Soy fiel creyente de que los animales nos eligen a nosotros como sus amos, antes de que nosotros los elijamos a ellos como mascotas. Gracias por haber escogido mi casa como la tuya! 🐁 buen viaje querido amigo! Hasta siempre ❤️☁️
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Jove Roman & Elysium Atticus loved the park today❣️ #rattymama #fancyrats #albinorat #outdooradventures

Thinking about an albino rat I had as a child. I wish I could take care of one again!
I have a migraine today and seem to be getting them a lot still. It sucks. //
Did you have any pets as a kid? Are there any pets you want to have now? I wanna know! 😊💕

Cairo is now one of the last 3 out of 8 of my oldest standing rescue’s I had from the same rescue situation over 2 years ago, she was also 1 of only 2 double-rex’s of the 8. At the estimated age of about 32 months she is in immaculate health and has always maintained immaculate health throughout her entire life here (no tumours, lumps, abscesses, no RI’s, no eye issues, no internal issues, no neurological issues, always maintained perfect body mass.) Cairo has never required veterinary treatment in her whole life. At her age she is continuing to show absolutely no signs of deterioration or any degenerating body condition at all. You hear a lot of negative press surround double-rex’s and their “poor health”, but honestly from all the rat related health issues I’ve witnessed in rats that have anything to do with the genetic makeup, she’s the best example of a double-rex I’ve seen, and before anyone blamed “good breeding, she is obviously from a top quality breeder”, wrong. Cairo is a feeder rescue from an overrun BYB who who absolutely not on a mission to breed healthy rats. 66% of the group I rescued from him have all passed now, some from deteriorating health, some from veterinary intervention, but this “unlikely” healthy double-rex in her shining golden years is one of the healthiest old ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Learning more about genetics and the DR gene is helping establish a better understanding of the variety but a lot of information found is now borderline outdated and not a reliable source to base knowledge on anymore. I’m interested to do a lot more digging around with DR’s, definitely very fascinating and I love my princess wrinkle bum Cairo!

Yummy white rice! —Violet and Iris 🐀🐁

Sweetest little babies. Mommy loves you!!!!!

I love broccoli!!!! —Lavender 💜🐀💜

My beautiful hairless baby, Violet! 💜🐀💜

Nom nom nom! —Lavender

Yummy broccoli! —Lavender and Iris

Das ist übrigens Mello😍❤ vor 5 Tagen hab ich sie bekommen..mein kleines Albino Baby❤ sie ist noch sehr schreckhaft und scheu aber das wird schon😁 Ich liebe ihre Augen😍😍😍 jetzt hab ich wieder 4 Rattis❤🐀 #ratte #ratten #rat #petrat #ratpet #sweet #süß #albinorat #albino #albinoratte #fellnase #fellnasen #ratsagram #rats #ratsofinsta #pet

Mira baby is unhappy I disturbed their daytime sleep to clean the cage, took more than a little coaxing to get her to sit for a bit of cuddles
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Horror movie concept:
A rat climbs slowly out of a cardboard box 7 days after you deny your pet rats the treats they begged for. The ghost rat will nibble on your toes until you confess your sins and shower your babies with treats and toys 😬 the stuff of nightmares 😖
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🐁❣️😭 no mama don’t clean the cage! I finally rearranged it to the way I like!
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Lazy weekend with Salt #ratsofinstagram #albinorat #rat

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