Standing on this big ol rock 🐶

Autumnal colours in Alaska come with some pretty great backdrops 🍂

Pretty girl 🐶

On the road to Denali National Park with yellows all long side the road. 👌

Hiding in the bushes 🐶

Find a place where the 🌎 remains untouched

The day (yesterday) was spent relaxing in the house, swimming in the pool and just admire the beauty of Belize. Carson and Jacob (our two youngest) and a very long day of travel. They left their house at 8:00am, caught a flight to Belize City and then were picked up by a shuttle (Rome Belize) and rode 4 hours to arrive at the house at 9:00pm.
No matter how much we (Dawn and I) try not to worry about our sons it is impossible. I started watching the door an hour before their expected arrival. The thoughts of my sons never being seen again crossed my mind. I knew the people that we trusted with their arrival would not let anything happen to them.

I am happy to share our paradise with family and friends. Again, (unwarranted but real) I worry that our soon to arrive guests will find the peace that we have found. Will there be unrest among people asking questions like; what are we eating? What are we doing? Is this it?

Why do we as people have thoughts like these, and know that "Everything is going to be alright". So I focused this morning on Gratitude!! Today is a wonderful day, and everyone coming is very important to us. Let's have a day full of Gratitude!

The Gratitude Man

I don't post my portraits often because i felt that my portrait ability is lacking, but I loved taking this picture so much and how it turned out that I had to share it. Here's @kimbearlicosplay doing her thing!

🤩 those fall evenings when biking views are insane and you just want the world to stop spinning for a moment. 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️ ❤️❤️🍂
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So much room to adventure so little time 🐶 #weeklyfluff

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