pasta
Low fat ricotta
Low fat mozzarella
Grounded Italian turkey
Marinara sauce
Ginger root
Coconut milk
Snap pea pods
Red bell peppers
Crab meat
Brussel sprouts
Corn ••••••••••••••••••••
Nothing beats fresh but it usually everything still taste fine by Friday. I don't do the traditional meal prep where you buy things in bulk and make the same meal for the week. I usually make two servings of each recipe so we are only eating the same thing twice during the week. As for recipes I get them everywhere 😜 I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest and I like http://instagram.com/mealpreponfleek. We like to eat low fat low carb high protein meals so a lot of the recipes I usually have to modify. For Vietnamese recipes I like to use http://www.theravenouscouple.com and then I modify accordingly to our dietary needs. Also,I advise you to have a plethora of tupperware containers on hand, you are going to need them! If you want to go hog wild, I suggest buying tupperware of similar sizes/shapes so you can easily stack them in your fridge, making your meal prep more space efficient so your fridge doesn't become a war zone. Happy #mealprepmonday

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I miss killin the streets of Albuquerque & the southwest in my heavily modified Camaro SS RS #camarossrs #zl1 #zl1camaro #camaross #camaro #southwest #abq #newmexico #nm #burque #albuquerquenewmexico #dukecity #landofenchantment #newmexicotrue #highdesert #i❤️nm #505

Got some new stuff in the works!!

Hey ABQ friends, I hope to hug you tomorrow at the Hyder park (Nob Hill area), as I will be teaching Yoga at 6 pm. .🌲🌸🌮🎶🙏💪🍕🍦🌸🌲
Come with the whole family and friends to enjoy outdoors, live music, food trucks, local community and yoga.

@tastytuesdaysabq #TastyTuesdaysABQ

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