Finally took my training wheels off 💛🤣

The Only Thing That Was Stopping Me From Recording This Album Was My Health. I’m Good Now! 🦉

Been Bloody Since I Was 15...🦉

Keep A Ledger Of Names. 🦂

Success Is A Monster...

Just threw out "Sammy Boyle & Friends Mashup Pack 3" for a free download! Head to my facebook to grab it 💛😀

“The Streets Are Talking, I Can Hear Them Like The Angel Voices. Some Dirty Money And Alcohol Will Make You Change Your Choices..

I Don’t Hear You Niggas...🐸

I have some studio equipment for sale due to studio desk upgrade.

First item! Mackie Control Universal with 3 Extenders, Tapco MIDI interface and MIDI leads, £800. All units are V2.1.2 so support HUI and Mackie Control. My youtube video shows it in operation.
32 channels with motorised faders,and can operate the project and plugins via it. All working bar a fader pot on channel 3 (turns left and button press but right doesn't respond). Also selling a USB MIDI controller to connect all four to a computer and MIDI cables.
Great unit just will have no need for it anymore as new desk has 32 faders and Mackie control builtin.

Prefer collection but delivery is possible too.

Video of unit in action here

#forsale #Mackie #mcu #mackiecontrol #cubase #protools #hui #sonar #reaper #nuendo #albeton #reason

This was my first international gig and a major goal for me. Asia Tour 2019....... 💛😏

Album Mode 🐲

National Elephants Day 🐘🐘

She Knows. 🐝

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