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"The rapper of all time, they call me King Rhymes..." - "Prodigy (rip)

"Yo dunn it's not a game..." - Prodigy (rip)

"Yo, extreme rhyme niggas, you wastin your time
Fuckin with my niggas, extrordinary line swishin
Your mind out position, tryin to figure this shit
Rewind it and listen quick, you might miss this
Olympic, rap jave-lon, travel beyond, your weak song
Doin this for too long, to not come strong
You're only a pawn of Viet Dong
Tryin to form against mines, you musta just been born
Secluded on a distant farm
This is the real world, where niggas get shot and shanked
Where there's tremendous pain, you get your frame inflamed
Crushed to dust, by the next man's clutch
It's Infamous you fucks, intense bad luck.." - Prodigy (rip)

"Out the slums of Queens, came a bunch of young gun niggas
The Infamous Mobb Deep
With dreams, of one day makin it big
With they Live Nigga Rap music, hard liquor swigs
Dirty Timbs, thirsty grins
Smile all up in your face then I break your chin
Went platinum, now them niggas writin scripts
Murda Muzik the movie, pushin spaceships like.." - Prodigy (rip)

"I'm classic. Aproaching this level you'll get your ass kicked. Floatin in a river with your body wrapped in plastic. " - Prodigy (rip)

"It's real. My peoples take life for real. Forced into a world where you live to get killed." - Prodigy (rip)

Happy Belated 43rd Birthday To A Great One: Prodigy! 🎵🔊Rap god Prodigy’s (Albert Johnson) birthday was on November 2, 2017. I saw a few tweets honoring the late emcee and HAD to yet again, pay homage to this awesome brother who left a legacy of powerful information via his solo music. I would imagine Prodigy transitioned into another life where he will AGAIN grow into greatness!👏🏾🔥 Video via Prodigy Of Mobb Deep On YouTube.

(((repost from June 21st))) ----- FREEMASUN RITUAL SACRIFICE FOR THE June 20th SUMMER SOLSTICE AND GOD'S ONE AND ONLY SON IN THE SKY --- Dies 151 days after his last album. Jesus Christ = 151. 151 the 36th prime. Albert Johnson = 666 the 36th triangular number. OK. 🔔🔔🔔The English language is based on this system of coding numbers in to words dating back thousands of years. This ancient knowledge is kept hidden from the masses through the Zionist controlled education system. The freemasonic zionists that control our government script American history decades in advance by the number coding system of gematria and numerology. 🔔🔔🔔 Dead at 42. Freemason = 42. Nigger = 42. According to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, 42, is the answer to the ultimate question of life. The gospel begins with the 42 generations to Jesus. The first printed bibles were known as 42 lined bibles. ---- 666 is the 36th triangular number, which means every number summed up to 36 = 666 (think bowling pins). Jesus Christ = 151, the 36th prime number. ------ During the summer solstice the sun travels along its highest path on the horizon and seems to "pause" for 3 days before dropping to the winter solstice. The savior dead on the cross only to rise 3 days later? 3 and 3....33.....? #mobbdeep#ritualsacrifice#albertjohnson#ripalbertjohnson#albertjohnsonmobbdeep#albertjohnsonrip#ripmobbdeep#mobbdeeprip#hnic#prodigyrapper#ripprodigyprodigyrip#defsquad#saigon##havoc#crooked#chaka#hegeliandialect#thehegeliandialectic#thehegeliandialecticthebookofrevelation#prodigyhegeliandialectic##chakabars#coincidencetheorist

"Vision the canvas I paint a picture
Similar to Ernies Barnes nigga
But mines is more ghetto more guns
More drugs, mostly thugs
All my duns, their baby moms daughter and sons
Dark blocks, with streets lamps shot the fuck out
Park benches is broke, a nigga stretched out
Jumped off the roof and fell to his death it's real
Hand Ball walls displayed with R-I-P murals
Those who sling, play the shadows by the building
Devils spring, keep em going while the snows blowing
Rims is dipped, 50's is molt, cookies is broke
And Spliced in large pieces for the fiends to smoke
The sunsets looks beautiful over the projects
What a shame, its ain't the same where we stand at
If you look close you can see the bricks chipped off
Sometimes niggas miss when they lick off don't get clipped off
Street life" - Prodigy (rip)

