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#Holocaust survivor and Museum volunteer Johanna Neumann passed away this week at the age of 87. Johanna inspired others toward a better future by telling her remarkable story.

When she was nine years old, the life Johanna (born Johanna Gerechter) and her family knew fell apart. The Gerechters had lived in Hamburg since 1763, but years of rising antisemitism and the violent 1938 #Kristallnacht attacks in #Germany prompted the family to search for refuge in #Albania.
After the German invasion of mostly Muslim Albania in 1943, the Gerechters fled from one town to another. In 1945, Johanna and her parents traveled to Italy where they lived in Tricase Porto Displaced Persons camp. It was there she first met survivors of the Nazi camps and learned about the atrocities they had endured.
Johanna’s legacy will be preserved in the lives she inspired and in the lessons her story will continue to teach.

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