Medically speaking, #AlbinismIs a genetic condition which is caused by a lack of melanin (pigmentation) in the hair, skin, and eyes. Personally speaking, #AlbinismIs one of my greatest trademarks. •

Albinism isn’t just a condition, it’s apart of the life that I live and it’s still gonna be apart of me when I die. Albinism my style that I wear each and everyday. It’s my courage and strength. It’s my tenacity and humor. It’s my smile and joy. It’s my swag and poise. It’s my euphoria and vibe. It’s my mood and image. It’s my peace and tranquillity. It’s my destiny and purpose. It’s my destination and fulfillment. Albinism is me, and I am apart of albinism. What does it mean to you? #NoMelanin #AlbinismAwareness #Albinos #Albinism #Vibe #Joy #Peace #Like #Share #Repost #Tranquility #Swag #Everything #AlbinosRock #AlbinismRocks #LimitTheCondition

W salonie kwiatowym Tomaszewski "ładne kwiatki od pokoleń" można znaleźć takie cuda! Cacko iście kolekcjonerskie! Tutaj główną dekoracją są liście, akwiaty schodzą na drugi plan. W przypadku roślin, które mają takie liście (niemal pozbawione chlorofilu) należy bezwzględnie pamiętać, że nie mogą stać w bezpośrednio nasłonecznionym stanowisku inaczej liście zostaną poparzone i zniszczone.
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Такая же плюшевая, вкусная и сдобная булочка😊👼🏻Хочется занюхать, скушать, зацеловать, заобнимать💋💋💋 .

Немножко ленивая😊 вся в мать😁
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Fashion In Human Rights

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People With Albinism At High Risk For Skin Cancer

Albinism is a genetic disorder that makes affected individuals unable to produce melanin, the natural pigment that gives colour to hair, skin, and eyes, and protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation. Affected individuals have white or pink hair, skin, and irides¹. Since people with albinism do not have protective melanin, they need to take extra care of their skin in the sun. It’s recommended that they apply and reapply sunscreen with an SPF of 50+, UV-protective sunglasses, a hat, and UV-protective clothing when they go outdoors². People with the disorder are at a high risk of developing sunburn and skin cancer, and their eyes are often sensitive to both sunlight and artificial light². Without melanin, skin is more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage caused by UV radiation. Melanin acts like sunscreen by absorbing some UV radiation before skin cell DNA is damaged.
Tanning occurs when skin cells sense danger from UV radiation, and redistribute melanin in an attempt to protect against future damage. Thus, individuals with the disorder are not able to tan.

There are different types of the disorder, but oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is the most severe¹. Individuals of all ethnicities can have albinism, but certain types are seen primarily in people of certain ethnicities, like sub-Saharan Africans, African-Americans, Native Americans, black South Africans, and East Asians³. The disorder is more common in places close to the equator, but in most populations, about 1 in 20,000 people have the disorder. A study reported that 67% of primary skin cancer patients being treated at a hospital in Eastern Nigeria had the disorder

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Cottony milk locks brushed past his sour expression. His periwinkle irises clouding over the smaller one’s lavender gaze. A chalky white stream staining his ivory cheeks with salt. He was built up with rage and frustration over such a silly thought, a thought that rang through his ears like the hundred singing wind chimes his father hung around the garden. Arms tight around his chest, head throbbing- all over the simple confession: “You are beautiful. As beautiful as a white stag to me.” —————————————————————— These two are Ritsu’s sons 💋 you know the man who’s head was caught in that cage? Yeah that man. Rize and Hisoka. Rize is the more masculine, longer haired one, also featured in the writing piece here, and Hisoka is the smaller framed boy with the short curls. I don’t write much anymore but I think with some posts I’ll spill small pieces of the character,
maybe. If I can commit to it ahahah;;; #oc #originalcharacter #digitalart #softboys #albinos #glambitchrize

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Did you know the California Academy of Sciences has an albino alligator named Clyde? There is an annual birthday party for him each year. More about his story below. “There are no white alligators in the wild because they're too show-offy," Tang said of the milky white skin. "They get eaten in the wild. So, you can use that to talk about food chains and adaptation. You can talk about how alligators are green because they live in the swamp where there are plants and trees and they can be camouflaged." She added, "You can also use Claude to talk about variation, which is the fuel of evolution. It's one mutation in Claude's DNA that causes this kind of albinism. That shows how sensitive our DNA can be. We only know of a couple dozen white alligators in the world, and they are in captivity." Claude came to the academy in time for its 2008 reopening from a farm in Florida, and for more than a year had a tank mate - a green alligator named Bonnie, who had been "personality tested" for him. That relationship ended badly on a Saturday night in early 2009 when Bonnie bit Claude on his right front foot. "Because he is albino, he has reduced vision. Claude would go into the water and bump into things, and Bonnie would snap at him," said his handler Freiermuth, standing next to the swamp where Claude was in the 78-degree water with his head against the glass.

At his annual physical exam in late July, he weighed in at 181 pounds and measured 8 feet 5 inches long. He has 76 teeth. If all goes well, he could live to be 80 years old in the comforts of the academy. .

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| Under the Same Sun | © Marinka Masséus Photography 2016
Series on albinism in Tanzania

In Tanzania, when you have albinism you are thought to be evil. There even is a price on the head of children with albinism since killing a person with albinism is considered to bring good luck. The fears and superstitions surrounding albinism run very deep in Tanzanian society. So deep that many women who give birth to a child with albinism are told to kill the baby at birth. If she refuses, she and the baby will become outcasts.
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