"National Geographic niggas is known for flipping
This animal wildlife surround me I live in
And flow through the jungle at night on expedition" - Prodigy (rip)

"My dun duns step inside the place and make heads spin. Aww shit there go them Mobb niggas keep ya distance..." - Prodigy (rip)

"I rap like no one out there can fuck wit me
You feel different, nigga, see me
I throw a TV at you crazy, bitches say 'P, you crazy'." Prodigy (rip)

"Fresh out the motherfuckin' pack a rare world premier
Shook individuals bounce in blind fear
Scared to death niggas fall to they worst fear
Horror tales in Braille, for vision impaired
You looking for P, well, you can find him everywhere
In a project near you, I'll be right there
I was brought up and taught to have no fear (now)
Live wire niggas they behind me in the rear" - Prodigy (rip)

"Your livest wire couldn't make my Mobb expire or retire. I'm letting off until my arms tire." - Prodigy (rip)

"Born to be wild, push to the front of the crowd
Top of the piles, state of the art, rhymes a 100 miles
I lay down on chocolate clouds
Then pull out and let blow on any clown
Listen to the globe go round
Cause my silencer's the most powerfulest' weapon yet found
Hold it down, my tongue that is, to bring the biz, keep it tight
My mouth piece dispense my clips
Fuckin' wit me, the scenery get highly intense
Intelligent, gun buckers, duck fucka, you get bent ova
I'm not signin' out soldier, rocket launcher
Shank musketeer, face carpenter
You need down shift or slow down kid
Or get surrounded or pounded out, real quick
Aiyo check out what the storm blew in..." - Prodigy (rip)

"They want me to, get on my grizzly
And rap like I'm sixteen, they say P got lazy
Lately, he gets busy
You heard the Mac is back, the H.N.I Shizzy
Same niggas with me, since the beginning
You see Havoc and Twin, Gotti and God
Noyd and Ty Nitty, we define the city
Of New York, you're too soft
My shit so hardcore it knock you off course
I, I get money, you see me in the video
I, I get paid, I, I'm so made
It's, money over bum bitches, youse' a civilian
I'm an infamous soldier, in a G-Unit fitted
It's, Dutch Schultz and, Bumpy Johnson
The hoodlum nigga, squeeze my trigger at your noggin'
I ain't for the nonsense, it's gonna be a body on the ground
Keep fuck around...
Keep testing the water, you gone' surely drown
Alchemist will hold you down
You got that cocaine, but it's doper than dope
You're in the wrong lane
Your little umbrella won't protect you from the reign (rain)" - Prodigy (rip)

"Yo, however do u want Hav or do you need P?
My Mobb bring it back to life, back to reality
You walk a fine line playin wit mine, the greatest story ever told in rhyme
We climax in ninety-five, wit demo raw raps is knives
To skin all ya'll cats alive
Take your time don't rush the clock, Infamous rock for good now
Pass like my duns on lock holdin the pot down slow
But assuringly, spoon-feeding these
Starvin ass heads catchin shakes, fiendishly
I ball in this, word assortin this, probably recording this
Of course kids keepin they sights upon this
Exclusiveness, like some new type of kicks
We got them things fixed, walking past the wrong man in my click
You get charged wit intent to kick that bullshhh
Welcome to the ledge of this whole shhh..." - Prodigy (rip)

"Yo dunn I love it when these niggas think it's somethin' sweet wit P
Love it when people doubt me
Love it when you niggas write songs about me, I love confrontation
Love it when a nigga that don't rap, he hatin'
I love it when they think it's only a song I'm fakin'
I love to see they face when my gun bangin'
And I would love for us to bump it to each other on a humble
Your niggas is stabbin', my niggas'll buck you
Y'all niggas is flaggin', yeah we got one too
Infamous, I heard you screamin' our name, whatup with you?" - Prodigy (rip)

"Stash boxes conceal the big mills
So if we got problems, somebody get killed
And that's how it is, there's nothin you can do about it
Dead men tell no tales
And if you think a nigga gon' squeal, put up his bail
And twist that nigga when he touch down, huh
For real, I don't need no shields
I got guns, and them shits peel
y'all best chill" - Prodigy (rip)

"Yeah, I'm a make name for myself and my team. Mobb Deep is the gang." - Prodigy (rip)

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